GrooveFunnels : Lifetime deal!

It can’t get any better!

Okay, so before you all get worked up about what’s the deal about this and why am I getting so excited about this, Imagine this: You’ve set up an online business. You’re trying to find a way to increase your business, but it’s all too confusing or complicated. Well, that is my case lads. But if you know it all, well, do tell me please! 

Then one day, Voilà! You’ve got an all in one platform for your sales funnel, email marketing, webinars and also managing all your affiliates under the same roof! Isn’t that awesome? 

That is GrooveFunnels for you. Great help for uplifting your online business. And that’s not it. The best part is that now GrooveFunnels is available to your LIFETIME in ONE SINGLE PAYMENT. That’s right. Only one single payment and you’ll have this awesome tool with you for a lifetime! I’m elated. I love myself a good deal;) 

This is a LIMITED DEAL guys. And no, I’m not talking about fake deals that always say they’re limited but are actually not. The creators have added this one-time price, as part of the launch. So, let’s get cracking!

What is GrooveFunnels and what is the lifetime deal? 

So, GrooveFunnels is a suite of digital marketing tools which helps us in running our business successfully. The backstory of this? It is crone-time Mike Filsaime, the co-founder of Kartra. So, you can see the very best experience of the founders. Mike Filsaime split up with the company ( Kartra ) after the expiration of his 2-year non-competes contract and created his own platform GrooveFunnels. So, that’s enough history here. I

f you want to know more about GrooveFunnels, click it on and read away! Now, to the point, GrooveFunnels is actually brought to you on a monthly subscription basis. Not much of a shock, is it? As we all know most of the online marketing SAAS (Software as a service) and digital marketing platforms including the very own Kartra has monthly subscription service. 

BUT (drumroll…)

The creators have decided to add a one time payment deal as part of the launch. Is it awesome or what! However, as you can see how much of an awesome offer this is, it is VERY limited. Yes, I mean it when I say VERY. This is like a golden opportunity because we don’t have to deal with the monthly payments headache and we will get hold of everything we need for our online business in one platform forever in a single payment. I love this.

How to get the GrooveFunnels Lifetime deal?! 

As I’ve got you all excited about this , I know you want to get it as soon as you can. I mean, who wouldn’t? Okay. So, to get the lifetime deal , it’s not so difficult. You can just follow the steps I’ll give below and it’ll be easy as pie. 

Go to the upgrade page

  •   Sign up for a free GrooveFunnels account here and then upgrade by choosing the upgrade button. It will be present in your GrooveFunnels dashboard, located at the top left. You’ll see it easily as soon as you login.


  •   You can click this link here which will take you directly to the upgrade page and you can upgrade from there itself.

Also, you can link any of the links from here and go to the page, you’ll reach your way. You are all so well talented in the internet, I know that. So it’s not too difficult.

Choose payment option and upgrade

After you’ve reached the upgrade page, it becomes easy. You just have to select the best payment option suitable for you ( I’ll get to it soon) , fill in your credit card information, billing information and that’s a done deal.

*Note: As I’ve already said, it’s a very limited deal. The time limit for it is less too. Do grab as soon as you can. Because after that, it will just be a monthly payment option.

Why is the lifetime deal so special? 

I’ve told you all about this wonderful deal , I’ve told you all about it and how to get it. But still, you may have a small hesitation at the back of your heads thinking : But why? Why can’t I just pay monthly and use whenever I want? Well, I’ve got the answer for you and it’s my personal experience too. I’ve always taken a step back whenever it comes to subscription services. I mean hello? I need to pay every month?! 

It feels like a lot of burden and also we might not actually see it, but the money we spend on it every month may even become hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why I usually don’t feel like getting the monthly subscriptions. But when I find something as useful as GrooveFunnels, it’s definitely hard to avoid it because my future is important and I will need all the help I can to build my online business platform. So I will definitely be okay to pay for it. But now, the ultimate offer is that I can just pay one time and it will be mine forever. FOREVER guys! I mean, think about how many dollars you can actually save. On monthly subscription, you’ll pay $299 a month. 

Let’s say you want to use it for a year. It will cost you a whole load of $3588. Now, in this deal if you take this AWESOME DEAL, it will cost you LESS than that and you’ll be paying it once and you can actually use it forever. I don’t even know why I’m explaining it to you, the numbers talk!

Payment options for the lifetime deal

So, let’s look at the options we have:

  •     Paying in full
  •     4 monthly payments
  •     6 monthly payments
  •     12 monthly payments

Paying in full:

As the name suggests, you will be paying it all at once. You don’t need to pay anything extra or any installments monthly. Once you pay it, you’ll be done. This will cost $1397.

4 monthly payments:

In this option, you will pay $0 when you sign up. After 14 days, your billing will start, it will be$497 a month and you’ll have to pay it for 4 months. So that makes this a total of $1988. After your 4 month installation payment, you needn’t pay anything else.

6 monthly payments:

Similar to 4 monthly payments, you will pay a certain amount but the duration is 6 months. The difference is that your billing will start at day one, unlike the 4 monthly payment where it started after 14 days. Here, you need to pay $388 every month for 6 months. That makes it a whopping amount of $2328.

12 monthly payments:

In this option, you’ll be paying $249 (from day one) every month for 12 months. That means, you’ll be paying $2988 in total.

So, here it is. I’ve explained all the payment options you can choose. Personally, I will choose the first option because it costs a lot less than the other options and once I pay, it will be a done deal. I don’t need to worry about monthly payments. Well, that is my opinion. But feel free to choose whatever suits you the best.

Signing off 

I’m glad I could share this valuable and wonderful piece of information with you all. We all strive to be the best. So, we need the best to push us towards our success.  GrooveFunnels is one of a kind digital marketing program there is and this lifetime deal is just cherry on top fantastic. It is said that it will become the best all in one digital marketing platform in 2023. Well, I definitely don’t have any question in that. It has tools and upgrade features, planned to 2020 and 2021. It already has 75,000 customers. One of the fastest growing digital marketing companies now and it’s here to stay.

My suggestion for people who is already using other funnel builders, email marketing sites ,membership sites or any other tools, it is best to switch to GrooveFunnels instead of shuffling through many and paying the monthly subscriptions. It will be highly beneficial to you and you only need to pay once.

Have a great success you people!