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Are you planning on getting GeneratePress? Are you looking for a good wordpress theme for your website?

Read below for a full GeneratePress review to see if it’s for you or not!

Those who look for a basic, lightweight and super flexible alternative to the usual themes by WordPress are in luck. The developers of GeneratePress have delivered a great alternative to this.

Users can use both GeneratePress’ themes or purchase modular add-on and plugins to add a variety of features and functions.

Many people forget how important it could be to pay a little bit of attention to your theme. It’s easy to think it only affects a minor part of your website’s look. However, your entire style and even brand may change depending on your choice!

GeneratePress reduces a page’s load time while giving enough flexibility to make any change you need to do on your site. It provides all the control you need while working on your site’s pages.

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress works similar to WordPress; it is obvious. In reality, it is a free WordPress theme created by a Canadian developer, Tom Usborne. GeneratePress aims to give a lightweight theme foundation that can tackle any website project.

At the time of its creation, GeneratePress presented itself as another free theme. As time went by, it became more popular among its community; because of that, Tom decided to further development for it.

Now, GeneratePress is known as a free WordPress theme that’s highly customizable; it even sports premium add-ons and plugins. These premium add-ons, changes and features will adapt to anything you want to do on your website.

This app was built with a focus on speed and usability. For many, performance is quite a big deal; that is the reason for GeneratePress to install adds with less than 15KB (gzipped) to your page size.

GeneratePress also has full compatibility with coded plugins, like WooCommerce and others.  It uses a valid HTML/CSS, and it supports more than 20 languages, with its community adding more as time passes.

GeneratePress, among many of its features, also includes microdata integration, 9 widget areas, 5 sidebar layouts, dropdown menus and other intuitive features for everyone to use.

Since its launch, GeneratePress has been one of the best choices for everyone who’s looking for a stable WordPress theme.

Why Choosing GeneratePress?

Optimized loading times and performance

One of the main goals of GeneratePress is to deliver outstanding performance, along with a clean code. The entire theme should be less than 30 KB. There won’t be any other WordPress theme as lightweight as GeneratePress.

In comparison to other themes, even the most optimized WordPress themes, GeneratePress is still the smallest. Different WordPress themes go from 200 KB to others that even exceed the 1 MB mark.

Another thing that goes along with GeneratePress it’s its code independency. Since it has no code dependency, you won’t have to face render-blocking errors.

If you compare GeneratePress with other WordPress themes, you’ll notice the difference. GeneratePress can load a page in less than 700 ms. It has a page size that is less than 30 KB, so it is faster than 94% of other themes. GeneratePress is, in terms of performance, an outstanding option for everyone.

You can even Optimize GeneratePress for more enhanced performance; that is what you need if you want your page to show up first in search engines like Google. GeneratePress has plugins for reducing the amount of CSS and JS files that will show up on each page; this increases its speed drastically.

Responsive on mobile

When we talk about responsive Web design, we talk about automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge a website. The idea is to make it look good on any device.

Be it a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, having a responsive Web Design is super important. You don’t ever want your users and consumers to feel uncomfortable when navigating through other devices.

There are many things that you have to take into consideration when making a responsive Web design; the main one is its interface and how it would fit. You must also account for images and how they would scale in any browser size. Responsive text size is another element; the website must be readable regardless of what your users use for their access.

By default, GeneratePress is Mobile Responsive; there’s not much you need to do: no scaling, nothing to worry. GeneratePress will take care of everything, making your web look outstanding in every device

For further customization and performance, there are also plugins to enhance this function like Lightweight Grid Columns. Once you download and install lightweight, you only need to specify your desired desktop, tablet and mobile widths for columns.

Real-time customization

This is another area where WordPress shines. When it comes to customization, GeneratePress uses the WordPress customizer. This customizer gives you the chance to see all the changes that you make in real-time as you design your website.

Depending on what version of GeneratePress you’re using, you’ll be able to customize as much as you need. Even with the free version, you’ll get a wide variety of options. However, with the GeneratePress Premium, you’ll be able to customize every single aspect on your side.

There’s nothing more pleasant than having full control of what you’re creating; that is what you should always be looking for, and with GeneratePress, you have it.

If you want to customize, for example, the layout area, every detail can be configured in settings. You can change things your Header, Navigation, Sidebar layouts, everything. This way, you can choose where you want your header to be according to your style.

You can also control the font for every element; this gives more life to your website and keeps it from looking too simplistic.

GeneratePress gives more options regarding customization than many other themes. It might even be simple for many beginners, and once you understand how settings come together, you’ll be working far better with the customization features.

Focus only on the features you want

When you’re using an app, or a theme, in this case, you’ll be getting many features, but sometimes you’re just planning to use a couple of them. In other cases, it comes the contrary: you have to search for other add-ons because they don’t offer all the things you need.

However, with GeneratePress, you’ll get many useful features with its free version. Now, with the premium plugin, you’ll not only get useable items, but thanks to its developer─who works on improving this app everyday─ you’ll get specific and individual features, that you might want or need.

