Funnelytics Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? (2021)

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Funnelytics Pricing

Funnelytics is quite a unique platform in that it’s not really a funnel builder, yet it can play a vital role in your funnel building process. It’s currently the best available solution for entrepreneurs who want to visualize their funnels during design.

If your goal is to ensure your funnels’ profitability—and it should be—then Funnelytics is a worthy addition to your marketing arsenal. It lets you map out your funnels during design and then analyze their performance after launching them.

Today, we’ll take a complete look at the platform: what it is, the features you’ll get, and of course, how much you’ll pay for it.

A complete overview of Funnelytics

Essentially, Funnelytics is a tool that lets you map and keep track of your funnels. It’s basically a complement for any funnel builder you use instead of a builder itself. You can build funnel maps to visualize everything before you actually hop into your main builder.

Funnelytics was created back in 2018 by Mikael Dia, and his company is based in Canada. It’s also under development by a team made up by marketers, and it implements many current methods from other platforms: analytics, integrations, and even a visual, drag-and-drop builder.

It’s great for both before and after launching your funnel. Not only you can map out the entire layout beforehand, but you can also analyze how each funnel performs after you’ve released them. It basically covers everything your funnel builder might be missing.

But, how does mapping out your funnels help you? Why wouldn’t you just skip the extra step and build your own funnel?

Well, mapping out your funnels is perfect if you want to get a full picture of the entire process. It lets you understand the experience your visitors will get when traversing through your sales funnel without actually building it.

You can optimize your funnel before you add the first element, and you’ll get to save a lot of time by planning ahead. You can even share your funnel designs as image files to your team members to get feedback without actually building and testing out your funnel.

Besides, you should already know why tracking your funnels’ performance is important.

Funnelytics is an amazing addition if you want to take funnels seriously, specially considering you can get it for free—more on that in a bit.

Let’s talk about features

All features in Funnelytics focus around helping you plan, design, track, and discuss your funnels with your marketing team without much effort. In fact, it’s a perfect tool if you want to collaborate with your partners and clients—even if they know nothing about funnels.

A lot of people might not mention this either, but Funnelytics is an amazing way to work with a team without having to pay for a plan with more sub-accounts. You just need to access your main funnel builder and use Funnelytics to discuss your designs with your team members.

Let’s dive into the core features you get with Funnelytics.

Visual editor

The first thing you’ll notice after accessing your Funnelytics dashboard is how easy it is to edit your funnel designs with its drag-and-drop builder. You can move different icons around your funnel map to represent elements and levels within your pages.

You can find several icons using a simple search bar, and they’re also great for representing your traffic sources.

Free plan

Now, this is a feature you’ll notice before you even start using the tool. The common approach for marketing platforms is to offer a free trial period before you buy, but Funnelytics actually has a free plan you can use for as long as you want.

Of course, this plan is quite limited; most importantly, you can’t track your funnels’ performance after releasing them. However, you can still design and visualize your funnels as well as download and share them.

Funnel sharing

Speaking of sharing, you’re free to create your concepts with anyone after creating them with Funnelytics. It’s what enables that collaboration capability I already mentioned, and it’s an excellent way to request feedback from your fellow team members or your clients.

Sharing your funnels is also extremely easy. You just need to design your funnel like you would normally. Once that’s done—or you’ve opened one you created previously—there’s a sharing button available at the top of your screen.

Obviously, click on that. You’ll quickly get your own share link, which is the best way to send your funnel. With this link, anyone with a Funnelytics account will be able to save their own copy; they can come back to you with their own modifications as well.

If you want to share your funnel design with someone who doesn’t have an account on Funnelytics, then don’t worry. You can export your funnel map as a PNG file ans send it any way you want.

Professional templates

If you’re willing to shell out $47 extra on Funnelytics, you’ll have access to their premium vault. This vault contains countless templates for your sales funnels, but it’s not just premade funnels for you to edit like you get with most builders.

No, these funnel templates are contributions from several professional marketers around the internet. You’ll find templates from the likes of ClickFunnels’ own Russell Brunson, Dan Henry, and Grant Cardone. None of these funnels are just brainstorms, either; these are real funnels actively used by their creators in their own marketing strategies.

You can find funnel designs for any type of business you might be running: from product launches to webinars and eBooks throughout different industries and niches, there’s something for everyone.

What’s even better is that all funnels come with their own videos explaining how the funnel works, the main concept behind each one, and how you can implement them into your own marketing approaches.

All templates have been re-built using Funnelytics as well, so there are no PNG files here. You can import them and edit them any way you want.

