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17 Tools To Find Winning Products

17 Tools To Find Winning Products To Sell On Your Store


The internet makes it so that you don’t need to spend a whole day looking for the tools to find great products. I’ve been dropshipping for a good while, and I’ve tried almost every tool created that claimed to be the best product finder.

Many worked, and many more didn’t, but I’ve filtered the best down to my favourite 17.

Keep in mind that these tools won’t skyrocket your store as soon as you use them. They’re the key to the best products, but you still need to find the products and market your store. If one doesn’t work, move to the next; different people need different solutions.

Here they are, the 17 tools that can help find winning products.

Sell The Trend

This is one of the best product finding platforms, and it’s a single path to getting the hottest products on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify, or you can find some that not many know but are selling like mad.

You get access to all stores on Shopify, with estimated traffic, orders per day, and spending. You can see their best products and their social media presence. A single click takes you to the products on AliExpress.

They offer the Nexus tool, which shows you the trending products instantly, provided with reports on trends, number of stores selling it, and other specs.

It also comes with several inner tools for improving your marketing strategies.

Get your free 7 day trial ($39/month)


The tool has been in business for years now, and thousands of entrepreneurs have used it for finding their winning products on Shopify stores already successful.

You get over half a million stores to monitor and four times as many products. You can filter the results for products currently in-demand. Once you find them, you can click on them and head over to AliExpress so that you can import them.

You can see the ads from different stores on Facebook and Google. The same goes for Amazon and eBay.

Get your free trial ($29/month)

Wish Inspector

This is an interesting change: it focuses on Wish instead of AliExpress like most other tools. However, it works the same way: it helps you find winning products from that platform for you to add to your list.

It’s a desktop app for Windows and Mac OS. The software looks for winning products on Wish, and it shows you their descriptions and variations. You can then import the product to your store, and copy all the content from the original listing.

You get two features: One Click Import and Research. It’s a swift too, but it does look outdated in a green and gray palette.

Learn More About Wish Inspector

This is a regular favourite when people try to find their winning products through AliExpress listings. The best part is that it’s also free! The only requirement is that you create an account; you “pay” for Thieve by letting them place affiliate links on your products.

The products go through a filter of members in the platform. If other users like them, they can vote for them, and that’s how it curates.

It was even titled “product of the day” by Product Hunt.

Learn More About


This is another great tool for finding winning products, and it’s one that many people love right now. They’re always updating their servers, even several times each day; they showcase trending products live.

Despite the name, you can currently search stores on Shopify and eBay only, but it may not be long before they update their databases.

The searches are unlimited, and you can check several specifications from each item: sales, prices, reviews, and likes. Additionally, you can search for other competitors offering the sale listings. It’s easy, and you can spy on their ads as well.

Learn More About Alishark

eCom Hunt

This is another curation tool for trending products; it works similarly to how operates, and you get a free version besides the premium one. Upgrading means you can access their webinars as well.

The results with free products are limited; however, you gain access to the critical information: you receive analytics, the profits, links, Facebook Ads showcasing the items and their targeting, and any videos produced.

You get a powerful search engine, and you can also access the sales pages for the products.

Learn More About eCom Hunt


This is a favourite among many dropshippers, and it grants you the “one push” functionality straight to your store on Shopify. It only takes seconds to add all the information and images for your product.

You get a list with more than 10,000 products, and each week adds around 40 new items to the list. Now, other platforms do offer more content, but Product List Genie is about the quality.

You aren’t paying for just a research platform. You can check out all trends, campaigns, ads, and even research audiences. As if that’s not enough, you also get already-made ads for Facebook and Instagram.

To top it off, you can use videos they make for you. They charge quite heavily, but you’ll have a really hard time finding a more versatile platform.

Learn More About ProductListGenie


This is a tool for spying ads on FB and IG. You get access to over 38,000,000 different ads: the most prominent ad collection available in the world. You can look for famous stores and spy their ads.

It’s one of the best spying tools for Facebook right now; it has outlived every similar store, and it has done so for over two years.

You can look up ad text, the type of site, and affiliate links/store URLs on the ads. You can look up demographics and target audiences, and you can filter by gender, age, technologies, likes, and interests.

Learn More About AdSpy


It doesn’t look like the most modern website, but that’s an inaccurate first impression. You can find FB Ads examples on Shopify with their database lookup, and it takes only seconds.

