GrooveFunnels Review: Is GrooveFunnels The Best Free Funnel Builder? (2021)

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GrooveFunnels Review

If you usually consume content about digital marketing—particularly sales funnels—you’ve probably seen people mentioning GrooveFunnels, GrooveSell, GroovePages, and similar names. I know I did, and I felt quite lost among all those terms.

If you’re in the same spot, don’t worry; I’m going to share everything you need to know about it.

My own confusion started when I saw people talking about Groove Digital and a few of their products. I decided to find out more for this review, and then it started: GrooveThis, GrooveThat, GrooveThisOtherThing.

Then I realized Mike Filsaime was one of the main people behind GrooveFunnels, and I just had to know what it was. Thankfully, it wasn’t too long before I understood the entire line of products and felt silly over how difficult it was at first.

To sum up the rest, I became a beta tester for the platform, and that was more than enough to see I was getting early access to a game changer. I’d advise you do the same since you can try out the platform for free and get an exclusive lifetime deal.

You can also get a free lifetime license for both GroovePages and GrooveSell as well. There’s nothing to lose.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our review.

GrooveFunnels: what is it?

GrooveFunnels is basically a software suite with different tools to help your marketing strategies. With it, you can build landing pages, checkouts and shopping carts, run your email marketing, host webinars, and a lot more.

It was created by Groove Digital, with part of the team behind Kartra. It works for selling both physical and digital products with the most modern digital marketing strategies.

With the different GrooveApps making up GrooveFunnels, you basically have tools like ClickFunnels, Kartra, ActiveCampaign, WebinarJam, SamCart, and others inside a single package. The amount of value and functionality you’re getting is simply outstanding.

Interestingly, this isn’t Groove Digital’s first release. Their first launch was a Shopify competitor named GrooveKart, which I’ll cover later on.

So, what’s with all the Groove stuff?

As you probably figured out by now, nearly all tools under the name “Groove” are part of the entire GrooveFunnels suite. You have GrooveMail, GroovePages, GrooveWebinars, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveBlog, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveSurvey, and more.

You can compare it to something like Kartra or GetResponse: a full marketing suite. The difference is that GrooveFunnels covers a lot more ground and requires much less (if any) integrations.

The only Groove product that’s not part of the GrooveFunnels package (so far) is GrooveKart.

Let’s talk about costs

The first method in which Mike Filsaime gathered customer feedback and funding was through a kickstarter campaign for a GrooveApps package. Curiously, they didn’t use the eponymous platform, but an earlier iteration of GroovePages.

When it comes to its actual cost—including if there’s actually any—there seems to be some confusion. Let’s clear that up.

Is it really free?

Yes and no, GrooveFunnels isn’t a completely free platform, but beta testers have access for free until its official launch date. Once it launches, the same people will also have the chance to get a unique lifetime license for a single—or installments—payment.

However, part of GrooveFunnels is completely free right now: GrooveSell, the sales platform, and GroovePages Lite, which is the page builder. You don’t need to provide any payment information to get these 2 tools, and you don’t have to worry about transaction fees.

That being said, there seems to be a free plan for GrooveFunnels after launch. Until now, it seems to be the same package we just mentioned: GroovePages Lite and GrooveSell.

How much does the entire package cost?

So far, GrooveFunnels will come in 2 different paid versions: Silver and Gold, for $99 and $199 monthly respectively. Beta testers will have access to the unique deal I already mentioned.

Once GrooveFunnels releases, testers (who have been using the platform for free until then) will get the chance to pay a lifetime license in different installments. Once it launches, they’ll have a full month for free as well, and the installments will be as follows:

  1. 3 payments for $497 monthly.
  2. 6 payments for $288 monthly.
  3. 12 payments for $188 monthly.

After the payments are complete, you won’t have to worry about recurring fees like the regular users.

Before moving on, there’s also a few misconceptions about GrooveFunnels and pricing, especially regarding additional options, so let’s get that out of the way right now.

GroveSell and GroovePages became free because of the global health crisis, to help entrepreneurs curve the issues. GroovePages used to be priced at $497, and you could upgrade it to GrooveFunnels for 2 extra payments for the same amount. This offer isn’t available anymore.

Likewise, there aren’t any upsells or special discounts for the platform until its release date. As the industry standard, you could expect a special discount for the monthly membership if you pay for the entire year, but that’s it until now.

