GrooveAffiliate Review – A Solution For Modern Affiliate Needs

Have you been looking for a perfect platform that addresses all your affiliate marketing needs? I am extremely sure that on one of your Google searches you must have come across GrooveAffiliate. I will be using this article to address the details of one of the best digital marketing tools that is currently up and coming, GrooveAffiliate. It is part of a wonderful all-in-one online marketing platform known as GrooveFunnels. 

I will also be going over the details of the tool, the manner in which these should be used, and the functionality inside these. More importantly, I will also give you the details to get an affiliate account for absolutely no cost at all. If this is something that interests you, then you should definitely check it out.  

GrooveAffiliate – A Brief Introduction

GrooveFunnels has an excellent affiliate marketplace tool, this is GrooveAffiliate. It allows you to sign up and promote products that are of great quality as well as a high conversion rate. All of this is  available with one click of the mouse. Trust me, there is something in this platform that completely changes the paradigm of online marketing. 

When GrooveFunnels creators were facing major problems while trying to process payments via PayKickStart, GrooveAffiliate was born. What came before this was GrooveSell, a concept that gave birth to the latter. 

With the sole purpose of helping affiliate marketers gain access to a platform that is not only simple but also eye-catching in its nature, GrooveAffiliate was created. You can easily sign up and promote products of great quality, access any information that is necessary to market them, while using different tools to simplify the entire process for you. All in all, it provides a premium experience to all affiliate marketers who use it to sell digital products. 

GrooveAffiliate has a great advantage over everyone in this domain. GrooveSell, a seller platform that comes for free, is an add on that comes with GrooveAffiliate. GrooveSell is a platform that does not have multiple fees for processing payments. There are multiple sellers on this platform who regularly use this to sell different products, which means that there are more chances of affiliate marketing for you.  

GrooveSell and GrooveAffiliate are the next big thing in the market. They might be the and It is a great way to market and sell digital productions, sans fees completely.  

GrooveAffiliate – The Parts

This section of the article will focus on the multiple sections/tabs that are present with a GrooveAffiliate subscription. I will also ensure that you have an idea about what each of these do. Let us check each option individually.

The Affiliate Button

With this button, you can easily make the switch between your GrooveAffiliate account and your GrooveSell account.  Considering that these tools exist on the same larger platform, this feature will ensure that the switch is made without any hassle at all. The best part is that the dashboards on both these accounts have a similar build. 

The Home Button

This particular button is designed to provide you with details such as the number of visitors your website sees each day, tags unique visitors, along with tallies of sales made and commissions earned every day. 

When you have such details at your fingertips, it’s easy to zero in on strategies. While looking at your commissions every hour might not be of great help, but it’s important to keep your head in the game and constantly strive for better things. 

There is also a feature that allows you to set specific dates in a month when the data you need will show up. This basically means that you’re now capable of seeing relevant data with a paused regularity. Obviously, all of this is completely up to you. It means that you will have to decide on the approach that you will be adapting.


There are three different tabs present in this section, let us spend some time on each one of them –

  • Promotional powers and links:

This is definitely going to be the section that you spend the maximum time on. My suggestion would be to get as comfortable has you can with this section. Proficiency and familiarity go hand in hand. 

This section will proceed to give you an in-depth view of the products that you have already promoted in the past and the ones that you are eligible to promote. Along with this, you can see the number of clicks each product has received and see the unique clicks separately. You are also provided with the capability of viewing the free signups on products that do have that provision. Tracking the number of your sales and keeping a check on the commission you collect is extremely important.  

There will be three buttons present on the right side of the screen. These are respectively, the link details, the bonuses offered/available, and the dashboard feature. 

  • The Link – This allows you to directly access specific affiliate links for various products. If there are more than one link for a singular item then all of these will be made visible. Simply copy these links and then proceed to paste them where you deem suitable. Along with this, it opens up a window where you can access all your affiliate promotions in the same place. This particular section has the same functionality as the dashboard button.
  • The Bonus -This particular button makes you capable of introducing or including different offers within the same product. Take this as an example, there might be free and paid version of the product that you are marketing. In the same article you can include a bonus for the free users and another one only for those who pay.


This particular section houses two tabs. They are namely payment earnings and transactions.

The transactions tab will provide you with detailed and structured data presented in a spreadsheet where all transactions you have made so far are nearly noted. 

Speaking from personal experience this is probably one of the best sections present in this app. Not only can you see which customer has signed up for which particular product but you can also view different transactions made, the dates on which these have been completed, along with technical things such as email addresses. More importantly you can export all of this data to another software and process it through that.

The payment earnings tab remains true to its name. this will provide you with the capability of calculating, analysing,and viewing the different payments that you’ve made, commissions that you earned, and the dues that are yet to be cleared from your end. In its essence, this tab is equivalent to a digital ledger.


This particular section is tailor-made so that you can feed your personal information to function effectively as an affiliate marketer. There has to be a username of your choice along with  complete details of your payment plan. This might either include your bank details or your PayPal information. Please keep in mind that you are not obliged to add a tax ID if you are residing outside the United States of America. 

All of these can be categorised as crucial information due to the fact that you will not be paid unless this process is completed.


If you click on this button, you will be taken directly to the affiliate marketplace. This is where you will be signing up so that you can promote products made by other people.  

Take a look to see which products are performing well so that you can take an informed choice. This endeavour should also push you to see what it is about a product in a particular niche that attracts customers along with the different affiliate tools that are put to use. 

The Grid Button GrooveApps 

 The last button in this lot, you will be able to locate this button by looking for 9 dots placed in the shape of a grid. It will quickly open the GrooveFunnels dashboard that is present in the GrooveAffiliate dashboard. You are free to switch between tools simultaneously. 

Your life will become a lot easier when accessing different tools from the same place. Multiple services at your fingertips can only make you more proficient. Alternatively, you can move to the GrooveFunnels dashboard by simply selecting the GrooveFunnels logo present at the top of the home page. 

GrooveAffiliate : Free Of Cost

In order to access a free membership of GrooveAffiliate, you will have to follow the few steps mentioned below. Remember that this tool is specifically crafted to make affiliate marketing easier for you. 

  • First go to 
  • Here you’ll be able to get GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell together, in the same place
  • Start the Sign up process
  • You will have to enter your name, a valid e-mail address as well as zero in on a username
  • After you’re done with the registration process, simplye use the information provided to log on to the back office at

Voila! You are now a proud owner of a GrooveAffiliate account. All you need to do is simply sign in to your account and then start promoting different kinds of products available on the market. The best part about this is the fact that all products under this headline are high-converting and of supreme quality. You can also market the GrooveFunnels platform as well. If this is something that interests you, make sure that you keep an eye out for this particular article. I have done a detailed repository of different partner programs available, complete analysis of the commission structure, and even provide you with a few top of the line bonuses. If affiliate marketing is really your thing, do not miss out on such a fantastic opportunity. 

On the other hand, if it is the GrooveFunnels platform  that you are interested in, then you should go check out the complete review of GrooveFunnels. You will find everything starting from pricing to plans and tools present within this wonderful product.

Please make sure that you leave questions and comments about anything that you have doubts about in this article. I promise to get back to you at the earliest.