GetResponse Vs MarketHero
Which Is the Best Option For You?

Digital marketing is a huge trend in this era of digital technology. It has led to the emergence of new tools in different elements of online marketing. In the area of the e-mail, advertising has had a big boom.

The question is, which of all the tools is best for us? It is a difficult decision because we must consider factors like utility and investment cost. We will evaluate two platforms that are in full growth. Getresponse is one of the two systems to study, and the second is MarketHero, let’s see which one is better.

What Are Getresponse and MarketHero?

Let’s start by defining each of these platforms.


It is a platform of Polish origin oriented to advertising and e-mail marketing using newsletters as a tool. This platform was designed to massively send information to customers or subscribers who are interested in it.

The design of this application focused on sending massive amounts of information to blog subscribers.

This platform allows sending massive information using several systems. The primary method is the autoresponse, which allows sending Broadcast to subscribers.

GetResponse is working with subscribers lists to speed up and delimit information. This design focuses on avoiding duplication and saturation of information to subscribers.

There’s also a Getresponse Trial to try out the software.


MarketHero is an automatic response system for online marketing. This platform allows us to send e-mails to customers or subscribers automatically. It responds to a specific stimulus to proceed with the Broadcast newsletter.

MarketHero relied on autoresponder systems to automate the sending of newsletters to subscribers.

Both applications have functionalities for sending and creating newsletters.

The Good And The Bad: Getresponse

This excellent platform has had affirmative acceptance in various markets. Here is a look at a few things you will love.

  • Newsletters are optimised for the users’ screen
  • You get to know just how the newsletter would look on the phone – Getresponse gives you an instant snapshot of what your email will look like..
  • You can do everything from changing fonts to designing your own HTML template – the easy way.
  • Analytics will help you track everything. Know the click through rate or how many people opened your email – and for how long.  A/B testing will be lot simpler now.

Let’s look at the positive and negative elements of it.

Easy to use platform

Its interface design is integrated with a CRM template system. These allow the user to create the elements of both the form and the newsletter.

These templates consist of both menu and drag-and-drop elements across the screen and configure it the way the person likes and wants.

A system based on classification lists

Getresponse uses lists to classify subscribers into various categories. This system helps the newsletter sending element in organizing and delimiting to which subscribers will receive the information.

A subscriber can be found in one or more lists of interest, depending on the benefits they have.

It avoids the duplication of subscribers

As mentioned above, a subscriber may be on several lists. However, GetResponse will count the user just one time to limit the sending of information. This way, the user will receive information from the most relevant newsletter for them, avoiding saturating customers with unnecessary data.

The avoidance of duplication also helps with the economy. Not counting the same person several times means not having to expand the subscribers’ plan, which will bring significant savings to the company.

Autoresponse system

It has an automatic response system, to attend, respond and send information to subscribers. We can program the system in different ways. The most basic is through the interaction of the subscriber with the platform.

The second way of programming sending information is with a timer. We can schedule when to send the info after a specific action.

The last way is by scheduling an event with date, lists and newsletter to send.

Fast and efficient system

Its design allows us to process information and create newsletters at high speed. The reason for this quality is simply because it does not contain any patch or third party software.

Not having a third party patch saves both memory and bandwidth as it avoids having to connect to other servers.

Available in numerous languages

This tool is adapted to several languages, allowing an international expansion capacity. The tool supports virtually all languages from Europe and America. That will enable us to communicate without problems in both continents.

Handling a large number of subscribers

GetResponse lets us manage a large number of subscribers in the lists, depending on the plan we have. The minimum amount of subscribers is 1000 people enrolled.

Broadcast is the system in charge of sending information to these subscribers. It enables us to establish which lists to direct the mail and it helps to guarantee it gets sent.

It contains an integrated virtual store

Getresponse contains a virtual store, for any eventuality or sale that we want to make. The essential feature is the credit card payment system. This system is used to pay for subscriptions or deals.

After studying the pros of GetResponse, it’s time to take a look at the negative aspects.

