Funnel Scripts Review

If you want to approach your consumers and give them a memorable brand experience, you’ll need to understand the impact of different media channels and how to exploit them. You do this through copywriting.

What people want to do through copywriting is to give a voice behind the product or business you’re offering, and you do this by writing something about it. Along with the skills required to do them, you’ll need a tool to express yourself.

With Funnel Script, you’ll get a platform that replaces your copywriter and provides you with custom sales copies for everything you need.

Funnel Scripts: What Is It?

Funnel Scripts is a software developed by Russell Brunson. He shares his best draft scripts to create a compelling copy that can engage audiences; you may then turn them into a specific action.

When you acquire Funnel Scripts, you get a sales copy, which replaces your copywriter and has a copy for sales pages, webinars, email sequences, everything you might imagine.

This sales copy combines hundreds of proven, pre-written sales material. It originates from fundamental user inputs, and it combines many styles and approaches. It goes from product information to all the benefits you want the consumer see from the product or business you have.

The process resembles what copywriters do, which is changing parts of an existing sales template. However, the difference with Funnel Scripts is that the platform processes and generates multiple variations; this lets the user choose from all of them with a single click.

Funnel Scripts Target Audience

Usually, the people who are into copywriting or need a copywriter are those who have a product to sell or want to offer a service.

They have something that needs to reach the masses; they need to deliver a message and need a way to express all the aspects of a product in a way that feels comfortable to the eyes of people.

If you are selling a product or capturing leads online, you’ll eventually find yourself in a situation where you’re looking for a copy that engages and converts your prospects.

While some people take their time to write and elaborate on their material, other people tend to struggle in it. It can be because of the time it takes or the talent it requires.

People often hire someone who dedicates to copywriting while they take care of other aspects and areas of their business. These people, who are always spending money on copywriters, need to know about Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts: The Good

Good Copywriting

When you’re copywriting, or when you hire someone to do the copywriting for you, you’re looking for the copy to be good enough.

If your copy comes out flat and bad, consumers won’t feel something after reading it. It would feel empty and with zero meaning. This happens a lot when people pay for quick and cheap copies.

Russell Brunson selected a wide variety of copies, combining them with the things you want to fit in your text. Merging all of them made most of the script correctly modelled, using the formulas and techniques while maintaining a high level of readability and engagement throughout.

The sales copies work according to what you’re looking for, your target market, their needs, challenges and problems, and the solution you’ll be offering through your product or service.

Download Wizards

Funnel Scripts works entirely online, which is quite useful for many different reasons. However, it could be a problem who don’t have fluid internet connection or are often offline.

For offline users, Funnel Scripts has downloadable wizards; they are an offline version for those who can’t be online all the time.

The difference between the online version and the downloadable wizards is that, while the online interface takes the copywriting into a fast and easy process, the downloadable wizards generate massive, in-depth contents.

These are a nice variety of web-based scripts that you can use to your benefit. Your final writing with the downloadable wizard will come after you answer 78 questions, which might take some time. Once you reach the end, you’ll have all the time you need to build your script. There are many different options from the wizard, taken from your previous questionnaire.

Secret Bonuses

Funnel Scripts also has secret bonuses: secret until you find them down at the bottom of the navigation─In the “Bonuses!” tab─which really isn’t that hidden.

These secret bonuses have some options that you can use depending on what you’re using to enhance your script; these are:

  • Inception Secrets. One of Russell Brunson’s live training records. It came from one of his ideas to sell anything to anyone while making them think it was their idea; this is why he put the “inception” in it.
  • 5 Fast Shared Funnels. These are a collection of pre-built “ClickFunnels funnels” that you can import into your account. You’ll need a ClickFunnels account for this, of course.
  • Funnel Blueprints. This comes quite useful as it is an interactive PDF created to categorize each script inside Funnel Scripts.

Funnel Scripts: The Bad

Some Low-Quality Scripts

Funnel Script doesn’t have a complicated concept behind it. It delivers what it offers: a platform that gives a high-converting copy as a result of previously-provided information to work with.

Even if Funnel Scripts makes it work correctly in most cases, there are certain times where Funnel Scripts might fail.

Some of its scripts don’t add much to the information you provide, which often leaves users rewriting the entire text by himself.

While this doesn’t happen all the time, it is a bit frustrating when the formula goes wrong, and you are left by yourself fixing the whole script.

It doesn’t mean that it will happen all the time, because it will happen rarely, but it’s nice to keep that in mind, so you should always read what the platform made for you.

Relatively Expensive

This might be tricky. Some people think it is a bit expensive, yet Funnel Scripts comes cheaper than paying a full-time copywriter for an entire year.

Funnel Scripts requires a one-time fee of $797, and it does not need a subscription or monthly payments.

However, if you are a small business, investing $797 only on a copywriting app can turn out to be a significant investment.

If you plan to use Funnel Scripts one or two times, you shouldn’t be spending $797 on it. However, it would come in handy if you find yourself copywriting (or hiring others) a lot.

Whether if Funnel Scripts is worth the investment or not will depend on you. You must evaluate how you’re planning to use it and most importantly, for how long and often.

Funnel Scripts: The Features


Once you login into its page, you’ll find yourself in its main dashboard. It will present you with plenty of things, giving you the feeling that you won’t lose yourself while scrolling down.

