GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Which One Is A Better All-In-One Solution?

Competition in the all-in-one digital marketing software sector is relatively high. The whole scenario is pretty crowded with excellent platforms like ClickFunnels, Kartra, Builderall, Leadpages.

It’s really not an easy decision in which you want to make your valuable investment. Hosting, website building, email marketing, video streaming features, referral programs, sales tools, blogging – there is a lot to consider and compare. 

When it comes down to GrooveFunnels and Builderall, certain queries may arise. Builderall is an old and reliable choice. Whereas GrooveFunnels has earned a stellar reputation in less than a year or so. 

Do they live up to all the hype? Is this a tie? Or one is, by all means, better than the other?

Well, you have stumbled upon the right place. 

This article will walk you through credible information and a logical comparison between GrooveFunnels and Builderall and discuss the essential features, pricing, free trials, pros and cons of each of them to help you make an informed decision. 

I am sure you will get a sure winner by the end. 

Let’s hop in without any further ado!

What is GrooveFunnels?

GrooveFunnels is a booming marketing tools suite that helps you design websites, landing pages, sell funnels, sell your products or courses, track your email analytics, send automated voice-based emails, and provide free hosting, custom domains and tons of other things. You name it, and GrooveFunnels got it covered.

General analytical findings show, if you had to pay for all the software separately that are available at Groove altogether, you would pay an extra $16,109 every year.

It is one of the many software brands [GrooveKart, GrooveAds] launched by the parent company GrooveDigital, Inc. GrooveFunnel’s CEO Mike Filsaime is the big daddy of the digital marketing field. Once his two years non-competing contract with Kartra expired, he started his new venture with GrooveDigitals. 

If you are a budding business or a new startup or already established, you can benefit from GrooveFunnels. For an upcoming business, with everything at hand, organized, it will make the road much smoother. And an already established business can see substantial, steady growth through this.

What is Builderall?

Much like GrooveFunnels, Builderall is also a one-stop solution for every tool needed by digital marketing professionals. Introduced by Erick Salgado, Builderall is here to ease up the lives of small businesses and startups, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and website service providers.

Roaming around multiple platforms for separate marketing requirements like email hosting, sales cart, page building ends with Builderall. A complete package of over 30 powerful apps and tools are more than enough to get you started with an online store or run a thriving business. Imagine the amount of time and money you save with so many tools available at your fingertips, synchronized under one roof for a smooth user experience.

Builderall has recently rebranded as a 4.0 version, including some exciting updates such as Cheetah drag-and-drop site builder, chat builder, magazine builder, VA access, Buiderall unlimited, Funnel club, and a content delivery network.

GrooveFunnels Vs. Builderall: Tools and Features


GrooveFunnels provides a seamless workflow, all Groove apps being entirely in sync. You can track through GrooveVideos what people are watching and send them a customized suggestion list through GrooveMail. You can schedule calls and meetings with GrooveCalender and notify people with GrooveMail. To start blogging in GrooveBlog, you can build your pages with GroovePages. Let’s discuss some vital Groove tools and their features. 


With GrooveFunnels integrated funnel builder, you can create and customize up to three free hosting websites using their easy ‘drag and drop’ editing method, without any prior technical knowledge as such. [with Pro version, it is unlimited]

  • GroovePages assures excellent SEO, mobile-first indexing, and page-one ranking in search results. 
  • It uses pre-customized block technology for a more straightforward page building process. Just drag and drop the page building elements anywhere on the page you want.
  • You get access to GrooveFunnel’s pre-designed template library. 
  • Customize the look of your pages fitting to different devices like laptop, desktop, mobile etc.
  • Do one-click upsells, downsells, bump orders. 
  • GroovePages connects your landing page with an email provider that helps in generating leads.


One of the easiest ways to earn money through GrooveFunnels is to become one of their Affiliate members. This is a very simple ‘refer and earn’ process. You refer GrooveFunnels products to your leads. For every conversion, you get a percentage.

When a conversion is complete from your referral link, that person’s account is tagged to your account for a lifetime, no matter if he upgrades later or signs up from another device. This is like a hardcoded ‘parent-child-relationship’ as Mike Filsaime phrases it. 

On the first tier, pro members earn 40%, and free users earn 20% on all referrals. 

When your converted lead brings more business, those accounts automatically get tagged to yours as a part of the 2nd tier affiliate program. 

On the 2nd tier, pro members earn 10%, and free users earn 5% commission.


Create and sell your own products with GrooveSell; may it be digital or physical. There are two types of dashboard in GrooveSell: Vendor and Affiliate. You are automatically logged in as a Vendor.