As of today, the only offers available are:

  1. GrooveSell and GroovePages Lite for free.
  2. GrooveFunnels for free until launch.
  3. Lifetime license with no monthly subscription for beta testers.

Anything other than that should be approached with cautions since there’s always someone looking to take advantage of unsuspecting visitors.

What additional tools are necessary?

So far, the only feature that GrooveFunnels won’t include is sales pipelines. Groove Digital has stated that PipeDrive is already a good solution, and they’ll integrate GrooveFunnels with it to make up for it.

Other than that, there’s really no reason to pay for a separate tool if you’ll use GrooveFunnels. It’ll already cover everything you’d use other solutions for. It’ll support plenty of integrations, but the only real reason to use them is already having an account with them and not wanting to lose it.

Just remember that Groove Digital won’t release the entire GrooveFunnels suite right away. They’ll likely focus on the most important features like GrooveVideo and GrooveMail and start adding the rest as time goes on, so a few integrations might be necessary in the short-term.

How is GroovePages different from similar platforms?

Well, for starters, it’s part of the entire GrooveFunnels suite, so it’s part of a complete toolkit. Another important difference is that you can use the Lite version for free for as long as you need and build all the sales funnels and landing pages you need right now.

However, the main difference between GroovePages and something like ClickFunnels is how your pages’ code loads through the browser directly instead of requesting the resources from a database.

In case you don’t know, this makes websites load a lot faster. The standard is Twitter’s Bootstrap, but it’s quite old by now, and requesting information from a central database is an additional step, especially when considering your location in relation to this database.

GrooveFunnels popularity projections

Filsaime announced last month that GrooveFunnels was looking to surpass the 100,000 users mark by this month, and that would essentially make it a more popular platform that ClickFunnels. At the same time, it would also make GrooveAffiliate the fastest platform in terms of growth when it comes to page and funnel building software.

Keep in mind this is only the beta, too.

According to Filsaime, projections point towards breaking the million users mark before the end of 2020, which would essentially make it the largest platform. Right now, the daily sales revenue average is over $100,000. It only took them a couple of months to go from a $5 million net worth to a $35 million one.

Keep in mind this is all from a post from Filsaime back in June, and the platform has surely grown a lot more.

By then, the company was also nearing to an 80 people team, with new members hired every month. The same post also announced GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, and GrooveMail were to be released this month.

They’ve already paid several hundred thousands’ worth of commissions since its release, likely circling around half a million by now, especially considering it’s been more than a month since said update.

How different is it from Kartra?

I can sense most of you wondering this exact same question, especially because it was the same doubt I had when I learned that part of Kartra’s development team was behind Groove Digital.

Mike left Kartra over difference with his partner over the direction Kartra should take; this resulted in mike signing a 2 years contract (non-compete) as well as selling his shares. Once this contact ended, Mike and the rest of the (now Groove Digital) team launched their crowdfunding campaign and started building GrooveFunnels.

In other words, GrooveFunnels is basically what Filsaime had planned for Kartra.

The first difference comes in the form of technology; Kartra’s license is for earlier and outdated versions of the same page building technology. Therefore, the features in GrooveFunnels are more sophisticated while still being more affordable.

GrooveFunnels focuses on implementing the latest technology available, and it’s already a solid competitor to Kartra. I can only imagine it’ll surpass it in every way once the entire package is released.

Another important feature is the SDK, or software development kit, which lets users create apps by themselves and even offer them to other users. Think about it like the apps and extensions available in Android, iOS, Chrome or Shopify.

If you’re interested, let’s go into a bit more depth.

Software development kit

An SDK isn’t a unique concept for GrooveFunnels, but it’s one of the few platforms—especially of its kind—to implement this functionality into their core features.

The key here is “development kit”. It’s basically a set of tools you can use to develop your own software for GrooveFunnels. This is a great workaround for whatever features you might need outside of the official GrooveFunnels package.

Think about something like Shopify or WordPress. You don’t need any other platform if you want to host and run your website. You can download and install plugins and extensions to add virtually any feature you need: countdown timers, more design features, pop-ups, and more.

GrooveFunnels is the same but oriented towards marketing. You can even make some extra money from this kit if you want to by selling your own extensions on the platform.

What does mobile-first indexing mean?

This is a very common feature people bring up when discussing the difference between GrooveFunnels and its competitors. Funny enough, it’s one a lot of people get wrong.

