Get GroovePages for Free

This article shall tell you exactly how to get a complete GroovePages Account for free. It will inform you on how to sign up and set up GroovePages, enabling you to use this remarkable technology, which shall help you build and create your own websites and marketing funnels.

What Is GroovePages and What does it do?

By virtue of the fact you are reading this article, you probably already possess an understanding of the funnel and the website builder. Still, in case you are not, let us understand what this app is and what it can actually do.

GroovePages is an online website and funnel building software. GroovePages is a part of the digital marketing product suite or software as a service (SAAS) and has been created by GrooveDigital. 

GroovePages essentially loads the HTML versions of the websites on the web, preventing them from being rendered individually, like in the case of software like ClickFunnels.

In addition to this, GrovePages also follows the “Mobile-First Indexing” guidelines of Google, which then allows our pages to load extremely fast and results in a much better SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Finally, we at GroovePages also use the best hosting service that is available to date, i.e., Amazon servers.

All of this allows pages and websites created by us to be extremely fast, aesthetically pleasing and of the best quality possible available.

To know more about GroovePages, you can click on the GroovePages review. 

How to Access GroovePages for Free?

While GroovePages is a premium app that is available only for paid subscribers of the software, it was only in April 2020, due to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, that Mike Filsaime and the team behind GrooveFunnels, decided to give away free lifetime access to our online sales platform, i.e., GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate. Mike Filsaime and the crew were also pleased to throw in a surprise bonus to this deal and additionally give away a free version of GroovePages Lite as well.

GroovePages Lite is the lite version of GroovePage and provides access for you to create up to 3 websites for free. This offer thus provides the user with a rare opportunity to get free access to this remarkable technology by just signing up and following the below-mentioned steps.

How to GroovePages Lite For Free?

All that is required for you to get free access to GroovePages Lite is the following:

  • First of all, you need to create a free GrooveSell account (you’ll be required to furnish your details, which shall include your name, username, email and password). 
  • You will now be required to log into your account (it’s now a GrooveFunnels account).
  • You will now have to click on the GrooveApps button, positioned at the left of the screen.
  • Lastly, you have to click on the GroovePages button, just underneath the GrooveFunnels tab.

And that should be it. By following these simple steps, you shall have access to your very own GroovePages Lite Account.

What all does GroovePages Lite provide for?

Even when not fully functional, GroovePages Lite still allows you to get a lot of tasks done. You can, in the absence of all the features of GroovePages, create remarkable websites on GroovePages Lite, and do so very easily and supremely fast. Our free Lite software is truly one of its kind in many regards.

GroovePages Lite allows a user to create three site projects (websites) for free and, along with this, also gets you free access to 1 funnel template. 

Along with this, you can also use the potent wireframe blocks (a limited amount), wherein you get a premium blocks starter pack and free hosting. 

With the free GroovePages Lite account, you will, however, not have the ability to do analytics, share funnels, import funnels or use custom domains. In addition to this, your websites shall bear the watermark branded with the “Built with GroovePages” stamp.

All of this you get for free and is perhaps all that is required for anyone who wishes to start using this wonderful technology and create their own website. GroovPages Lite is user-friendly, extremely fast and is one of the best entry-level platforms for anyone who wishes to explore this landscape.

What does GroovePages Pro comprise of?

GroovePages Pro, which is the all-access, unlimited version of the GroovePages platform, provides one complete functionality and enables them to access and build websites from scratch. GroovePages Pro allows a user to have uninhibited access to the platform and is inclusive of all the features as and when built by us. 

We explore what GroovePages is simply for our understanding and informative purposes in this article. This shall allow you to compare one platform with another.

In comparing GroovePages Pro with the Lite version, we find that GroovePages Pro provides you unlimited access to each feature of the platform. These features are inclusive of but not limited to pages, funnels, pop-ups, websites and project sites. This allows you not to be obstructed by anything and create websites easily and in an extremely quick fashion.

In addition to this, the Pro version also allows you to gain access to some very important features which our Lite version does not provide for. These features include free SSL certificates, funnel imports, share funnels and custom domains, which are not available on the Lite version.

Custom domains are extremely important for a website creator, for in the absence, they’d be unable to brand their web sites and are then forced to use a GroovePages subdomain. 

The upgraded version, ie. GroovePages Pro also allows a user to have access to unlimited bandwidth, in addition to no watermark branding. A user can additionally also avail access to agency features and get unlimited royalty-free images, new templates. GroovePages Pro also provides access to a creator, enabling them to import ANY site on the web that they own. This feature is one of its kind and is exclusive to GroovePages.

How Much Do I pay for GroovePages Pro?

There are two methods through which one can get a GroovePages Pro Account. 

These methods are the following:

  • The first way to get a GroovePages Pro account is to subscribe to any one of the GrooveFunnel Pricing Plans. This shall allow one to get access to GroovePages Pro. When opting for this method, the user shall also get access to some additional apps, like GrooveMail, GrooveVideo and GrooveMember. This shall cost the user a minimum of $99/month.
  •  The second way through which one can get access to a GroovePages Pro Account is through subscribing to a lifetime account for GroovePages. This can be availed through the Secret Back Door Link here. This lifetime subscription to GroovePages costs a user $ 497 and is payable once post, which they are entitled to use our technology and have access to all features and updates for their lifetime.


I have attempted to explain the process through which you get access to GroovePages for free through this article. By following the aforementioned steps, you shall have access to one of the better funnel and website builders to have ever been built. Moreover, you shall have access to all of this without paying anything from your pocket. 

In building GroovePages, Mike Filsaime, and the GrooveDigital team have endeavored to build something that is truly revolutionary and that shall change the landscape of this industry. GroovePages is a funnel and website builder that is one of its kind. It possesses lightning speed, unparalleled by any other platform and provides the user access to features that are otherwise unheard of for subscribers to other platforms. GroovePages is hence an integral part of the GrooveFunnels platform. 

For further information and a better understanding of the GrooveFunnels all-in-one software suite, you may refer to Complete GrooveFunnels Review, Here.