One of the best features of GrooveFunnels is one-click upsell (to increase the amount a person spends on your products), downsell (to offer a lesser priced product when the customer is hesitant to buy your main product), order bumps (put another offer during checkout that the customer will be most likely to add on the cart).

You can sell literally anything.

  • It can be a physical product.
  • Share your knowledge. You can design a course or create tutorial videos and sell that.
  • You can start your own affiliate program or sell a membership offer.

If tutoring is not your thing, you can actually provide these services by yourself to independent business owners and other clients.

  • Handle their email marketing and advertising system.
  • Design graphics for websites and social media.
  • Design websites and membership sites.


GrooveMail is a powerful CRM tool to help you create a list of customers, organize an automated email sequence and start your own email campaign.

  • Split test to check which one of your emails has a higher performance rate.
  • Create sequencing automation to send a series of emails at a certain predetermined interval of time. 
  • Send automated behavioral targeted emails to customers based on their requirements. 
  • Use their highly effective pre-customized HTML email templates.
  • Segment your mailing list into different categories.
  • Get up to 25k email contacts in a paid membership. 
  • Send HTML text messages and voice-based broadcast messages to your potential customers. 


GrooveBlog is basically a blogging app to develop a website in WordPress style. 

  • Create dynamic posts incredible for SEO.
  • Use GrooveFunnels’ very own website builder to design your blog.
  • Upload images, videos and have a comment section.
  • Get access to their enriched theme library suitable for various niches. 
  • Great SEO results in increasing organic traffic and conversion rate. 
  • With GroovePages’ free hosting, you don’t have to outsource a domain. 


As it has been around in the market for almost a decade now, Builderall has so far launched an array of tools and features broadly categorized in Builders, Email marketing, Engagement, Design, Reports and more. 

In this review, we will discuss some of the most dynamic features of Builderall. 

Pixel Perfect Builder

Builderall’s easy drag-and-drop website and page builder tool saves you all the technical knowledge and experience of coding and designing. Builderall comprises three categories of website builder – pixel perfect, responsive and mobile-first.

  • Create SEO friendly websites, landing pages and sales pages for better ranking.
  • With three different types of builders, you can customize the look of your site perfectly fitting for seperate devices like mobile, desktop and tabs to provide your users with a streamlined work experience.
  • Create infographics.
  • Utilize the enriched template library.
  • If you are not completely happy with the ready-made templates, move them to the editor and change color, margin, text fonts, add or remove any design element.
  • Include a blog or a checkout system.

What can you build:

  • Websites  
  • Lead capture pages, sales pages
  • Kindle covers
  • Resume designs
  • Virtual stores
  • And more

Canvas Funnel Builder 

Builderall opens in front of you an extensive range of highly optimized, pro-looking templates and sales funnels, suitable for a large variety of niches and industries such as agencies, education, health, news. 

  • Whether it is a full website, a landing page or a lead capture page, Builderall got you covered. 
  • The funnels are highly convertible to give your sales a significant boost.
  • If you are not accustomed to web designing or need a quick tailor-made solution, templates are at your rescue. 
  • You have full control to tweak and customize the look of the templates later on.   
  • Start from scratch with the blank templates, if that’s what you want. 
  • Do cross-selling and upselling during checkout. 


Builderall’s eCommerce app powered by Magento is up for setting your online store whether you want to sell a physical or a digital product.

  • Build the perfect look for your store.
  • Select your suitable payment and delivery options from the Builderall marketplace.
  • Set up a two-three step checkout process
  • Get access to sales features like coupons and popups.
  • Create your own group of affiliates who will promote and sell your products or be an affiliate and earn a commission. 

App Creator

Rather than trying to reach your target leads through a website, a well-designed app is a smarter choice that contains all the information about your business. With Builderall’s app creator, you can establish a more one-to-one connection with your audience. 

  • Build, publish and distribute your brand app on different platforms.
  • Upload them to Google play store, Apple store or Amazon app store for no extra charge. 
  • Easy drag-and-drop app builder, with no prior coding knowledge required. 
  • Free form any third-party apps like other app creators. 

Mailing Boss

Sending out email campaigns is not enough. It has to be organized and efficient to hold your potential buyers’ attention until a conversion is complete. For this very purpose, Builderall has an integrated autoresponder called MailingBoss.

  • Create a workflow, organize subscribers list and start an email campaign.
  • Offers list segmentation to categorize your contact list depending on customer behavior.  
  • Utilize their dedicated drag-and-drop email builder or directly apply pre-designed templates.
  • Send out transaction emails for membership or new course alerts.
  • There is no limit to the number of emails you can send with MailingBoss.
  • Split test the analytics of your campaigns.
  • Manually add and import new subscribers.