It does not guarantee the delivery of information

This system guarantees the information gets sent, but not that it gets delivered in the mailbox. This platform has no way of knowing if the mail is going to go into the inbox or the spam folder.

Little versatility

By using only their software packages, we lose some versatility, as it happens with payments. It can cause problems for subscribers in countries where it is difficult to access credit cards in dollars.  A right solution, however, is to have available a diversified payment gateway offering alternatives such as Paypal or Skrill, among others.

The Good And The Bad: MarketHero

MarketHero is a scaling platform. Let’s see what it has to offer and what are the flaws in it.

Platform with straightforward interfaces

The interface of the platform has a layout style. It has a configuration menu to send the newsletters. This menu can be used by anyone, without the need to know how to program.

It also has a reporting system. This system shows the interaction of the users with our site and the indefinite amount of profit.

Effective and automatic Autoresponder

Markerthero has two autoresponder methods available. The first one is the normal one, which we can configure by direct interaction, by timer events and also by specific conditions.

The system sends a newsletter to subscribers if they meet one or more of these elements within the configuration made by the administrator.

The other Autoresponder is a Facebook chat embedded in the platform. It allows direct

communication of the administrator with the client. They also use this one as a form of communication support.

Fast and agile system

Markerthero is a lightweight platform that processes information quickly and accurately. Data is sent almost instantly, and the design of the newsletter does not consume many resources.

Labelling system for subscribers, easy and straightforward to organize

MarketHero allows us to categorize each subscriber in one or more categories by tags. It is one of the few systems that do not use a list as a way of classification. The cards link them to a particular category, allowing them to receive information of genuine interest.

This system, together with the Autoresponder, allows sending the information only to the interested people, avoiding conglomeration. Nobody likes to be annoyed, and less with imposed propaganda that is not important.

We’ve talked about the most significant strengths of this platform, now let’s look at the weaknesses.

It holds a lot of programming bugs

Recently released systems come with data packages to solve bugs. The problem is that those data packages can create one error after another, causing low performance in several of the processes.

Bugs slow down processes because they are not one hundred per cent compatible with the initially developed software.

Lack of a virtual store

The virtual store is a component that cannot be missing in a digital commerce platform. Not having it is like not having a cash register in a supermarket.

The lack of this element can cause problems when making payments for different services, assets, and subscriptions.

Limited newsletter design

The user interfaces, although they are comfortable and easy to use, also have the feature of allowing minimal newsletter design.

The interface only allows us to drag the elements up to a certain point. The newsletter is not exactly how we want it, but how the platform will enable us to develop it. It makes the design not so eye-catching and does not achieve the expected effect on the public.

Language limited to English

Makerthero is available in English only, making it difficult to use in other countries where users do not speak English.

The lack of language diversity makes it challenging to expand the platform around the world and their customer base. They cannot find a common communication channel, and therefore, it is more difficult to attract them.

Lack of delivery security

This system has no way of verifying if the e-mail will go to a regular inbox or straight into the spam folder.


The system was created to send information massively, quickly, and seamlessly. It does so through height tools.

It also includes useful CRM templates. The templates work for different types of newsletters. The model defines a unique context; the choice will depend on the audience we are going to impact.

The templates are installed and activated by the user’s choice. We can modify them through the menu; we can drag the elements around and drop them wherever we want.

When creating the newsletters, we can set up the system for sending the information through auto-response. The system is set depending on the type of conditioning that the client wishes.

The system has a particularity that separates it heavily from MarketHero. It avoids duplicating your amount of subscribers. It also limits the number of times you can send newsletters. That’s in case of sending several emails at the same time.

There’s another great quality when it comes to the system’s process. We have the assurance that the information sends correctly. The system makes sure that all the data has left with total normality.

For this reason, it’s essential to know how to manage your subscribers list. Getresponse allows us to have an online database. Anyone can update it whenever the user requires it.

To efficiently associate the subscribers, Getresponse has a specialized system. It works to determine the tastes of the subscribers. Getresponse keeps statistics of all subscriber interactions with the blog. It allows us to know the preferences of customers.

