EZ Bay Payday Review: Scam or Legit? (2021)

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EZ Bay Payday Review

There are many opportunities on the internet to earn some extra money. Some people even end up working full time on their internet business, and you can do it too! However, though there are many excellent opportunities on the internet waiting to be discovered, there are also harmful sites waiting to trap you. Today, we will be talking about one of these sites that have been on my radar recently. EZ Bay Payday has been the talk of the town as it promises a lot of big claims to people who sign up. Since many of these scam sites have been around for a while recently, more people are wary and conduct their research before signing up. This review will help you to do just that. Keep reading to find out if it is worth it to sign up for EZ Bay Payday.

What is EZ Bay Payday

EZ Bay Payday looks like any overhyped program that claims to be in the eBay dropshipping niche. As an affiliate marketer myself, this program was right up my alley. For $37, founder Steve Richards claims that you can earn up to $500 a day with only 20 minutes of work! There is not much mention of HOW the program can help you achieve this except a brief mention about eBay. Other than that, the whole sales page just keeps coming up with more bold claims, which is red flag number 1.

Steve Richards

At first, I was impressed that the owner (Steve Richards) himself was on the videos. Usually, if it is a scam site, the owner would be too afraid to step up and use their name. However, I finally saw the disclaimer that Steve Richards is just a pen name, and the actual guy is just a hired actor. So, we still have no idea who is behind this program. This is red flag number 2. If even the owner is too afraid to step up and claim the program, you can already tell its illegitimate.

Red Flags


The EZ Bay Payday sales page consists of only one page, and on that page, you will see a video. Everywhere else on the website, including the video, only repeats their bold claims over and over again. You can also find a lot of overselling and pressure tactics like payment screenshots, testimonials of crazy earning claims, etc. This is red flag number 3.

‘Secret’ System

Then, you also keep hearing ‘Steve Richards’ mention about a ‘secret’ system. It’s funny how the last few ‘secret’ systems I’ve come across were all fake! So this was red flag number 4. Steve also continues to share the straightforward steps of getting your hands on this ‘secret system.’ All you have to do is log in, pick a product to sell, connect the EZ Bay Payday cash magnet, and make money! But that’s not what happens!

Fake Testimonials

After some digging, I realized the testimonials also sounds familiar. More specifically, the numbers were oddly specific. Lo and behold, I found the same script being used by other scam sites like KashTree and PaidLeaf. Red flag number 5! Since its not a real system and the testimonials aren’t specific, they can recycle it for every scam site without having to record a new one or hire new actors.

Sales Tactics

EZ Bay Payday is riddled with sales tactics trying to pressure people into signing up immediately. You can see this by disclaimers like ‘I’m taking on my final few students’ to make it seem like you are exclusive and that spots are limited. They use this tactic to encourage people to sign up without further questions. There is not ‘final few students’, and there is no secret system that you’d be missing out on.

EZ Bay Payday Members Area

I usually sign up to scam sites that I’m reviewing. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fair if I hadn’t tried out the system. To be safe, I used my secondary email address since I already knew this might be an illegitimate site. To my horror, I got some random material, including limited training and recommendations to join other programs and create a free website! These can be found online for free! Scam sites do this all the time because by giving you at least SOME material, they aren’t precisely scamming you as you are getting something in return for your money. However, it is not what they promise.

Here’s what I had to go through after signing up.

  1. Welcome video about the EZ Bay Payday program is the first thing you encounter. You’d think there is finally some explanation of how you will be earning. But what I got was alarming as it’s just a warning for people who want to claim a refund. How is this the first thing you encounter?
  2. Next, you are brought to register for the VIP members workshop, which is a video of a well-known internet marketer, John Crestani.
  3. In step 3, you will activate your free website and see low-quality programs from Coolhandle, a host who’s been receiving many complaints recently.
  4. Here, you are recommended to sign up for EZ Bay’s highest recommended product called CB Cash Code, which is also on ClickBank.

EZ Bay Payday Modules

After these four (odd) steps, you finally get to the 11 modules, which contains one to two-minute videos.

Module 1 (3 videos)

Toni, a successful eBay drop shipper narrates this introduction video. Here, you will learn about dropshipping, and she goes over the whole course before moving on to the next module.