It shows you eCommerce ads from a broad spectrum of stores, and you can filter by location, gender, device, date, placement, the last time it was seen, and the type of media. You can check out their landing and Facebook pages and read their comments.

Why do you want these ads? You can use them for finding the products with the best engagement. It’s not the same as, say, AdSpy, but it’s more affordable.

Learn More About ShopGenius (Site no longer works)


It’s not a newcomer by any means, and it boasts about being the best tool for looking up, well, hot products for your store.

You don’t have to get too complex with research thanks to their daily trendy products listings. They have more than 800 products, and they add around 40 weekly.

Besides searching, you get analysis tools like engagement calculators and audience builders. Other features you get are single-click import, video ads generator for Facebook, and email alerts each day.

However, they do have almost 1,000 members seeing the same products, so saturation may be an issue. It’s best to try it for a week with the money back guarantee.

Learn More About HotProducts

Niche Scraper

This is another browser tool you can use to get your winning products; they work with a powerful bot specialised in niche research. Thanks to that, the interface is simple and looks smoother than other options here.

The product scraping works with AliExpress and every Shopify store. You receive a report with insights on orders, pricing, and competition. This tool also gives you a hand curated list with the best trending products; you get better results, store analyses, and even a video maker for your ads.

As if that weren’t simple enough, you get single-click import for Shopify.

Learn More About Niche Scraper


This one’s for WooCommerce; it’s a free plugin you can also use on AliDropship, and it lets you find the hottest products. Once you have your results, you can just import them by clicking them from the selection of suppliers.

Their catchphrase is to focus on making money, and they let you do so by lifting searching and editing your products from your responsibilities.

You have access to more than 50,000 winning products, all ready for your store. Your first 50 imports are on the house, and then they charge for importing 100 or 1,000 products each time.

It can be a considerable investment for big stores, but small ventures shouldn’t have troubles affording it.

Learn More About DropshipMe


This tool lets you analyse and locate winning products within AliExpress. Besides that, you can use the tool for spying your competition on Shopify and figure out what works for them; you can then get similar products and get similar results.

The products come with their price, total reviews and orders, their rating, their presence on wish lists, and the fees for shipping along with the details from the supplier. You can even access the price and orders history, up to quite a while back!

The pricing trends come with the location for the sales so you can find which countries you should be targeting. You can use several other filters and then click once to find more on AliExpress.

It goes as far as telling you which themes and apps other stores are using. The best part is that the platform is free; they earn from affiliate links from AliExpress.

Learn More About AliHunter


This is one of the pioneer products finding tools, and you can track their ads to years ago. It reflects on their website’s look, but the backend makes up for it.

They give you a curated list for you to find your products quickly, and they offer you the ad copy on Facebook that’s working for each product, in case you want to use it. Each product has an ideal target audience, and you get to uncover them as well.

Pexda uses AliExpress, Amazon, Shopify, eBay, FB Ads and retargeting as sources. I haven’t tried the ultimate plan, but some say it comes with unique products.

Learn More About Pexda

Commerce Inspector

While they do provide winning products, Commerce Inspector focuses more on analysis the competition. You can track the sales figures from your competitors along with their traffic insights.

As for products, you can see their images, pricing, and social signals. You get access to an estimated of the best-selling products; you can then look up the original supplier so that you can get the same products on your store.

You can even spy on other stores’ themes and apps, along with estimates on their traffic and sales.

Learn More About Commerce Inspector


This is a newer tool, and it comes with three tools: AliSniper, ShopSniper, InstaSniper, and ViralSniper.

AliSniper lets you find hot products filtering by daily sales, niches, and ratings. You get one-click import functionality. ShopSniper focuses on finding trendy items on Shopify, and it studies all stores on Shopify. InstaSniper works for finding influencers by niche, engagement, and location for you to reach out to them. ViralSniper looks for new products with high conversion, coupled with marketing strategies and demographics.

Learn More About E-Sniper


It started as a poor curation, but it now offers several tools. You get winning and promising products, store spying, influencer search, and engagement calculators for Facebook.

It’s just restarting, but it seems they want to implement all the tools from other platforms into a single tool. So far, it looks good, but I haven’t used it much since it still feels like a work in progress.

Learn More About Dropship-Spy


Those are my favourite tools, and I’ve used each of them with good results. While I mostly recommend Sell The Trend, each tool here is curated by myself, and I can attest for their efficiency.


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