GrooveFunnels – Is It Legit?

There is no point hesitating to ask a question especially when the purchase of a product hinges on the answer. If you have not noticed yet, the internet is rife with products in the Software and Softwares as a service arena. Every day, there is something new to be purchased. However, most of these products are rarely worth the time or effort you will have to put behind them.

Products are randomly created, launched, and suddenly there is no update or maintenance work being done. It is only the customer who is needlessly toiling after the product, hoping that the support staff will make an announcement at the earliest. Fast forward to a few months, the product is riddled with bugs and there is no one to access the mainframe. The Product becomes useless soon after. Remember, this is a constant cycle in the online marketing space.

This brings us to our next question, the one you should definitely ask. Is GrooveFunnels a legitimate product? Because if it is not different from the products we were just talking about, then all of this is a colossal waste of time and money. 

I will be using this article to tell you what is it that makes GrooveFunnels a legitimate platform, and why you should specifically spring for it.

GrooveFunnels is the brainchild of a select group of leaders who rule the online marketing space. It is a directed attempt to provide better and world-class solutions to all problems that one can face when attempting to run an online business. Mike Filsaime, the co-founder of Kartra, a similar marketing tool, is behind this operation in a leading capacity. Due to a fall-out between the founders at Kartra, Mike decided to part ways. However, before he could move to do so, Mike was presented with a non-compete clause that had a minimum expiration date of two years. The non-compete clause was to ensure that Kartra had a headstart over whatever product Mike would create next. It is a testament to the man’s capability and mission-oriented approach.

With the non-compete clause at its last legs, Mike Filsaime is more than free to craft a platform that solves everything related to online business. GrooveFunnels is definitely more updated than Kartra and has already ditched the clunky user experience Kartra had. Most importantly it has the capacity to cater to a larger range of problems. 

What Makes GrooveFunnels Legit? 

We have already told you how GrooveFunnels is the brainchild of a Kartra Co-founder. If you are facing problems with respect to remembering Kartra, you could alternatively use Webinar Jam, the extremely popular webinar streaming platform as your primary example. However, let us not simply rely on the creators’ repertoire that spans more than a decade in time. Let us answer the questions of legitimacy by looking at the product itself, basically, we focus on the merits of a platform like GrooveFunnels.

There are a lot of wonderful features that GrooveFunnels sports, simultaneously, there are multiple upgrades lined up for the near future. Let us take a look at things –

  • GrooveFunnels aspires to become an alternative to the current affiliate marketplaces that exist. and PayKickStart are examples of platforms it will surpass. These are online spaces where affiliate marketers, sellers, and customers interact to trade multiple service-related solutions. GrooveSell, the tool of GrooveFunnels, wishes to change the narrative by not levying transaction fees on the sellers. It will directly influence the number of customers and affiliates that will interact on this platform.  
  • If the price is your concern, then let me tell you that GrooveFunnels is literally cheaper than any product that offers the same service on the market. Not only is this platform more powerful, but it is also more updated and it fashions more usage than other competitors in the market. GroovePages, the tool that is used to build online pages and will help you make funnels that serve all your marketing requirements.    
  • No successful marketing business can be run in the absence of an email autoresponder. If you were to subscribe to a separate email autoresponder tool, then it would cost you quite the hefty fee. GrooveFunnels, on the other hand, houses a great in-house email autoresponder. It simultaneously provides you access to 25,000 contacts.  
  • GrooveBlog, another tool from GrooveFunnels will help you switch out from WordPress. Simultaneously, you will have access to tools that host live webinars, build membership sites, perform surveys, and even help in syncing events with calendars.

Needless to say, this list does not cover all of what GrooveFunnels has to offer. All of this and more is made available to you under one single roof. The power you will hold on subscribing to something like this is immense. 

A Brief Look At The Numbers

I can totally understand why features all by themselves might not be as convincing as numbers. Let us turn our focus to this aspect of the product as well in order to have a well-rounded approach. 

Let us begin with a small fact. GrooveFunnels currently has thousands of customers in the Platinum Lifetime Option. They have paid a one-time fee for all the functionalities without having to worry about monthly subscriptions ever again. They are privy to all updates released by GrooveFunnels in the future. This means that the company has the trust of customers behind them, which alleviates the value and capital of the same. The customers are proof of the support that customers have in GrooveFunnels and their subsequent products.

Apart from this, the GrooveFunnels Facebook Group has over 22,000 members. The refund rate is currently very very minute. GrooveFunnels will have their main tools up and running in a few months’ time at best. Simultaneously, they will also ensure that you have access to a developer’s kit. This means that you will be able to code and develop the platform accordion to your wishes. This is quite an improvement from the past. 

As we speak, there are multiple individuals canceling their subscriptions to other platforms and ensuring that they subscribe to GrooveFunnels. They are not only discarding their erstwhile funnel builders, but they are also migrating entire websites on the go. 

It is now an appropriate statement to make when we say that GrooveFunnels is a legitimate platform. It is something that is aiming for the top places within the online marketing space, and I am sure that it will dominate it. 


The secret to GrooveFunnels awesome presence is the team that is behind the functioning of this service. It will definitely substitute any existing service that you might have been using in the past. It is a legitimate platform that was co-founded by the creator of Kartra, Mike Filsaime. He is a decorated soldier of the online marketing space. You will never have to worry about this being a shoddily-run program. The platform has a massive following and is already in pole position to become the next big thing in the market.     

With the tools that will be added in the next couple of months, full functionality will be accorded to all customers without fail. Make sure to put them to good use and do not miss out on the subscription, if running a successful online marketing business is something that you aspire for.