GetResponse Vs ConvertKit
Which Is the Better Option For You?

Networking and email marketing are more intertwined today in the digital world than you would think. If you’re looking to get started online, do you have the right tools?

While you do have access to several great tools, most marketers will agree that Getresponse and ConvertKit are among the better ones.

Both platforms are booming due to their high effectivity and wide range of tools available. This fact gives rise to the questions: Which of the two is better? Which should I use?

What Are Getresponse and ConvertKit?

These platforms are two digital tools whose primary function is to manage email marketing. The systems are perfect for digital platforms that use subscribers—such as blogs.

Having already explained the common, let’s start to differentiate them.


It is a Polish system and was built based on sending a massive amount of information. This system was created to send data to a large group of subscribers quickly.

The platform was built to function independently. It does not use any third-party software to streamline the processes further.

It works with lists, and they allow sending the newsletter to several directories at once. This system allows the creation of newsletters, with a CRM template system. The templates allow you to create a newsletter without having any knowledge in programming.


Developed in the United States, the focus is on integrating platforms to create a complete marketing system. This system integrates with others to improve their infrastructure, such as WordPress.

It is a system that requires specific knowledge in web design for a complete operation in the infrastructure. The most required languages are Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

Both tools allow sending newsletters. The difference is the design vision; whereas Getresponse is independent, ConvertKit is interdependent.

The Good And The Bad: Getresponse

Getresponse is an excellent platform. It is due to the large number of tools available and many positive elements that make it a favorite.

CMR template system: an easy and straightforward design

One quality of Getresponse is its smooth implementation. Getresponse has templates that allow you to drag elements to create the newsletter to your liking.

Another quality of the templates is that they allow you to configure the forms the way you want. Getresponse will enable you to choose each of the fields that will integrate the form.

Programmable autoresponse system

Getresponse allows you to create an autoresponse system for subscribers who access the blog. The system can be programmed to send the information instantly or with a timer. The timer schedules sending a newsletter, to a subscriber or a list.

The autoresponse system also responds with comments, questions, or other interactions that the subscriber has with the blog.

Virtual shop to speed up sales

Getresponse has a virtual shop. This site is ideal for subscribers to buy your goods and services without so many complications.

This system has allowed bloggers to obtain a self-sustainable business system with the firm and loyal customers.

Getresponse, Handling high volumes of information

Getresponse is one of the platforms that handle the highest number of subscribers per plan. Getresponse handles a high rate of subscribers, handling the minimum standard of 1,000 subscribers, for an affordable price.

Compared to other platforms such as MailChimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit, it handles more subscribers for a similar price.

Manage lists, many subscribers in one click

Getresponse allows you to create lists of subscribers. It allows you to classify them. Having separate files enables you to send only information of interest to subscribers. It lets you avoid chain mails without benefit.

It is a fact that people, especially customers, do not like to be forced to see the information that doesn’t concern them. If you don’t believe this, watch someone watching TV and changing channels during commercials.

Variety of languages, a safe expansion

Getresponse handles a large number of languages on its platform. That allows your business to reach other countries without a problem.

The system handles English as the primary language. However, it offers others such as Spanish, Italian, Greek, and Portuguese.

Agility processing and creating newsletters

Creating a newsletter with Getresponse is an agile and straightforward process because it is an independent system; it does not have any external element that affects its performance. It makes creating and sending information fast.

It eliminates duplication in the lists

Getresponse understands that there can be a subscriber in several lists and that you should not saturate subscribers with information.

If there is a subscriber in several lists, they will receive the information. Nonetheless, the system puts the least important on hold to avoid saturation.

We have seen several positive features of Getresponse, but these same tools can cause inevitable failures or weak points.

Reduced delivery efficiency

Getresponse does not take into account the risks of information reaching the junk mail.

It is for this reason that spam information can reach subscribers. There is a probability that they will not see it, and the customer will be lost.

Little versatility

Getresponse only has its tools to be an independent system, so it does not accept third-party software,.