Mobile-first indexing isn’t a feature withing GrooveFunnels, but instead, it’s a method use by Google when ranking and indexing websites among its search results. It means Google takes into consideration your website’s mobile version when ranking it.

If you neglect this aspect—or your page builder does—it’ll be much more difficult to earn good rankings with Google. Thankfully, GrooveFunnels complies with this condition by generally optimizing your mobile website; naturally, the real process is a lot more complex, but let’s keep things simple.

How will GroovePages work?

GroovePages works just like similar builders with a more robust framework and integrations with the entire GrooveFunnels suite.

For starters, you receive free hosting for your website under a GroovePages subdomain, and you have space for as many custom domains as you want. You can download all your web files to back up your website, and there’s also FTP for user servers.

Here’s where I’ll mention again how GroovePages loads your websites in plain HTML instead of the standard, slower approach by its competitors. Besides, GroovePages hosts everything using the Google cloud, so speed is definitely not something to worry about.

As soon as you add any page, it’s rendered into HTML directly. When I mention that database requests are detrimental for your loading speed, it’s because of how it works. Platforms like Kartra—which use this approach—have to request your site’s elements to said database, and when handling different users, the servers can get saturated and slow down.

I’ve personally never run into any issues or slow-downs whenever I tested the platform, and that’s barely the beta version and GroovePages Lite, so I can’t even fathom how the full release will perform.

An interesting addition to GroovePages—and another difference between GrooveFunnels and Kartra—is that you can build blogs with it. You won’t need a workaround like you need with Kartra.

You also get a free SSL via Cloudflare as well, and you can brand any affiliate and tracking links using your custom domains.

How fast is it when compared to the competition?

If you’ve tried similar tools, and you try GroovePages right now, you’ll notice how quicker it is. The main advantage is the HTML coding which publishes your website and pages on the internet instead of just databases.

GroovePages doesn’t need to render everything whenever someone loads a page within your site, and this translates directly into better uptime along with its speed.

This is paramount for a successful website since loading speed and stability provide more than just a better experience for your customers. Google really values these metrics, so they’re critical for your site’s SEO.

Then, you add its mobile-first compliance, and you’ll get some of the fastest loading speeds and best SEO results without too much effort. It’s also a great way to save money on ad spending since SEO is basically free traffic.

How is their SEO?

You can guess it: it’s excellent. GroovePages also implements very light coding, and then you add open graph visuals and editing for your meta title and tags. It’s basically a complete package.

As for the content inside your website, you can create alt tags for your images and tag your content with up to 5 heading types and normal paragraph. I’ve found it rivals even platforms like WordPress, and it’s quite hard to find something missing.

What funnel features will you get?

The first feature I want to point out here is funnel imports. You can start building your own funnels from scratch, but you can also choose both individual templates and bundles. You’re free to add your own blocks.

However, that’s not the importing feature I want to highlight. GrooveFunnels actually lets you import any page around the internet as a template. You just need to copy and paste your desired page URL into the builder; you’re then free to use the same drag-and-drop editor on it as if it were just another template.

If you actually own the imported page—and can prove it—you’ll also import the same images and text. If you’re not the owner—or can’t prove it—GroovePages just replaces the original content with temporary images and text for you to edit.

Within the pages, you can also import all buttons and hyperlinks. Even scarcity timers will be imported, but you’ll have to reconfigure them; the same goes for a few other similar features.

Other funnel features include sharing funnels via email or merely link sharing—as if it were a doc from Google. You can also split-test your funnels to optimize your funnel campaigns for more sales, yet this feature might take a bit after launch to be added.

GrooveSell: what’s this other platform?

GroveSell is both a sales platform and an affiliate solution for your products. It’s both part of the GrooveFunnels suite as well as its own, standalone platform that you can also get for free.

It’s quite similar to platforms like SamCart, and it’s great for digital products as well, like eBooks and online courses. It’s great for nearly all types of ventures, from coaching and online education to physical products and software developers.

Another excellent feature is the aforementioned affiliate program available for your products. GroveSell is the host for the affiliate capabilities from GrooveFunnels; this functionality includes analytics, reports, upsells, and other marketing features.

Coupled with the affiliate platform, GrooveSell also hosts the GrooveFunnels product marketplace. It’s quite similar to platforms like Clickbank or even Kartra’s marketplace.

What else will GrooveApps cover?

As you probably know, there’s a GrooveApp for basically everything. Every tool within GrooveFunnels is a GrooveApp on its own, so let’s see which ones are coming up next. These are the next releases along—or immediately after—GrooveFunnels’ launch.

