Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Review: Best Podcast Plugin? (2021)

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Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Review

Update to the Smart Podcast Player WordPress plugin has been further developed and renamed to Fusebox Plugin after merging with the newly launched Transcript plugin as part of the move to a single subscription plan offered by Pat Flynn. The new Fusebox subscription plan offers suite of tools including podcast transcripts to improve engagement on your podcast episodes, tools to measure influence, shopping widgets to build relationships with affiliate shops and provide affiliate links.

Why Invest Money Time in Podcasting?

Internet has made it possible for every business to effectively promote itself and leveraging it in right manner has never been so easy. These days it is very important to stand out from your competitors as Internet offers high level of information in every field. In this vast information availability to the market, the businesses must have a powerful tool to reach out their potential clients effectively.

You can easily check your competition or listen to top podcasts to know what kind of topics they are covering. The growing interest of business online is pushing businesses to stay in shape to capture customers effectively. This has led to the marketing of products on blogs, Google Adwords, Facebook, Podcasts, video, online magazines and other new age club solutions like Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.

Podcasting is one of the most powerful mediums that can be used to promote your business with price advantage over other mediums. Podcasting is gaining huge popularity of late, although it’s not new. However, in the past it was considered as a technically incorrect medium. Times have changed and podcasting has broken its way in every sphere. According to Wall Street Journal by 2015, podcasts will become a 2-billion-dollar industry.

A recent study shows that 50% of the podcasts are downloaded only once and about 1% of the podcasts are downloaded only 10 seconds after the release.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into this new marketing bandwagon and get the exposer that you deserve.

Below We Have The Important Features Discussed In Detail

Created, developed and maintained by two prominent blogger, internet marketer and entrepreneur – Pat Flynn and Matthew Gartland – Fusebox Smart Podcast Player promises to deliver on increasing user interaction and helping you to build an engaged audience quickly and with ease. Based on the need of a podcaster to improve podcast engagement, share and promote the podcasts and increase the ratings, Flynn and Gartland have created a robust podcasting plugin which has unified all podcast tools into a single plugin.

1. Built-in Email Capture Tool

Enriched with innovative features, Fusebox Podcast Player boasts a number of video player plug-ins. And when it comes to building lead generation platforms, the power to collect your audience’s email address is the most essential feature. When done right, email integration can be the difference between viewers and subscribers. Every podcaster should leverage a player that gives an option for listeners to enter their email address. Embedding an affiliate link in your Podcast Player will do the same, and so much more!

By using Fusebox Podcast Player, you can automatically create an email list from all the popular email marketing services: MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, and GetResponse. This is done by integrating podcast player creation tools with personalized membership. Fusing email and internet marketing gives you greater fan engagement and higher sales. This should be your first step on creating a powerful podcast strategy.

2. Smart Track Player

Fusebox Podcast Player provides a fully customizable feature. The player is created with a very simple shortcode and carries the podcasting essentials: Home, Description, and Downloads. Another great feature it offers is the ability to add track support and custom website links. You can also choose if you want to display a full podcast player at all. In other words, you can create an embedded player that will appear only when you intend to share your podcast’s audio file.

In general, the player is created with an intuitive framing. You can customize the podcast player according to your own taste.

3. Interactive Full Player

This great feature brings your podcast to the next level by adding useful interaction. You can also create a player that displays when you start the track. For example, if you have a cool intro with catchy lyrics, it makes sense to have a player that can be added to the audio file during the intro. In the same way, you should add a player to the end of the track, so that people can select a new episode or subscribe to future podcasts.

4. Download & Share Options:

It includes a share and download button to support the popularity of your podcasting. The track download button gives your audience the option to download tracks on their computer, phone or other device. This is a powerful feature and should not be underestimated. As a podcaster, you want your audience to be able to enjoy your show under the times and places of their choice.

5. Subscription Buttons

The power of podcasting is the ability to share directly with an audience. Fusebox Podcast Player is created with the power to display an audio player at the back of your website. This feature will give your listeners the option to easily access your podcast and keep up with the latest episodes. Displaying the player on the back of your website is one of the most important factors when it comes to increasing your podcast lead generation campaign.

6. Responsive and Multi-Device Friendly

Fusebox Podacsting Player is compatible with all devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with all major podcast hosting platforms including WordPress based ones.

7. Shortcode Elements

It offers a set of shortcodes that can be used to embed the podcast player on a blog or website. With shortcode, you can easily insert a player in a specific space on your blog. You can also customize the font and size of the player. And, if you are wondering about the player size, it is responsive and fully customizable. The player will automatically adjust to the size of the device.

8. It Loads Fast

The ideal and most important quality of a podcast player is the speed at which it loads. Loading speed of any player is crucial to building relationships with your audience. The plugin has been created with remarkable features to keep the player load time under 10 seconds. This is not only impressive but also surpasses the industry standards.


To access all these podcasting essentials, you can easily subscribe to Fusebox Podcast Player for a monthly or annual fee of $16. As mentioned above, the features included and the price tag make Fusebox Podcast Player one of the most powerful podcasting plugins available on the internet.


To attract a podcast audience to your feed, you need to create a community. And community building requires strong responsive support to operate effectively.

Every Fusebox member receives a support plan with no limits. Either Gartland or Flynn will respond to your questions, regardless of how simple or how complex they may be. All you need to do is create a support ticket and get your queries answered.

Since we are discussing the best podcasting plugins, it is essential to mention that Fusebox podcasting player comes with an innovative support plan. You can also upgrade your membership plan to receive priority support. This means that either Gartland or Flynn will reply to your queries within a few hours.

Since we are discussing the best podcasting plugins, it is essential to mention that Fusebox podcasting player comes with an innovative support plan. You can also upgrade your membership plan to receive priority support. This means that either Gartland or Flynn will reply to your queries within a few hours.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can get a full refund within two months of signing up. All you have to do is contact the Fusebox Smart Podcast Player via LinkedIn or the website and receive a refund.

Why You Should Use FPP Over Other Podcasting Plugins

To sum up what we have mentioned above, let’s highlight the value of Fusebox Podcast Player in comparison with other similar plugins on the market.

Multiple Podcast Host Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility with different podcasting services, the power of Fusebox Podcast Player is unmatched. You can choose from 4 podcast hosting platforms WordPress, Podbean, Blubrry, or Transistor.

Since we are discussing the best podcasting plugins, it is essential to mention that Fusebox podcasting player comes with an innovative support plan. You can also upgrade your membership plan to receive priority support. This means that either Gartland or Flynn will reply to your queries within a few hours.

Fusebox Podcast Player Advantages:

– Largest Email Database

– Easy to Share Online

– Create Email Capture Form

– Easy Share & Download

– Multiple Platforms Support

– No Plugin Conflicts

– 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

– Free Lifetime Updates

Podcast Host Compatibility:

– WordPress (WP)

– Transistor

– Podbean

– Blubrry


For all the reasons mentioned above and based on the continuous improvements in the plugin, it is safe to conclude that Fusebox Podcast Player is the best podcast plugin to engage your podcasts and increase subscriber base. We hope you have found this Fusebox Smart Podcast Player Review helpful and will consider subscribing to the podcasting package offered by Fusebox.

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