With GeneratePress you’ll get full control of what you want and what are the functions you need, and that is what you pay. You skip the part where you pay for a theme with a wide variety of features that you won’t use.

Having GeneratePress means having a lightweight theme, with the possibility of increasing its features furthermore.

By paying for the GeneratePress Premium plugin, you will allow a set of features or modules that work alongside with the theme. So, if you want to customize the colors of every element on your website, you’ll have the colors module to do so.

Inbuilt SEO measures

If you need any actions to take on your site or more options to give as an SEO, you can count with GeneratePress inbuilt SEO measures.

Its SEO plugin is available for your website. It works as a reliable, accessible and, at the same time, an automated, optimized and fully functional plugin for your theme.

It provides a preconfigured plugin.  This framework provides a suitable starting point for many websites. It also has hundreds of settings to change a mess with them to fit your site.

The AI optimizes your page automatically; it is smarter than other frameworks. This integrated AI and the way it functions saves a lot of time for developers, and it is entirely interactive and easy to use.

The SEO Framework also supports the Open Graph and Twitter Cards protocols. This support helps your posts stand out when shared on various social networks.

The scheme of this framework and its attractive colors caught the attention of many users. The GeneratePress developer took its time to make this plugin accessible for everyone, integrating keyboard-navigation support and even using a color scheme to help users with any color vision deficiency.

Versatility with many integrations

GeneratePress itself is a highly versatile theme.  You can work with GeneratePress for any site you need, and approach it by using all its different plugins. You’re free to configure GeneratePress to work with the things you need for what you want.

Each page or post gives a lot of options to try: from changing things on the sidebar layout to manipulating the footer widgets.

Switching between the pages is also simple: you can easily do it by choosing between the default and a full-width page, along with the ability to disable elements.

With GeneratePress, you have many options all the time. It’s amazingly customizable once you improve its functionality with the premium add-ons.

In terms of what GeneratePress can and can’t do, it depends on you and what you want it to do. The theme will have many options to use and try.

Some functions from the premium version will come as better or more expanded than the free versions. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the free versions aren’t useful, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Add-ons for customization

GeneratePress is free and amazingly handy. It is a theme that brings with it a lot of features for free, and you can take care of your website entirely with it.

However, the more you start working with GeneratePress, the more you’ll be finding out about all the other things you can do with it. The free version comes with its limitations, but those limitations can be solved with the use of add-ons and plugins.

Only by paying the Premium plugin with GeneratePress, you’ll unlock so many amazing new features and settings to change, add and enhance your website. Once you pay for the Premium plugin and access all the other settings, it becomes more evident. If you miss something else, you can get them by using different add-ons and plugins.

GeneratePress’ developer is always working on new plugins and add-ons to enhance your experience with the system. It goes from plugins to edit sidebars to improve support on mobiles and tablet; some plugins even let you change every color on the sidebar.

There are also plugins to enhance GeneratePress’ performance even more. You can make it load faster or support more elements on your website.

Unlimited use for GeneratePress

When you get GeneratePress, you get a free WordPress theme that only occupies 30 KB with no limits for the number of features when building a website.

GeneratePress can be extended furthermore since it offers an extensive list of filters, hooks, add-ons, plugins and more. It lacks limits on what you can add and do with them.

There are reasons for GeneratePress to be one of the best themes of WordPress. Its performance and weight are optimal, but it also tries to break all limits.

GeneratePress offers 100% freedom regarding customization; it upgrades its features surprisingly.

GeneratePress possesses WordPress customizer. It helps its users take GeneratePress to a new level, thus making websites far more comfortable to edit and make than with other themes. GeneratePress possibilities give a huge roaster of things to try: you can edit colours, typography, layout, everything.

GeneratePress gives full control to its users when editing their websites, alongside with excellent performance with fantastic speed regarding load times.  GeneratePress presents itself as an independent theme; it avoids the issue of render-blocking. It does not allow loading things that you don’t need.

Full control over everything

After getting the premium plugin, GeneratePress will give you complete control of what you’re working with, providing full access to its settings and things to use.

With the use of the premium plugin, you get the ability to add more features to the theme. However, GeneratePress gives full control of what you want to include in your tools; you don’t have to worry about having functions you never use. This helps users to save up some space by not installing a theme filled with features that you’ll hardly be using.

With the GeneratePress premium plugin, you’ll be using modules and handling many things that wouldn’t be entirely available in the free version. Setting up typographies is an example; it has over 70 typography options for you to add and change on your site content.

You would also have the Elements module; it gives you control over what they call “Header Element”. It allows you to create custom headers that you can display anywhere in the website. There are also layout and hooks elements; they will enable you to change the layout of your site, like sidebars and such, and to “hook” custom code into various areas of the theme.

Great customer support

GeneratePress Premium can be a bit harsh to use at first. Using a theme like GeneratePress can be confusing at first. It works as a combination between a theme and a plugin; this is an aspect that differentiates it heavily from other themes.