On the sidebar, you’ll find everything you need. You can find all the scripts and spans there. It is a bit awkward to have a page where half of its length it’s filled with the sidebar and a blank centre.

If you’re new using Funnel Scripts and haven’t familiarized yourself with it, you might want to watch the first video. This video is the introduction; it gives a quick lesson on how to handle everything. You’ll learn the platform and its interface.

You can find the video in the “How Do I Use Funnel Scripts?” section. It is the “Step one” in a series of four videos that will help you understand Funnel Script.

Script Variety

Funnel Scripts offers a wide variety of script types. They divide into different categories based on where, when and how you should use them.

Even if you’re looking Funnel Scripts for its Script Generation, you might find useful many of its available scripts. Among these, you can find Scripts for:

  1. Using funnels to market your products and services with the Expert Secrets Scripts.
  2. DotCom Secrets scripts based on DotCom Secrets’ book, an introduction to sales funnels and what you can do with them.
  3. Sales Copy & Video Scripts, which along with the DotCom Secrets scripts, give you a more comprehensive selection for sales and video templates. It has texts for order bumps, webinars and one-time offers.
  4. Bullet scripts that include many texts that come in hand for creating bullets for sales pages or landing pages, among other things.

Generating Scripts

If you look at the Funnel Scripts sidebar, you’ll find the scripts you need. All you need to do is click on them; you’ll go to a specific page for that script.

Here, you’ll see a video that explains how that script works and what you can do with it.

Knowing the basics of the script you’ll be using will allow you to use better inputs in it.

Below the “tutorial” video, you’ll see a set of directions and things you need to do to generate your script.

You’ll be setting all the inputs until you feel comfortable with them, there are various, so feel free to take your time. Once you finish, all you need to do is click the “Build” blue button, and your script will start generating. Once that completes, you’ll receive multiple variations for choosing.

Downloading Wizards

As said before, Funnel Scripts offers an offline service that they call “Downloadable Wizards.” Wizards are programs that run through a guided process on your computer. Their goal is to install new software.

Russell Brunson provided a lot of training material which is the base of Funnel Scripts’ wizards.

There are plenty of wizards to choose from. Once you click on one of them, you’ll watch a video that explains how the wizard works.

After you watch the video, download your preferred wizard and install it. You’ll have to enter your Funnel Scripts login details to get full access to the software.

After all preparation is set up, your wizard will start giving you a lot of questions. You receive your script once you answer everything. The wizard will provide you with different options. After all, it uses the inputs you set up as guides.

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts follows a one-time pricing model. However, it used to work as a yearly subscription product, where users had to pay $497 a year to gain access.

Now, it is a bit more expensive. However, once you pay its full price, you’ll get lifetime access to it. The price you have to pay is $797.

Some people might complain that the price is too high, but its value will depend on how you’ll be using it. The cost of Funnel Scripts can be equal to paying a copywriter to work for you for a year.

If you think you’ll be needing copywriting often and for a long time, you might want to get your hands on it. However, if you plan to use it for 2 months or so, it’s a better idea to pay for a copywriter to work for you.

Funnel Scripts Bonuses

You have the chance of acquiring Funnel Scripts along with plenty of good bonuses available. These additions can be worth more than $8,000. Once you buy Funnel Scripts, you should be looking at what their bonuses are offering.

Among all these bonuses, you can see:

  1. An unlimited Email/FB Chat Support with a value of $997.
  2. Personal access to a Toer5 Mega Software Bundle, including Bonus Rights that you can use. It is worth over $15,000
  3. A $297 value on a list of lifetime recurring affiliate programs along with white label rights.
  4. Acquire a vast library of Ad Swipe Library with its White Label Rights with a value of $197.
  5. A free copy of DotCom Secrets or Expert Secrets books worth over $7 each one.
  6. A Group Convert account that can be used to collect FB Group member leads automatically.
  7. Many more bonuses to discover.

Pros & Cons of Funnel Scripts


Funnel Scripts offers excellent service at copywriting. Most copies are amazingly compelling and convincing; they require nothing but a couple of hours invested in making them work.

Even if you can get the most out of Funnel Scripts in its online platform, they still offer offline support. All you need to do is search for a downloadable wizard and install it, set it up, and start making your script.

The amount of scripts for copies you can find at Funnel Scripts’ platform is impressive. They are all labelled by categories, and while you won’t be using them all the time, you might find many of them. handy


The price might be a bit expensive at first sight, but it’s quite reasonable. You have to dedicate yourself to it if you want to buy this product.

Yes, you will find most of the Funnel Scripts are excellent. However, you might find yourself fixing your scripts occasionally. Its formula might fail and come up with a mess.

You might know this, but using a template-based platform might mean that many of your scripts could look like other Funnel Script users’ scripts.

Final Verdict

Funnel Scripts isn’t the only copywriting tool out in the market. However, from all the copywriting template-based platforms, Funnel Scripts could be the only one offering so much customization and efficiency, along with its massive amount of templates available.

It might have some problems, and its copies could often require manual manipulation and fixing. Nevertheless, many people are not into copywriting; thousands need help with it. Thankfully, Funnel scripts will not only help you with it; it also gives you a fast and straightforward platform.

With Funnel Scripts, you will say goodbye to the need of paying copywriters to do your job. You have the chance to pay a single fee for a lifetime of quality copywriting.

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