Not being able to use other tools may make it difficult for subscribers to access. You’re also limited in terms of designing your methods.

In many countries such as Venezuela, for example, dollars are not handled in credit cards. They are not being able to manage credit cards in dollars forces to use other tools such as Paypal to buy.

The Good And The Bad: ConvertKit

Convertkit is a tool that has been growing for its great benefits in digital marketing. We will mention them now.


This platform can have embedded a large number of tools, such as social networks, virtual stores, live chats, among others.

Another quality is that it works with other gateways like WordPress. This platform has a plugin available to create forms in WordPress and send it to your main account.

It can also be integrated into other web platforms, either with programming codes or using other development platforms.

Agility in your processes

Convertkit uses few processes when designing and sending a newsletter. It makes the service faster than other brands such as MailChimp.

The process to design the newsletter is simple: drag the elements to the desired position. Repeat until you have the newsletter.

Response automation

ConvertKit has a system to program automatic responses for subscribers. The platform’s responses can be programmed, depending on the type of interaction with the subscriber.

Responses can be by direct interaction when the subscriber registers for the first time or leaves a comment on it. Another type of reaction is timed, configured to send a newsletter in a specific time to individual subscribers.

User-friendly interfaces

The interfaces for the design of the newsletter are easy and straightforward to use.

Another quality is the configuration of the elements through the menu. In these, you can change the aspects of the newsletter, such as the background colour and other essential details.

Management of tags for subscriber identification.

ConvertKit uses a tags system to classify and identify the interests of subscribers. This tool allows you to speed up and limit the sent information.

The labels focus on the needs of customers and their interests. In turn, it helps the system to send programmed messages to establish the recipients of the mail.

Broadcast, easy and straightforward.

Sending mass mail has never been easier. Convertkit allows you to submit information to a large number of people, using the labels system to send data to a specific group.

The broadcast can be programmed for a full or partial group on a specific date and under particular conditions. The determining factor is the configuration we establish.

It eliminates duplicity and saturation of information

This system eliminates duplicity in the subscribers count when these are in several categories. Methods such as Mailchimp have the problem that having one subscriber in several lists counts as several people.

Another factor to consider is that the platform avoids sending several emails to the same subscriber; this prevents an information overload to the same subscriber.

Convertkit also has weak points to consider when acquiring them.


This system is only available in English. Since it has not been adapted to other languages, it is difficult to expand to other countries .

Having only one language has resulted in two drawbacks. The first is for the developers of the platform, due to the lack of success in Spanish speaking populations.

The second is for clients who wish to expand to other borders. Difficult communication with your subscribers can cause a significant drop in your blog.

Needing to know programming.

Convertkit requires you to place the forms on a web system. It can be by CMS, such as WordPress or on websites using HTML, CSS or JS. It makes imperative that the person has certain notions of web development.

This imperfection makes this platform somewhat challenging to handle for people who do not know the area of information technology.


Until now, we have been exploring the strengths and weaknesses of both platforms, now let’s delve into each of the features that each possesses.


The system based on the broadcast to a higher number of people

Getresponse works to send an email to a large number of people. This fact makes them have the most attractive plans regarding the number of subscribers.

It has a self-managed system to send mail to subscribers, depending on the topic and category of the lists of subscribers.

Another quality of this system is the restriction to sending more than two emails to the same subscriber. It bases itself on the idea that customers do not like to be saturated with a lot of information.

The system places these emails in a waiting tray and allows you to schedule future mailings.

Automatic response system

Getresponse has a computerized system for sending mails, either as a response to an interaction or scheduling sending.

The system receives an interaction from a subscriber. Then, it sends a mail notifying that it was collected and—in some cases—giving a welcome. This mail can be programmed to be activated immediately or sometime after the interaction with the user.

Several programmed languages

It offers translation for several languages, for its expansion in other countries. In general, it contains all the languages of the European continent.

Having all the European languages configured is an excellent advantage since the words of the American continent are derived from them.