Module 2 (3 videos)

Module 2 consists of 3 videos with all the information you need about eBay,

Module 3 (2 videos)

Here, you learn why you need a PayPal account. There are even steps in setting up a brand new account.

Module 4 (4videos)

Finally, here you set up your eBay account, including business policies, your store’s preferences. Here is also where you choose a name for your store.

Module 5 (2 videos)

Module 5 is product sourcing. This module includes some tips and tricks in finding a good product source or supplier.

Module 6 (4 videos)

Finding profitable items to sell.

Module 7 (3 videos)

Now that you have your products, this step teaches you to use software to list products effortlessly.

Module 8 (1 video)

Optimizing titles

Module 9 (3 videos)

Module 9 and beyond is after you make your first sale. You will learn to find the notifications and using cashback to make a little extra cash. Here also includes fulfilling international orders with the eBay shipping program.

Module 10 (1 video)

This includes tracking your customer orders and tips on making customers satisfied.

Module 11 (1 video)

Module 11 is more about logistics like tracking number and uploading tracking numbers to eBay.

According to the welcome pack, there should be another video, but it seems like the creators didn’t bother to finish the program. I guess they already know that members won’t get this far.

More Stuff in Members Area

EZ Bay Payday includes more items to make it seem like you’re getting your money’s worth. Funnily enough, they suggest ‘real’ ways to make money. Specifically, four money-making methods below:

  1. Answering online surveys that can pay you up to $1 per survey. However, although this is a legitimate way to make money, it’s not sustainable as it will take a long time even to make $100.
  2. Usertesting.com is a site where you can earn money testing websites. Similar to answering surveys, you won’t be making much with this method.
  3. Freelance is the last method and most lucrative out of the three. However, as a freelancer you will need some time to work on projects and sometimes the work is irregular.

EZ Bay Payday Training Verdict

The training looks very basic and incomplete. Although some of the initial steps and information are correct, there is no way that by just following this you can achieve what they promise. The information just isn’t enough to have build a successful dropshipping company. It might be enough to get you started, but what comes after that? If you’re a beginner, you will surely be left more confused than ever.

Moreover, all this information is available for free on the internet. You can even get it at the eBay Seller Center for instructions on getting started, listings and management, payments, etc. eBay’s help center is also even more useful than the EZ Bay Payday which is non-existent. Besides eBay, there are also many successful dropshippers post free video tutorials or blogs on dropshipping. If you’re really interested in dropshipping, the internet should be your go-to place for free information. And if you’re really invested, then you should consider paying for legitimate online courses.

Price of EZ Bay Payday

EZ Bay Payday costs $37 to sign up but I got it for $17 with a downsell. Inside the ‘program’ you will also encounter a lot of upsells which aims to take more money and further trap you. Thankfully, there is a 60-day ClickBank guarantee that enables you to get your money back within the timeline. Make sure you go through ClickBank for a refund as the EZ Bay Payday contact details or support team seems to be non-existent. You won’t hear back from anyone!

Final Words

EZ Bay Payday is a scam site with the most information so far. They provide all this information so that people who sign up can’t argue that they didn’t receive anything. They use misleading bold claims and the promise of big money to make you think it is a legitimate program. It is unfortunate especially when you learn that most of the victims are beginner dropshippers who are just looking for real ways to make money. Usually, beginners are already low on cash and getting scam out of $37 might set them back significantly.

There is no ‘secret’ system to make quick money online. Dropshipping is a lucrative business but you need to be willing to put in the hard work. If you expect to make $500 overnight without any work then you will need to change your mindset. The right mindset is important to have a successful business. If dropshipping is not for you, you should also check-out affiliate marketing.

EZ Bay Payday Alternative

Now, I have personally tried many businesses online and honestly, a lot of the businesses just suck for a complete beginner. This is because either they are blatant scams or they require a ton of experience and money.

Guys I have literally reviewed over 150+ courses on my blog which claim to make you millions of dollars overnight or just contain poor information for a large fee.

Believe it or not, there are actually good programs out there which have value-packed information, are super affordable and transparent.

If you want an honest long term sustainable online business which can make you earn a full-time income at home without any bosses you can check out Savage Affiliates Program. (This does require work on your part, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You can read my review on it here!)

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