Minor apps include the GrooveAcademy training course, the GrooveDesk customer support tool, GrooveAPS for API developers, and the GrooveMarketplace where people can sell their own software and templates.

There are more planned for development, but let’s focus on the ones coming up soon.

It’s also worth noting that GrooveApps was the previous brand for what is now GrooveFunnels. The domain wasn’t available at first, so they used GrooveApps until they managed to purchase what’s now their main domain. Since then, GrooveApps has become the name for the tools catalog available in GrooveFunnels, but you might see the name used instead of GrooveFunnels in older articles.


GrooveMail is basically an integrated ActiveCampaign service; you can also compare it to ClickFunnels’ Actionetics platform for the premium users. It works just like other email services, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your own if you’re using GrooveFunnels; it integrates with over a dozen different platforms.


GrooveWebinars is the current name for the webinar platform for GrooveFunnels, but it might not be the same one as its official launch name. This one is an interesting GrooveApp because it was supposed to release this year before it was pushed back.

Groove Digital ran a poll to assess which additions were more important for paid backers and beta testers. The results pointed out that membership functionality, mailing and video hosting were more important than webinars.

Therefore, GrooveWebinars was pushed for January next year, but it might still come out sooner than expected. It was already over 70% complete, so its development might not take too long.


GrooveMember is the membership management platform for course authors and educational entrepreneurs. It’s similar to a CMS platform, and you can use it to create varying access permission for your users depending on their membership tier; this means restricting content and bonuses for certain members.

GrooveMember should mostly be completed by now, but it’ll be restricted upon release to the paid GrooveFunnels plans. Of course, beta testers with the lifetime account will have access to it along with all other GrooveApps.

GrooveMember integrates with the visual builder and other apps to help you create entire membership sites and interact with your members. Future updates will include interactive games features and even course certification.

If you already have a membership platform you want to keep, GrooveFunnels will also integrate with all the most popular solutions available.

Video hosting

GrooveVideo is the video hosting platform we already mentioned, and it’ll work just like having an integrated Vimeo in your account. You can host all videos using GrooveVideo instead of relying on external solutions like YouTube.

The video player will be customizable, and it’ll integrate features like split-testing, analytics, automation tags, special offers and CTAs, and more.

Which Groove products aren’t part of GrooveFunnels?

Despite having a similar name, GrooveKart isn’t part of the GrooveApps suite for the main platform. It’s basically a Shopify competitor with the objective of adding features not included in similar platforms.

It comes with integrated apps that you would usually have to get from the marketplaces in Shopify and other competitors. These include timers, complementary sales, order bumps, reviews, and more.

You can use GrooveKart to sell physical products, and it supports product variations like colors and sizes. You’re free to create categories for your general catalog with different niches. It also supports analytics and reports, single click product imports (which you can use to import a Shopify store), customer support, and more.

Once GroovePages and GrooveFunnels began development, GrooveKart users had the chance to get a lifetime GroovePages license for $497. The offer was then upgraded to a lifetime GrooveFunnels license for 2 additional $497 payments—basically the same available for beta testers.

However, the offer is now the beta tester deal I already explained. GrooveKart is still a standalone platform, with its own features and pricing. It doesn’t make up part of GrooveFunnels and one won’t give you access to the other.

What about FreePageBuilder?

FreePageBuilder is another interesting app from Groove Digital, especially because it’s not an official GrooveApp anymore. It’s basically an even lighter GroovePages, and it includes the Groove Digital branding.

It’ll be a very limited platform, with limits on your templates, features, and blocks. It’s basically a GroovePages test platform—kind of like a limited trial for GroovePages with no custom domain support, but you can host your pages in a subdomain for free.

What I find quite curious about FreePageBuilder is that it was the main focus for the team that’s now Groove Digital until the current brand and product line came up. It uses a very similar technology to the page builder available in Kartra, too.

It’s also the reason why you might see GroovePages referred to as a 2.0 version—the 1.0 version being FreePageBuilder. That doesn’t mean it’s an updated version of the same builder; it’s uses different software programmed from scratch.

Interestingly, Groove Digital decided to rebrand it and release it for free instead of just throwing away the code. FreePageBuilder will be available after the GrooveFunnels launch to avoid confusion between the two.

Similarly, ReviewTrust is another brand bought by Groove Digital, but it’s a separate entity completely unrelated to GrooveFunnels so far.