Mockup Studio

Mockup studio is a part of the designing tools of Builderall to make your social media presence more attractive with thoughtfully designed images, videos and posts. This leads to a hike in your conversion rate rather easily than a basic Facebook post. 

  • Design your own ebook covers. 
  • Access to the template library to build catalogs and product information mockups. 

Animated VSL Tool

This tool lets you create fairly nice animated and interactive sales or tutorial videos. However, the process may not seem everyone’s cup of tea initially, especially if you are not familiar with standard animation tools.

  • Design your personal character and give it a facial expression.
  • Or simply choose one of your favorite characters from the library. 
  • Finish the design with background, image, text and sound effect. 
  • Download and publish on your website or export it to your social media handles and upload it there. 

Transparent Floating Videos

A video content on your website landing page catches the audience’s attention more quickly than a picture or text block. With this tool, you can film a video yourself with a green screen, install a pixel and play the video on your landing page. 

SEO On-page Report App

This basic tool by Builderall helps you track the detailed stats of your website’s search engine ranking performance. Once you provide the keyword you want to rank on, this tool comes up with steps you need to take for better SEO, guidance on elevating your visibility, based on some key factors such as – right keyword usage, catchy meta descriptions, keyword placement in the title, minimizing internal links.

  • Analyze and build reports of competitor site URLs to check which keywords are doing better and what should be your next move.
  • Provides you different types of data resulting from the complexity level such as critical, high, moderate or low relevance, and optional factors.
  • Buildeall’s search engine optimized templates are already there to boost up your SEO game 

Click Map

Click map or heat mapping is a unique Builderall feature that helps you understand your audience’s browser behavior and improve your site performance accordingly.

  • Track on which area your audience stops and clicks and how they navigate around the site.
  • Understand the attention-seeking elements on your page and optimize further for a better conversion rate.
  • Keep in mind, as good as it is, heat mapping is not necessarily correct all the time.
  • Know exactly what kind of links, images, and contents are more acceptable by a larger community.

Messenger Chatbot and Instagram Autoresponder

  • An AI-based chatbot feature in sync with Facebook Messenger for automated communication with your leads via chat.
  • An autoresponder tool to enhance interaction of your Instagram family with other social media engagements. 



As of the writing of this article GrooveFunnels is offering an upgrade to a Lifetime Platinum account that will cost you a one-time-pricing of $1397. This deal is around for a limited period until the full version of the software is launched. As a bulk payment, it may seem a bit steep. But don’t you worry.

There are four installment options :

  •  Four additional payments for $497 /month [$1988]
  •  Six additional payments for $388 /month [$2328]
  • Twelve additional payments for $249 /month [$2988]
  •  One time payment for $1397 

In the first option, you actually pay nothing [$0] at the time of purchase. Installment starts after fourteen days.

You can upgrade to the Lifetime Platinum from here

Other Monthly Subscriptions (COMING SOON)

  • Silver plan – $99/month
  • Gold plan – $199/month
  • Platinum plan – $299/month

So far, there are no discount codes available for GrooveFunnels subscription. They may have annual or bi-annual plans in the future. But if you think, once the platinum deal is over, you will be paying $299/month, which adds up to over $3500/year. It’s really a no-brainer decision.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have a choice to back out if it doesn’t fit. 


Right now, Builderall is promoting two pricing plans on their official website, both limited-time offers. 

  • Premium Plan – $69.90/month

Other than Builderall Advertising tools, this Premium plan includes a bunch of important features like unlimited subscribers, 10 GB disk space, 15 domains, Cheetah website and funnel builder, SSL certificate, ticketing, and live chat support. 

  • Builderall 4.0 Funnel Club – $199.00 one-time + $69.90/month

This plan punches all Premium tools with Builderall Specialist features such as 10+ Builderall premium funnels, 50+ niche funnels for agencies, and so on.

Choose a suitable plan for your business from here

Other Monthly Subscriptions 

  • Builder Plan – $19.90/month
  • Marketer Plan – $29.90/moth
  • Essential Plan – $49.90/month

Key features of these plans range between 3-10 domains, 100-15k subscribers, 2-10 GB disk space, plus drag-and-drop site builder, unlimited subdomains, super checkout, ticketing, and live chat support. 

Builderall also offers a 30-days refund policy, so you are not obligated to continue further if it doesn’t suit your purpose. 

Free Plan and Trial 

So are you still on the fence? Not sure where to put your investment?

