GetResponse Vs AWeber: Which Is the Better Option For You?

In today’s world, it is imperative to know and have the right tool available for each situation.

Ecommerce is no exception to this rule. When you start your business, the main thing is to grow your list of interested parties, from subscribers to your blog.

People can get to your blog and may be interested in your products or services, but they will rarely have enough confidence in you to buy at the first contact.

To generate the necessary trust to sell your products, you must have a form on your blog where clients leave their data, and then through email marketing, you can maintain contact and generate that necessary trust.

Newsletters are widely used by companies to send information to their audience. However, sending newsletters in a traditional way is cumbersome. You would need to distribute them among your clients and prospects one by one, and this consumes too much time.

Getresponse and Aweber are two options that make this task a lot easier. Now, let’s study both to determine if one is more effective than the other.

What Are Getresponse and Aweber?

These are two interesting autoresponder tools that allow you to send newsletters to your customers with information regarding promotions, offers, news, among others.

A good email marketing strategy will need an excellent tool to help you in this task that you could not do manually when you have an extensive list of subscribers, which is what you need for your business.

You have to define a sequence of emails, assemble it in the autoresponder, and each person who subscribes will receive them in the order and time that you establish it.

Autoresponders work for you without you having to be aware of sending them the emails, the offer of your products or the new posts of your blog.

These applications also allow you to follow the accurate tracking of your clients by email.

In the end, you will provide the best information instantly to your visitors and generate sales for the products or services you promote.

Now, let’s dwell into each system and evaluate them.


Its purpose is to manage the emails sent to the subscribers of a blog or web portal, to turn them into loyal customers.

Around 35% of businesses use GetResponse for their email marketing campaigns.

It allows you to send emails to the people who subscribe to your list. It has a great variety of graphics to choose from which simplify your work and improve the quality of your system.

You can also use it to create email marketing campaigns and make impressive register and contact forms.

Some of the mails delivered using GetResponse may not make it into the primary inbox. Even so, it has positive delivery statistics.

One advantage of GetResponse over other platforms is that this autoresponder platform works in several languages, which is excellent for people who are starting and do not master the English language.


Aweber has received many positive feedbacks from its customers, referring to its excellent service and ease of use.

Around 50% of businesses use Aweber. Its user interface is amicable, and it does not take much effort to learn how to use the system.

This autoresponder is one of the oldest, it has been active since 1998, and that generates trust. Besides, it offers a very professional service.

Aweber offers you the possibility of creating exclusive forms, creating automated mail sequences with statistics, opening emails, clicks on them, among others.

It also guarantees a high percentage of delivery in the main mail tray and in few occasions your message will be marked as spam.

Although the interface of this autoresponder is in English only, it is indeed really intuitive, and you will find many tutorials to learn the essential use of this great system.

With Aweber, you will spend little time learning how to set up your email campaigns and subscription forms.

In the design of emails and subscription forms, Aweber offers a large number of graphics. It also has an extensive help sheet for the user through videos and pdf documents.

In short, both platforms are tools to manage and optimize the sending of information to subscribers. Little by little, we will be exploring more thoroughly, and we will see which of the two is better.

The Good And The Bad: Getresponse.

Let’s start unravelling both the positive and negative features of Getresponse.


Customer service throughout the day by chat. GetResponse’s customer service lets you continue working on your email while you chat online. An even better feature is that they can access your system to see what you are working on to assess the issue and guide you through the process.

You can start with a free 30-day account. After 30 days, they will charge you around $16 for 1,000 subscribers and then $27 for a maximum of 2,500 subscribers.

It has a gallery. In this gallery, you can collect all your personal images. There are also more photographs already in the system at your disposal to use in your emails.

Mobile-friendly configuration. The emails that you send to your lists are configured to show correctly on mobile devices.


Your information could be at risk. As we know, all internet platforms can suffer hacking attacks. In this case, GetResponse does not guarantee you can recover your information, which means you have to make backup copies of each list you have continually.

Affiliation process. It is more challenging to become an affiliate on GetResponse than other platforms. No matter how easy the affiliation platform looks, once you start the process, you’ll realize the obstacles in your way.