Separate services

Groove Digital is also developing other services that won’t be part of the GrooveApps catalog. They’ll be separate services like GrooveKart, but you’ll still be able to integrate them into GrooveFunnels.


GroovePay is a platform that’s very similar to either Stripe or PayPal; the main focus with GroovePay is to make it a lot easier to create a merchant account to avoid any issues with the other 2 payment services.

It’s basically an enterprise solution, but it’s still really early in development, so it’s hard to find out more about it.


GrooveAds is an advertisement solution for launching and managing ads. After launching GrooveFunnels, Filsaime plans a partnership with a marketing agency that will then be rebranded as the GrooveAds service.

It’s not really a platform as the name would suggest. It’s actually a marketing service that would charge 10% of your ad spending ($2,500 monthly is the minimum) to take care of your ads in Facebook, YouTube, and even Google’s PPC.

For $5,000, you can also have the agency build your own sales funnels, including sales copy and email marketing and sequence creation and management.

Naturally, this isn’t a solution for smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs, but it’s still an excellent service for larger companies wishing to use GrooveFunnels for their marketing approach.

GrooveKon and GrooveFest

The Groove Digital team also values customer relationship and networking; after all, they can open up lots of possibilities for any entrepreneur. That’s why they’ll host a yearly event in January, and the name is GrooveKon. You’ll need to be a GrooveFunnels user as well as pay a $497 admission fee.

Mike Filsaime is also the host of the Marketers Cruise, and it also begins in January. GrooveKon will take place a day earlier for people who want to go to both, and cruise members have free access to GrooveKon.

On the other hand, GrooveFest is another live event hosted by the Groove Digital team, and it’s basically a marketing summit in San Diego. This event seems to be free so far, and the last night of the summit ends with a party. Unfortunately, the party was canceled for this year because of the global health crisis.

Who’s behind Groove Digital?

Of course, the main highlight in the Groove Digital team is Mike Filsaime. He’s known having the most million Dollar launches for the most brands among any other marketer. He’s made over $100 million using his marketing experience to develop online marketing platforms to help entrepreneurs streamline their marketing strategies.

Most of his fame on the internet comes from being responsible for marketing platforms that have become industry standards by now. From WebinarJam and PayDotCom all the way to Kartra, he’s been a critical figure to make digital marketing more accessible for anyone on the internet.

Another important member is Matt Serralta, especially considering he’s the main architect behind GrooveKart. He has well over 10 years’ worth of experience in both senior and executive management for different kinds of operations around eCommerce and sales.

Most notably, Matt Serralta was the COO at Prestashop, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around the internet. Outside the web, he was also an Office Depot consultant, and his experience around sales and commerce were critical to develop GrooveKart.

Mike also has been pivotal for several noticeable releases, similar to Mike Filsaime. Just like the latter, he’s been behind similar platforms, including WebinarJam and EverWebinar along with Mike.

Another name behind many of the same releases as Matt Serralta and Mike Filsaime is John Cornetta. He’s known as a serial eCommerce entrepreneur, with several stores making 6 figures every month under his belt.

Naturally, his experience with other eCommerce platforms and entrepreneurship was also key for the development of GrooveKart. It was thanks to him that GrooveKart is both easier to use and more featured than competitors such as Shopify. John is also a teacher and coach for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Finally, Mattijs Naus is another founding member of Groove Digital, and he’s the CTO of GroovePages. Just like Mike Filsaime, his main experience comes from building software for online entrepreneurs, usually around digital marketing.

From this roast and its experience, it’s not difficult to see why so many people have high expectations for GrooveFunnels. They have more than enough experience launching world-class products that have become almost synonymous with the entire digital marketing industry.

That’s the most important aspect of their experience: they don’t just have successful ventures under their belt, but said ventures are some of the largest solutions in their respective fields even to this day.

What has the Groove Digital team envisioned?

Naturally, such a large and experience team has some complex plans for the future. Many of these plans are obviously part of the GrooveFunnels road map, and while it hasn’t been 100% disclosed, Mike Filsaime has shared bits of his vision.

The main objective for GrooveFunnels is a huge list of integrations. It certainly looks like it’s going to be among the most varied platforms in this regard, and it’ll include huge email services like MailChimp and ActiveCampaign as well as webinar platforms like WebinarJam and GotoWebinar and marketing automation suites like Infusionsoft.