If that is the case, then today is your lucky day. Both GrooveFunnels and Builderall are offering trials to use the platforms first and then figure out which is the one, at your own pace. 


You might as well say that the GrooveFunnels Free Base account is a free trial. For a limited period, GrooveFunnels is offering instant free access to 20 powerful Groove apps. 

It’s a risk-free, hassle-free process; simply fill out the check out form for some personal information and sign up. No credit card details, no fretting about auto-renewal. 

Once you sign in, the account and your affiliates are attached to you forever. Usually, free trials end after a 14-days or 30-days period. With GrooveFunnels, it’s a free trial for a lifetime. 

Later you can upgrade anytime right from the dashboard. 

Some of the leading Groove apps you get with this trial are:

  • GroovePages Lite
  • GrooveSell
  • GrooveAffiliate
  • GrooveBlog
  • GrooveMail
  • GrooveVideo.

To sign up for a GrooveFunnels Free account, head over here


Builderall is currently granting access to the platform for 30 days at just $1. 

This offer is as good as a free trial. They let you cancel anytime. And if you decide to carry on, you will be charged the regular monthly fee of $69.90 after the trial.

Let’s look at some of the valuable features you get access to: 

  • The best and fasted drag-and-drop website builder
  • Ecommerce and auction checkout
  • Blog and chat builder
  • CRM and automation system  

Get your Builderall trial here

Pros and Cons 

Before you make your mind, let’s go through all the pros and of course, cons one last time. You can check the points that match your requirements and tally which one got more ticks.



  • Great SEO and mobile-first indexing make sure page-one ranking in search engine results such as Google or Yahoo.  
  • The Javascript framework brings a completely fresh and modern look to the pages.
  • As a one-stop solution, you get all the integrated sales tools together, that too for free or a one-time pricing. These offers are simply crazy compared to the world-class marketing service they provide.
  • GrooveFunnels cuts all your extra subscription costs on different platforms.
  • It has a clean user-friendly interface.
  • Earn some easy bucks with GrooveFunnels’ nice affiliate program by merely sharing your referral code with friends. Every business you bring, you earn a 20-40% commission. 
  • With GrooveMail, you get 25k free contacts, which means you can send a minimum of 75k emails every month.


  • As the software is still in beta, issues like some features not working properly or missing basic blocks or bugs are noticed.
  • This kind of technical platform should offer 24/7 live representative customer care service. But GrooveFunnels is still sticking to the ticketing system.
  • In the 2nd phase of beta, they have launched a lot of new tools. But there are some basic tools that you will have to wait for until the software is fully launched. Many users may not be comfortable paying for an incomplete version of a software.



  • As Builderall is cloud-based, there is no hassle of installing or downloading any software on your computer. You just log in and get started.
  • Monthly $19.90 is fairly affordable as a premium plan for budding businesses. Also, the $1 monthly trial is very beneficial.
  • Encompasses a huge collection of sales tools (30+) integrated in one platform such as e-learning builder, directory and booking, messenger chatbot, Instagram autoresponder, webinar and app creator etc.
  • Keeps getting updated regularly with new features and tools.
  • The new 4.0 version grants VA access, which makes it easier for people with virtual assistants.
  • You can be a part of their Facebook community and connect with other marketing experts. 
  • The platform integrates a profitable affiliate program and a marketplace to help you sell and promote your products.  
  • With their free domains and dedicated server, both local and international, you can successfully host your website. 


  • Three different website builders and quite overlapping template categories can easily confuse a user. 
  • The software interface is not very professional and user-friendly. It should have been more minimalistic.
  • Rather than fixing the existing issues and bugs, Builderall is more focused on adding new features on top of 30+ tools they already have, which can be pretty overwhelming in the beginning. 
  • They don’t provide any live chat support. 
  • The learning curve is quite steep for the tools as they are different from other such platforms. 
  • Recently they have discontinued the forever free trial plan that was undoubtedly more beneficial than the current trial. 

Final Verdict

I hope now you are content enough to decide which one qualifies at your checklist. 

Ultimately, it comes down to an individual’s personal opinion, their business needs and budget.

Builderall is an affordable alternative compared to GrooveFunnels or any other all-in-one marketing software. 

But the quality of service they provide is equally proportional to the cost. It’s a do-it-all platform incorporating every possible feature that creates a clumsy user experience. 

If you are just starting out or on a tight budget, Builderall should be a better option to test different aspects for basic experience. 

Alternatively, if you can stretch your budget to meet GrooveFunnels pricing and need a potential, high-quality software to take care of your site traffic, SEO, sales growth and run an organized business, GrooveFunnels has to be your choice. 

You can always try the trial versions before landing on any final decision.