Once associated and registered, it can cause the subscriber to become a customer through the virtual store. GetResponse lets you post products for sale along with their price. It’s one of the advantages it has over MarketHero.

The purchase process works through credit card. At the end of the process, the system handles the payment and sends the notification to make the delivery. In the case of digital products, it is configured to be sent automatically through the autoresponse system. This is the case for guides or courses.

MarketHero is also a system based on sending information massively. It has a complex system for doing it; however, it shows deficiencies in other areas of its functioning.

The sending system is a first-class one, It ensures the emission with various security mechanisms. We can configure this function through the autoresponse system. The autoresponse system checks the labels; it guarantees that only customers interested in the information can receive it.

Tags are associated with categories. Categories can be created using statistics collected by the platform. The MarketHero system registers the interactions of the subscribers with the blog. It grants their preferences.

The detail is that it does not check if there is duplicity, unlike Getresponse. It sends everything, even if a single subscriber receives five newsletters. This level of spam can turn into a serious accident. It often results in the loss of the customer over the inconvenience.

We can configure the sending system through the interfaces. The interfaces are unique; they do not contain a template system such as Getresponse. However, they offer limited design options for both newsletter and forms.

Faults in the system

MarketHero needs many components to carry out the complete sales process on a digital level. The first component is the virtual store. It does not have any payment mechanism of its own or a third party, nor does it allow us to publish products for sale.

The system does not record or notify the network of interactions with products. It prevents the subscribers’ immediate purchasing interests from being known. It also further postpones the sale. For high-volume sellers, it is not an appropriate tool for their business.

Another missing element is platform stability. The developers are patching the platform to fix bugs all the time. Each patch solves a problem or error in the system but brings another issue.

Systems like MarketHero have frequent crashes, and this one’s no exception. This problem is due to a lack of planning in the design phase of the platform. Being only a broadcast application, they have issues incorporating other functions.

The MarketHero system is a very rigid one. It produces errors when new functionalities added to their operations.

It’s worth noting that MarketHero is still a System in evolution. It has much potential to grow both in the number of tools and in versatility.

Try out Getresponse for FREE here


The price can be a vital element to consider when deciding. We must compare it to other platforms. It’s also important to evaluate the relation between the price and the offered features.

The plans are similar between both platforms. Both focus on the number of subscribers to reach. The difference lies in the price, the tools available, and several additional plans or packages that Getresponse has.

Getresponse contains more tools than Marketther—right in its cheapest package! Another plus is that it costs less than Makerthero’s basic plan. The Getresponse system costs $15 per month, while Markethero costs $19 per month.

When judging by budget, GetResponse has a more significant advantage than MarketHero.

Ease Of Use

Both platforms have intuitive interfaces. Both contain drag-and-drop functionality and a menu for configuring both forms and newsletters.

The difference lies in the versatility of the tools. Getresponse’s template system is much more versatile than Markethero’s user interface, allowing for a more personalized and attractive design.

Another difference is the excellent variety of templates available for Getresponse. It lets us choose the most convenient one. Markethero only contains a primary interface.

In conclusion, Getresponse has more significant advantages. Its variety of templates and its versatility when making a design is also because of its intuitiveness. You can build better pages with less difficulty than using MarketHero.


Support is something important in any digital business. In this case, both platforms provide technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The difference between the two lies in the way to contact the technical support section. Getresponse has three forms of contact available.

The first is using the contact form on the website. The second is by sending an e-mail to the company. The third way is by calls. You can find the phone number for calls to the customer service center on their page.

In the case of Markethero, there are two methods to reach for technical support. The first is through the web form on the platform that can help clarify or register a subscriber. The second way is through the company’s email.

Final Verdict

The final verdict of this comparison is simple and straightforward; GetResponse is better than Markethero. The reason for this statement comes for two reasons:

  • The first is a large number of elements and tools available to users.
  • The second is a lower price for the same number of subscribers. (View GetResponse Pricing here)

Getresponse doesn’t have half as many bugs, so it doesn’t have a flaw at this moment. Overall, Getresponse provides a less frustrating, more intuitive, and more versatile experience.

Getresponse is definately worth the money!

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