If that’s not enough, it’ll also support Zapier: an integration bridge that links platforms with apps and extensions they don’t support directly. Naturally, the open API structure and SDK will make it virtually unlimited in terms of what you can integrate into it. Instant payment notifications will also be included in the package.

A few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting GrooveFunnels

Of course, GrooveFunnels will have a few minor limitations that might keep it from being the optimal option for few entrepreneurs.

Firstly, you won’t be able to use white labeling when you use GroovePages. Only major influencers and brands will have access to this feature, but it definitely makes up for it by including an excellent affiliate network.

Another, more important limitation is that—despite letting you host all the domains you want with your account—you’re limited to a single business for account. Unlike white labeling, there’s no exceptions to this rule.

Thankfully, Groove Digital will work directly with you if you’re a marketing agency. There’s no price for lifetime access right now, but agencies backing the platform can send a support ticket after the official launch if you’re a backer during the beta testing period.

Is it worth your money?

GrooveFunnels is the fastest way to build entire websites with robust SEO and excellent user experience. GroovePages alone is enough to replace Kartra, ClickFunnels, and other site and funnel builders in the market right now.

Besides, it’s completely free to get both GrooveSell and GrovePages Lite right now. Right from the get-go, you can save up an entire monthly membership for apps like SamCart or hundreds of Dollars’ worth of a single payment for something like ThriveCart.

If you plan to build your own online business, then there’s really no reason not to join the beta testing for GrooveFunnels at least. The worst case scenario is that you just decide not to pay for it. On the other side, you get the chance to save even more money with the lifetime license.

The best part about this investment is that you can invest in technology that will take a long time before becoming obsolete. That’s not the same I can say about the current competition.

Take advantage of GrooveSell and GroovePages

GroovePages uses the latest framework for JavaScript, so you can create even better funnels than with any of the competitors. Even the Lite version is enough to compete with many other options, and you can get away with a free solution until you make enough money to upgrade to the full GrooveFunnels suite in the future.

There’s really no reason to pay for ClickFunnels or anything else, especially if you mostly care about speed. GroovePages is a lot faster than any of the platforms I’ve tested to this day.

And what’s better is that it still isn’t the full version of GrooveFunnels, and GroovePages is still completely free with your GrooveSell account, which already lets you sell as many products as you want for free. Keep in mind it’ll also house the affiliate program for GrooveFunnels, so you have more than enough to start selling your products without paying a cent.

Already a very competitive solution

Just during the beta and with the deal for t GrooveSell and GroovePages Lite, GrooveFunnels is already a great platform for starting your own online venture.

Besides, you can use it for free until its release, and I can’t stress enough how much money you’ll save—both on GrooveFunnels and for your business in general—with the special lifetime offer for current testers and backers.

You can even wait for GrooveFunnels to roll out the most important features for you and start importing your entire website and funnels little by little.

You can save a lot of money right now and later

However, the most important aspect about GrooveFunnels is how it’s presenting everyone the opportunity to save thousands of Dollars down the line. Not only will it keep you from buying several platforms separately thanks to its wide array of features, but you can even save money on GrooveFunnels itself with the lifetime deal.

Despite GrooveFunnels being a clearly long-term-oriented solution for saving money, GrooveSell is available right now completely free. You’ll be able to use it right now and even access all future updates right now—not to mention the free GroovePages Lite license.

Now, you can get GrooveFunnels for 3 $497 payments, or less than $2,000, for the rest of your life. The other option is to pay between $1,164 or $3,564 every year for ClickFunnels, and you’ll still miss many of the features you’d get from GrooveFunnels.

The same is true for any platform: Kartra, GotoWebinar, ActiveCampaign, etc. You’ll pay more for less features in the end.


Now, I know GrooveFunnels is definitely not a light investment. It’s not something you can just buy without thinking about it more than a couple of times. However, you’ll have a tough time finding a better offer than GrooveFunnels.

Not to make this longer than it already is, GrooveFunnels is basically half a dozen platform’s worth of features under a single package. Said package is also a lot more affordable—even if you decide to go for the regular monthly subscription.

However, the current lifetime offer isn’t a basic or a standard license, either. For the same fee, you’ll have lifetime access to all of the features from the most expensive plan once the platform launches.

The best part is that you don’t need to trust my word and nothing else. You can just go ahead and start using GrooveSell for free, and it’ll even let you try out the Lite version of GroovePages. If you like that, then you can upgrade to the beta testing version for GrooveFunnels.

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