However, along with great versatility, GeneratePress comes with friendly and outstanding support. The developer gives a quite extensive online library, and it covers all the things you need to know about the theme. The documents cover settings and how to set up your theme, all the way to basic troubleshooting. They also cover customization and resources for developers.

Support has always been helpful, answering to reports fast enough. There’s also a support forum; it is open to the public. In this forum, you can find your problem or doubts in other people’s request; this offers you the chance to find an answer to what you’re facing before making a report.

The support forum has been growing as time goes by. It even got to a point where people have solved issues to problems that aren’t directly related to GeneratePress.

Library with demo pre-made sites

Some users can struggle to get their inspiration. Others aren’t good with web-design. It is quite an issue not to know how your website should look.

The design of your website comes to be important. You don’t want people to feel uncomfortable by looking at your website. At least 65% of people feel attracted to simple yet attractive websites.

When users visit a website, it will be the first impression of what you have to offer. If you’re not good enough at web design and don’t want people to judge the look of your site, we recommend you to use the GeneratePress pre-made templates.

GeneratePress has a great variety of pre-made site templates. Users need to import the pre-made templates and activate them. It’s easy to give a bright, new and different look to your website.

GeneratePress has a site library, where it offers its templates and also gives its users the chance to set up different options to edit their website. This way, you can download a template and edit it. You can change it to fit the style of your website and how you want it to look.

Installing GeneratePress

Installing GeneratePress works the same as any other theme. Get to your WordPress Dashboard and log in. Search for GeneratePress in the “Add New” tab. Then, you install and activate it.

GeneratePress Premium, however, isn’t a theme; it is a plugin you get for your theme. Once you pay and download the plugin, you grab the .zip file as a plugin. Activate it by going to “Dashboard”, then “Appearance” and “GeneratePress”. There, activate the plugin.

You can also enable any add-ons you need to use. The GeneratePress options available will be there for anything you want to change.

For MAC users, if you are using Safari, you won’t be getting a zip file. Instead, you’ll have an ordinary folder. To make your download remain as a zip file, go to “Safari Preferences” in the “General” tab, uncheck “Open ‘safe’ files after downloading.”


You can get GeneratePress for free. However, the free version of this theme comes with certain limitations. You will miss many of the modules available, the possibility to design websites with no limits, full access to the site-library, along with more features.

GeneratePress Premium is a plugin for GeneratePress that unlocks all its features. It comes with the ability to add new add-ons to increase the customization options for your website.

To get GeneratePress Premium, you need to pay $49, and it unlocks support for a year of updates and support. Once the year ends, you can renew your license key to continue with your premium access.

GeneratePress vs Similar Options

There are many themes you can choose from, and some people might doubt if GeneratePress is worthy. In the end, choosing a WordPress theme is quite important for developing your next website.

You need to consider many aspects of the theme you will use and how it will influence your website. WordPress offers a streamlined editor; it helps and facilitates creationing and designing your content. However, there can be a lack of flexibility when it comes to customization.

Here’s were themes start to shine. They are tools that enable their users to edit their websites easily, by dragging and dropping pre-built elements. Some of the most popular WordPress themes—besides GeneratePress—are OceanWP, Astra, and Neve.

When it comes to features, all these themes come with many of them. You have pre-built elements: headers, widgets, layouts, along with many other elements. Astra is a very famous choice regarding these aspects.

When it comes to E-commerce applications, OceanWP shines; it has a targeted functionality for improving product pages and the shopping cart.

There are many elements offered on features, but you will hardly find yourself using most of them. You’ll be getting a heavy theme filled with many features you may never use.

With GeneratePress, you get not only a big amount of features and modules but also the possibility to activate and deactivate the modules and add-ons you’re not currently using.

When it comes to loading things and weight, many WordPress themes weight more than 120 KB; it might not be too much. However, in comparison to GeneratePress, the difference is huge. GeneratePress goes as low as 20 KB; it reduces the loading time of all the pages and can be seen in its real-time testing.

In terms of support and documentation, there are no easy themes at first, and if you have questions and doubts, you’ll definitely be looking for help. All the previously mentioned themes possess a year’s worth of updates and support.

Astra and GeneratePress offer not only support and resources but also support forums. There, users can submit their doubts and get a response, while other users can reach them faster without submitting theirs.

GeneratePress comes as a lightweight theme, with an easy to-go-through interface. Price and performance meet up alongside with a high level of customization on its hand.

Aside from GeneratePress, the other highly recommended theme would be Astra; it is also lightweight and has plenty of things to use. It’s a good option if you can’t get GeneratePress for any reason.

Final Verdict

The theme you’ll be using for your website will highly depend on what are you designing. If you don’t know what could fit better to your website, you can always opt for GeneratePress. The theme is extremely flexible. It offers great loading speed, compatibility, and features.

If you’re willing to spend some time configuring and setting things up, then GeneratePress themes will really come in handy.

With GeneratePress, you won’t only be getting a flexible theme, but also a fast-loading, lightweight theme with excellent performance. And if GeneratePress does not exceed your expectations, you still have a 30 days money refund guarantee.

Try Generatepress out today! (This site uses GeneratePress!)

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