The Good And The Bad: Aweber.

Having already explored Getresponse, let’s go with the pros and cons of the Aweber platform, starting with the positive aspects.


Very low price. You can start for only $1 for the first 30 days and after, you will pay $19 monthly. The cost will not rise until it reaches more than 500 potential subscribers, and then you will pay an additional of $10 per month. Plus, you have the option to pay quarterly or annually to save money.

If you become an affiliate, you can sell AWeber and make money with it. Also, the process is easy; you can do it with a  simple click on your membership card.

You have the option to create news bulletins or “BroadCast” with the previous editor.


No immediate customer service help. They will respond to your email after 24 hours. You can also call them, but if you’re not an English speaker, they won’t be able to help you.

Unnecessary charges. Sometimes they will charge subscribers who already unsubscribed from the lists. It is better to remove them manually, so they do not add to your monthly payments.

Limited platform. The platform has issues letting you update your data to add or edit another credit card. It’s up to you to do it manually with phone customer support or sending an authorization form.

GetResponse and Aweber features

Now that we know the positive and negative aspects of both platforms let’s take a look at their features.

Getresponse features:

1. Easy-to-use email creation template

GetResponse offers the option to drag and drop, a great feature that is very good for creating emails to edit as you want with ease.

You will also get many templates for email newsletters and the unlimited edition option. You can also edit the photos, add buttons on social networks, change colors and fonts.

There are many templates, each with a different theme. That means you can adapt them for each appropriate topic according to your customers’ preferences.

2. Programmed autoresponse system

GetResponse allows you to configure an automatic response once a person subscribes to your list. With this option, you can send emails during a whole month automatically. You can send plain text to pretty eye-catching designs for every message. You can configure absolutely everything.

You can administer the autoresponder and follow up so that your business is automated. You will receive seven days of a free training system to learn email marketing that will increase your sales by email.

3. Landing Page Creator

The best and most powerful feature of GetResponse is the landing page. You can create your landing page quickly. This option is fully customizable and has the advantage of having the drag-and-drop system.

You can also add the share button on social networks anywhere on your landing pages.

4. Social Networks

If you want to maximize your social influence, then GetResponse is perfect for you. It has the feature of adding action buttons to connect with all of your social networks.

It also allows your readers to share your newsletter with others.

5. Smart Email

GetResponse has a robust email scanning system. You can visualize the tracking system in real-time. You can verify the tracking of the opening rate of each newsletter.

By clicking on the analysis, you can see the bounce rate and the data of those who have unsubscribed.

6. List Booster

GetResponse can import the email list of your favorite source. You can import the file from your email provider.

Also, Getresponse reviews and locates duplicated recipients with the purpose of not stifling the subscribers of your blog.

7. Form Generator

You will have the ability to create many forms that impressively adapt to your designs. There are many to choose from, and several already established that you can customize as you want.

8. Preview of the Email

You can preview the bulletins so you can be sure that they will appear correctly in your subscribers’ inbox.

9. Availability in several languages

This platform is available in several languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, among others. Each platform can be adapted to the language of the administrator so that it becomes easier to control it.

Aweber features:

1. Easy to use

This application is designed with simple templates that allow you to develop engaging newsletters with defined themes according to the preferences of our clients.

Each template has a defined theme, and they differ from one another, to add more versatility and to create an email that really impacts and interests the subscribers.

2. Email in HTML

You have the option to create your bulletin with basic HTML or use the intelligent tool. Both which you can adapt perfectly according to your knowledge.

3. Register Forms

Aweber has different impressive forms which are fully editable. They give the professional and high level that your customers look for.

4. Support

The technical support is quite good, and the customer service is excellent.

5. Subscribers Management

As the goal is to create your list of subscribers, you will have the possibility of sending personalized messages to each list or group you want.

6. Autoresponder

One of the best features. Being able to configure the answers you give to your subscribers while you do other activities, the autoresponse is the core of your business in Email Marketing.

You can set up tracking letters so that your readers receive them automatically. This feature makes your business more automated.

7. Statistics

They let you review and measure the behavior of your readers.  Once you have this information, you can generate actions for each type of behavior.

