Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF: Is This Book Free?

Expert Secrets Russell Brunson PDF

Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is a popular book these days that everyone wishes to get their hands on. If you wish to get that book for free, this article can help you out. In this post, you will get a peek into the content of the book without having to buy it.

Russell Brunson has already made a name in the industry of online marketing. His last book DotCom Secrets was a major success that covered everything one may need to create successful Sales Funnels. The book offers deep insights into how you can leverage these funnels best to grow your business, and increase sales, leads, and conversions. If you plan to read Expert Secrets, it is advised that your first pick up DotCom Secrets and then read the former. But if you’ve already read his last book, you are in a great place to get the second one.

In Expert Secrets, Russell talks about the need for establishing a loyal audience for your business, why it’s important and how you can build one too. The book also talks about how to make your customers consistently and actively buy your products all the time. Overall, the book contains everything you need to know about being an online entrepreneur and has expert marketing content that will only help you succeed. The book isn’t as much of a self-help solution as it’s a business guide.

If you plan to buy the book, here’s everything you need to know about it.

What is Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson?

Expert Secrets is a piece of web marketing literature written by Russell Branson. Published in 2017, the book is one of the most popular pieces that can help you with your e-Busines and professional development. All the content in this 250-page book is highly actionable and only helps you accomplish all your plans and improve your marketing.

The systematic blueprint in the book apart from its area about game plan provides you an understanding of the area you specialize in and then bank on that. You’ll be able to understand the real mission of your business and sell it to the audience accordingly. You’ll end up building an audience that is loyal to your products and will always buy products and services from you.

Russell Brunson is the founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, and thus, the book has been written by the marketing genius himself and after getting years of experience in building a loyal audience for his business. The book will take you into the history of his own business and how he made $400 million by building an audience of entrepreneurs who pay a fee to listen to him.

The objective of the book is to help you build an audience regardless of the product or service you are selling online. Whether you are an eCommerce store owner, blogger or affiliate marketer, you can replicate all the content in this book as per your business model. Some of the key points that Expert Secrets mentions are:

  • The need to find your voice/message and how to do so
  • Become a leader by gaining confidence
  • How to impact the lives of your audience in a positive manner
  • How to establish a career as an expert of your build and build an audience for that

The most important thing as per Russell is the ability to build and craft the right messages for people and help them out at various times. This also means helping them get rid of their deepest concerns and issues related to family, health, etc. Experts Secrets is all about finding your calling, understand what you need, crafting a message and building an audience of people who would love to pay for your products.

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Expert Secrets Content

The book is majorly divided into 5 sections that will help you understand the process you need to go through for business in order to build an audience. Here are the 5 sections of the book.

Part 1: Create a Mass Movement

The first section of the book focuses on the importance of building a huge audience and what steps you need to take to make that happen. The part of the book also focuses on building loyalty among people about your brand/products. Russell Brunson has categorized any mass movement with three phenomena.

  • Every mass movement begins with a leader who is charismatic, has a strong character and believes in the grand vision of the world.
  • All the mass movements are run by the desire to help the leader success and are committed to it.
  • The mass movements build up opportunities for their audience to buy new products, make the process easier and align the new updates with their business.

The section focuses on building an audience and making the experience worth their while. The first step is to build an audience that understands your vision and is passionate about it. This passion will drive them to your products and services, building your business.

Since every major movement is driven by a leader, the section talks about how you need to be one for your business. You need to direct its vision, make a plan and steer it towards success.

If you aren’t sure about the vision of your business and how you can become the leader of it, this part of the book will help you with it. You will learn about the kind of market your business needs to have and what kind of audience would make the best buyers for it. 

Russell has introduced a 3-step plan in the book to achieve this:

  1. The three major markets
  2. Learning about the submarkets and which one works best for your business
  3. Understanding your niche audience

Once you’ve understood the market and your target audience, you can build a movement that fits well with your business’s goals and objectives. This section especially helps the people who don’t understand their market and don’t know how they can become the leaders of it.

To decide upon your movement, you need to focus on the character you wish to project. You can take up any of the elements like a backstory, character flaws, parables or polarity and mix it with the identity of an adventurer, reporter, leader or that of a reluctant hero. After you’ve settled on your character, you need to see the storyline of your movement. It can either be of amazing discovery or the story of loss and redemption. After you’ve found your character and its storyline, figuring out your movement becomes much easier.

Your movement works as the foundation for building the rest of your business with sales funnels, email communication marketing and more.

Some of the rules to build an attractive persona as per Russell are:

  • Build the life that your audience wishes for you to have. You will only appear legitimate and genuine if you have the same objective that you’re selling.
  • Be different and try to stand out in the crowd. It will set you apart and not set you as someone boring.
  • Make a connection with your customers by encouraging them, acknowledging their failures, help them overcome their fears.
  • Find your vision, and always believe in the message that you’re spreading.
  • First and foremost, make sure that what you sell is worth someone’s time and money.