Traffic analytics

Of course, mapping out isn’t the only step to improve your funnels’ performance. You also need to assess how they’re actually doing to spot any change you might want to implement.

That’s why Funnelytics also comes with its own analytics feature for Pro users, and you can use it to check conversion rates for your funnels and even how much traffic they’re getting.

The latter is particularly useful if you want to study your marketing efforts, like paid ads.

For the funnels themselves, you can check your traffic’s experience in every stage. You get to assess which parts of your funnels need more work, as Funnelytics offers the option to evaluate if your visitors are exiting your funnel and in which specific page.

You can change between the analysis and editing modes from your funnel interface.

External tracking

Funnelytics also implements UTM tags to help you keep track of your traffic generated from outside sources like paid ad platforms. The Urchin Traffic Monitor is basically a code that tags specific users who click in certain URLs.

After someone does so, the UTM system keeps track of their behavior and communicate this data to Funnelytics for you to access it via your dashboard. You can monitor your campaigns’ performance via spreadsheets within your account, and you’re free to lock and unlock certain cells.

All spreadsheets can be exported into a Google account, too.

Google Tag integration

Speaking of Google, Funnelytics also integrates with its analytics tagging features, so you can use Funnelytics as the central hub to track all of your Google Analytics scripts. You just need to install the Tag Manager from Google and implement your Funnelytics script.

It sounds technical, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. You just need to enter your Funnelytics settings from within your account and find the script there. Then, head over to your Google Tag Manager dashboard and add this script as a new tag to start using the feature.

It’s a particularly useful addition for WordPress users, for you can track plenty of statistics. You can assess how many clicks your buttons are getting as well as how much of your videos your traffic watches. The same goes for page scrolling, events, and even pop-ups.

Revenue tracking

The main idea to implement funnels—and any marketing tactic—is to increase your revenue. As such, it’s only natural that Funnelytics comes with its own tracking tool for your revenue.

Pro users can head set specific goals for their funnels, which play into the revenue tracking feature. After placing your price tag for each product within your funnel, your customers are assigned that sum after visiting your product pages.

Then, you’re free to assess how much you’re really making from your funnels. You could even study your individual products’ performance to decide whether you need to modify your prices or even eliminate products altogether.

Customer support

Finally, Funnelytics offers a stellar customer support experience in case you need any help. Unfortunately, you can’t reach out to them 24/7, and due to their location, it might take some time before they actually get back to you.

However, they’re still extremely helpful if you’re patient, but their response time is something you want to consider.

If you’re not patient enough, you can also check out Funnelytics’ help section via their main site. It’s filled with articles and video tutorials explaining the technical side of the Funnelytics platform and features.

Let’s talk about money

Naturally, learning what you can do with a platform isn’t the only important piece of knowledge you want when deciding whether or not it’s the right choice for you. Therefore, it’s about time I take you through the different account tiers—and their prices—offered by Funnelytics.

The pricing structure is fairly straightforward: 3 different plans, and each upgrade adds more features to the previous account tier.


The Starter plan is the free option I mentioned earlier. It lets you map your funnels without paying a single penny, and it covers all the basics to do so. You get your workspace and 3 canvases to design your sales funnels.

It comes with all the fundamental features from Funnelytics, too. You get 6 templates for free and almost 80 icons to detail different elements within your sales funnels.

You can’t track your funnels’ performance, but you’re still free to share your funnels with anyone you want. Both share links and PNG exports are included in the Starter account.


The Marketer plan is $49 monthly, but if you pay for the entire year, you get about a couple of months for free. Naturally, it comes with all of the features from the Starter plan while adding a few new ones to the package.

You now have an additional workspace and all the canvases you want. You can use Funnelytics for all the clients you’re working with as well, and you can add unlimited members to your team.

Completely new features include the ability to add your own marketing icons to the library. This plan also includes forecasts for your funnels, including your conversion rates, overall revenue, and profits.

Since it’s the first paid option, it’s also the first plan to include a 2-week money back guarantee.


Finally, the professional plan costs $790 yearly, but there’s no option for a monthly subscription structure.

It’s the ultimate Funnelytics experience, with all of the features from the Marketer plan, plus the ability to track all of your funnels. Interestingly, the Pro account’s price depends on how much traffic you want to track, $790 being the basic price for 120,000 visitors every year.

Besides the 14-day guarantee, you can also get around 50% off the Pro plan if you get the Traffic Secrets book by Russel Brunson. This version is capped at 100,000 or 500,000 for $100 extra.


If you want to boost the performance of your sales funnels, Funnelytics is one of the best ways to do so. There’s little you can lose by trying out, too, with the free basic account and the 14-day guarantee on both paid plans.

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