8. Score Span

This tool allows you to calculate the risk that an email will be classified and arrive as spam at the time of design.

Being clear about this risk is beneficial, it will ensure that the mail reaches the primary mailbox and not the junk mail tray, which no one ever checks.

9. Versatility in payments

It contains many third-party platforms, where you can make your payments, in addition to the traditional payment system by credit card. An example of these is the Paypal payment system, used worldwide.

Pricing of both platforms

The price is an important issue when evaluating options. Knowing how much you will invest is essential in any endeavor.

Getresponse and Aweber have similar payment systems. Each platform manages a price that depends on the number of subscribers.

GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial version. After the trial period, you have to pay these prices:

  • $15.00 per month for 1,000 subscribers.
  • $25.00 per month for 2,500 subscribers.
  • $45.00 per month for 5,000 subscribers.
  • $65.00 per month for 10,000 subscribers.
  • $145.00 per month for 25,000 subscribers.

Aweber costs $1 for the first month after the trial period.  Aweber Prices are listed below:

  • $ 19.00 for 500 subscribers
  • $ 29.00 for 2,500 subscribers
  • $ 49.00 for 5,000 Subscribers
  • $ 69.00 for 10,000 subscribers
  • $ 149.00 for 25,000 subscribers

Get your Free GetResponse Trial here

Get your Free Aweb Trial here

Similarities between Aweber vs Getresponse

Both Aweber and Getresponse have excellent support. Not only will you find videos and written documents to help you, but you can also use a live chat and webinar to learn how to use them.

The two platforms offer you similar characteristics, such as:

  • Unlimited mailing lists
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Statistics of your detailed campaigns
  • Send unlimited emails

Differences between Aweber and Getresponse

With Getresponse you will have the first free month. However, if you hire Aweber, the first month will cost you $1.

In the design of emails and subscription forms, Aweber offers a more significant number of graphics than its competitor.

Another differentiating feature of Aweber is that in addition to having the Follow-up and Broadcast message types, it has the Broadcast Blog. This type of messages allows you to automatically send an email to your subscribers every time you publish a new article or post.

If you write on your blog or website very often and do not want to bother your readers, you can establish that this type of message is sent automatically every certain number of publications.

Final Verdict

You have already verified that the differences between Aweber and Getresponse are few. Creating a mailing list is essential to grow your business and to help you stay in touch with customers and visitors of your blog or website.

Here are two powerful tools that promise to take your business to another level, imagine being able to develop your activities while a fully automated system does the hard work for you.

To find the best autoresponder, it is necessary to look at the service that adapts to your needs:

  • What is your delivery rate? (This is important so that your messages do not end up in the junk or spam folder).
  • Is it easy to import contacts?
  • Can you integrate the lists with a shopping cart or virtual store?
  • How much does the autoresponder cost?
  • In the same way, it is advisable to consider these points:

Earning money will depend on your contact list.

If you want to make money with email marketing, you will have to build a good list of subscribers.

When it comes to email marketing, this means that to make money, you need a list of pre-qualified contacts. To achieve this, it is crucial to have a niche market.

A good autoresponder helps you build a list

The best autoresponder offers you the tools to succeed and grow your contact list. The recommended email marketing services have tools to easily include an autoresponder in your WordPress blog and even an online virtual store.

This way, you will spend less time configuring the autoresponder, and you will be able to dedicate more time to a successful email marketing campaign.

The best autoresponder shows you the activity of your contacts.

  • A good autoresponder shows you easily:
  • How many contacts have opened your emails.
  • How many have clicked on the links you have sent.
  • Reports on which contacts are the most active.
  • Tools to segment your subscribers (by country, age, sex, etc.)

A good autoresponder charges you less money

The best autoresponder does not have to be expensive or difficult to use. The services listed above have been chosen so that you can quickly deploy them on your site and start capturing emails and have earnings soon.

Also, the servers of these companies must be updated frequently so that your emails arrive through your contacts. This is important because many people abuse the servers, causing Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook to filter some servers as “junk mail”.

All this information allows me to say that GetResponse is the most useful autoresponder, as well as the one that will help to improve your email marketing campaign for the best cost.

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