Part 2: Make them believe

The second part of the book deals with getting the audience more interest in you and believing in your products and services enough to buy them.  There are 6 sub-sections under the belief section in this book:

  1. Big Domino: By demonstrating the most important feature of your product/service, you can convince your audience of its worth and make them purchase it too.
  2. The Epiphany Bridge: One of the most ideal strategies to make the customers buy your products is to make use of stories that are emotional for them. This will make them buy into the brand instead of a single product/service.
  3. The Hero’s 2 Journeys: Here, the books talk about building your personal story and tying it up with the brand to make the customers relate to you even more. This premise too works on emotions and storytelling but builds a better connect with the audience.
  4. The Epiphany Bridge Script: In this method, you get a script that combines the elements of the epiphany bridge and the hero’s journey. The script indicates how you should promote the journey of your character and its store to build a strong customer connect.
  5. False Belief Patterns: Customers may end up having false beliefs about your products or develop some myths, based on what they heard or experienced with similar products. However, you need to make sure that you counter that with positive claims in your communication to bridge that gap.
  6. The 3 Secrets: These secrets may be a part of the beliefs about the company and must be overcome to make your sales stronger and brand connect, deeper.

The sections largely focus on understanding the market, establishing a certain business culture and how to integrate that with the needs of your audience. The section isn’t just about building the name of the business, its mission or its branding but about helping people relate to your story and your product, ultimately resorting to good polls.

Part 3: Sell with authenticity

Business isn’t about selling the products by highlighting their importance, it is about selling them with authenticity. If your product or service isn’t going to help someone or make a difference in their lives, people won’t be interested in it after a while.

This section is in continuation from the previous two and takes some parts of those strategies to make sure that the sales are focused, consistent and easier for the customers to do. For this, Russell has created a strategy known as ‘Stack Slide’. It offers products or services in multiple tiers or stack style, which is a commonly used unit for Web Training Courses.

In simple words, Stack Slide allows you to promote your products in such a way that it makes people think that they’re getting great value for money. If you wish to build your own stack, here’s how you can make the offer extremely attractive for your audience.

The biggest suggestion Russell makes in this section is to create Webinars. The webinars work as a great way to promote your products and services and can be played whenever you want to. Apart from that, you can also play them as many times as you want on your website/store. They’re easy to record, are quite flexible and thus, you can scale them without spending a lot of time or money creating new ones.

Russell’s webinars too, have been one of the main contributors to his marketing strategy and have been a part of the success of his CLickFunnels platform. Russell offers ‘The perfect Webinar script’ in this book that helps you build your own webinar and make sure it’s successful. ‘The perfect webinar hack’ works as a cheat sheet for successfully setting up a webinar in case something goes wrong.

This section is especially helpful for people who don’t know about webinars or have never worked with them. The section tells you everything you need to know about setting and scaling it up and how to blend it with your business.

Part 4: Funnels

Now that you’ve created your product stack, you need to find a way to support it too. Therefore, you need to increase your sales by getting your customers to keep buying products/services from you. This can be achieved by sending out timely and intriguing communication, making them want to buy from you.

The best part about this book is that the founder of ClickFunnels shares his personal stories and immense knowledge about building funnels in order to earn money. One of his funnels earned over $75000 per week and fortunately, he has shared its story in the book. Since Russell tells you to build a funnel step-by-step, all you need to do is replicate what he says and customize it a bit for your business.

One of the main funnels set up by Russells is ‘Email Epiphany Funnel’ where the funnel sends emails to potential customers for 5 days so that it increases the number of sales later. Compared to previous sales and brand following, Sales Funnels will bring in a lot more money.

Part 5: Filling your funnel

After you’ve set up everything, all that is left to do is to fill up your funnel. You need to find your audience, send your stack, webinar and then, add it to your sales funnels. Even if you’re starting at the bottom, there are several funnels that help you build your whole stack from scratch. Apart from that, the book also covers strategies lie building effective relationships and marketing your products. You will get enough leads in no time that will help progress in your work.

Final Thoughts

The minimum price of the book online is around $14 but on their own website, the retail price is $7.95. However, through certain links, you will be able to get the book for free as well. Thus bargains and actionable marketing strategies are some of the biggest profit-making ways for customers to earn money.

Apart from that, these strategies have been intensely tested for ages by the person who has made the money through this business. Therefore, Expert Secrets works as a playbook in the area and becomes the fundamental need for your business. You can use every strategy mentioned in the book from day 1 as none of the activities require any additional set up.

You can’t get the copy of Expert Secrets for free anywhere but the price of $7.95 with minimum shipping charges is one of the best deals you’ll ever find on a book.

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