Interfaces with CRM templates

This platform has a set of templates, which allows the user to create both the forms and the newsletters easily. The interface consists of a set of elements and menus. They allow you to configure the appearance and position of each component.

A system based on lists

Getresponse, as mentioned before, works with a list system to organize subscribers.

These lists are organized by interest categories. A subscriber can belong to one or several depending on their investments.

Virtual shop

The platform contains its virtual store, with a credit card payment system. This platform allows subscribers to pay for the subscription or other goods or services they wish to purchase.

100% independent system

All the elements that make up Getresponse are its own. Getresponse does not use third party software for its operation because it makes your services more agile.


A system based on interaction.

Convertkit was developed to coexist with other applications from other sources and take advantage of all its benefits. This platform works with different web platforms in complete symbiosis. The web platform increases the productivity of ConvertKit and vice versa.

Convertkit can also embed other third-party applications such as virtual stores like Shopify or Magento, social networks, among others.

A system based on labels

This platform works by classifying subscribers by category tags. It’s one marked difference with Getresponse, which uses lists to organize its subscribers.

This system allows adding a set of tags to the subscribers. It sorts them by categories depending on their interest.


Convertkit, uses the tagging system to send a broadcast to the desired subscribers. The mail is organized depending on the interests each subscriber and the context of the new newsletter.

The system analyzes it and only sends it to subscribers who pass the check.

Programmable auto-response system.

The platform has an auto-sending system. It can be programmed by the user.

There are four elements to consider when programming. The first is the system’s reactions to each type of interaction. These must be adapted to the kind of communication that the subscriber has with the system.

The second is conditions that we can place on the system when sending. The terms can vary. An example is giving a congratulation to a subscriber for the anniversary of their subscription.

The third option is for tags. You can schedule a message or mail to be sent to a tag periodically or at a random time.

The last one is by events. You can schedule an event for all or some of your subscribers. The system will send a newsletter reminding it at the right time.


The price of the platform is a factor when choosing one appropriate to our capital.

In this context, both have a similar system. Both platforms work with a system based on the number of subscribers. The difference lies not only in the Getresponse price, but it also offers additional tools according to the plans offered.

In the basic plan, it offers 1,000 subscribers. In this case, Getresponse is very attractive, offering more tools at a lower price. In the case of Convertkit, it requests the payment of $29 per month for a similar plan; Getresponse requests $15 per month.

Establishing this comparison, we observe a clear advantage for Getresponse.

Try Getresponse for Free here

Try Convertkit for Free here

Ease Of Use

In terms of usability, both platforms have advantages for Newsletter design. Both have a system of templates to create emails; the exception is that ConvertKit has some limitations on available elements and where to place them.

Another crucial difference is the development of forms for subscribers. Getresponse allows you to configure them with a menu in a relaxed way. ConvertKit requires some programming knowledge for its implementation, which makes it more difficult to use.

In this context, we can say that Getresponse can be used more efficiently than Covertkit.


Both platforms offer technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The question to consider is what methods of communication you have with your customers.

Getresponse allows you to contact your customers in a variety of ways. You can contact them by email, by a message through their website; you can even call them by phone. In any of these methods, you will be attended by an operator to satisfy your requirements.

ConvertKit uses several methods of communication with its customers. The first is by emailing the company. The second is by a message through its web platform. These are the only two means available.

In conclusion, both have excellent support methods, but Getresponse offers a higher level of communication.

Final Verdict

We have seen many aspects of each of these applications. At this point, with the information gathered, I can conclude that Getresponse has full advantage over ConvertKit.

The justification for this claim is primarily because of its usability. Anyone can use Getresponse, while ConvertKit requires a programmer to use it efficiently.

Another factor is the price, Getresponse offers a similar option, and even with better tools. Still, it costs almost half the price of ConvertKit.

When looking to expand, ConvertKit has many limitations mostly language-related issues. Getresponse is adapted for European and American languages.

To conclude, Getresponse offers better tools for digital business development than ConvertKit. For this reason, my recommendation is to use Getresponse instead of ConvertKit.

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