GrooveMail Review Next Generation Autoresponder

Hello. Are you looking for a reliable source to know about GrooveMail in a detailed b fashion? Well, you have arrived at the right place. This article is directed towards glossing over anything that is related to GrooveMail. The idea is to cover everything that is currently known about this program, so that you, the reader, have no problems when it comes to navigating your way through this particular product. 

Queries such as what is that GrooveMail does, how much is it priced at, anf the kind of things it can analyse, will be answered without any problem. Along with it, things such as different features and what kind of content capacity will also be discussed. Make sure that you complete reading this piece before jumping into anything. 

GrooveMail – A Brief Definition

GrooveMail is a brand new, and heavily updated email auto-responder that sports a sleek and shiny look. Not only is it capable of completing tasks in an instant, it also ensures that the charges incurred are lesser than what one pays to other auto-responders that offer the same services. Their user interface is something to look forward to, trust me. 

GrooveMail belongs to the core application group that comes with GrooveFunnels. GrooveFunnels is an all-in-one platform purely designed for enhancing marketing capabilities. Out of the 14 core apps, GrooveMail is purely focused on the marketing aspects of the business. It allows you to perform specific tasks such as sequence automation and behavioral targeting. Apart from this there are basic features such as broadcasting of text and video messages, importing lists from different places/platforms and other important things. 

With GrooveMail, you will be creating aesthetic newsletters that catch the eye, as well as, plain texts in HTML. Spread all of these things around to your customers with great deliverability and inboxing rates, while enjoying wonderful conversion rates simultaneously. 

There are prepared email templates for you to pick and choose from. Trust me, you cannot go wrong with these templates because they’ve been carefully crafted after a lot of testing. If you want to do something different and create your own templates, then the solution is right there. GrooveMail lets you perform this in the most simple manner possible, just drag and drop objects on to your screen, go gaga with the easy features, and you have your work cut-out for you. 

For all things related to analytics and the likes, you will have easy access to multiple data sets. Take this for an example, it would be possible for you to quickly view open rates of multiple products and marketing campaigns. Along with this, you can easily view your current contact list and update it by simply importing contact files from other platforms. You can also make good use of their tagging feature to compartmentalize contacts to repeat particular functions for them. 

 At this juncture, you must be thinking that all of this is pretty normal for an email auto-respo der program. Well, I needed you to wait a little while before I made the big reveal. I’ll give you something to hold on to, however. One look at the user interface will be enough to tell you that this is probably one of the most user friendly programs that you’ve ever come across. 

The next sections will elaborate on a few things – 

  • The speciality of GrooveMail
  • Pricing and Contact Ratio
  • Integration features
  • The amount of money that gets you the best contacts along with additional features. 

GrooveMail Pricing

GrooveMail is a part of the GrooveFunnels platform. The platform itself has three specific pricing plans along with 

  • Free GrooveSell membership
  • Free GrooveAffiliate membership
  • Free GroovePages Lite membership

Irrespective of which plan you choose, GrooveMail provides you with storage space for more than 10,000 contacts. You can mail them without any charge at all.  

GrooveMail is then available for a minimum of $99 per month to have access to 10,000 different contacts. Obviously, this is combined with the multiple tools you get to enjoy and each every plan. 

In that sense, when you decide to purchase a GrooveMail subscription, you are also enjoying the multiple features of things such as a membership creator, a video hosting platform, a website and funnel building tool, an affiliate account as well as a seller account. Let me remind you that this is over and above all the tools that you will get to enjoy.  

Upon introspection, it will become clear to you that GrooveMail is a crucial tool for those who have massive mailing lists.  This simply means that people who have spent a significant time on this kind of business will have more direct use for it. If you’re just starting out, it’s going to take some time. GrooveMail has a direct audience to cater to. This is why it is indeed a great deal to bank on.

Even if you were to exponentially increase your productivity and send mails every single day, without fail, then you’ll be free to send around 30,000 mails in a month. There are no additional fees apart from it. 

The next question is pretty to foresee, if there is a bigger emailing list that you have created, would this be a great product to invest in? Well, having more than 25,000 contacts is a big deal. This clearly means that you have a strong business in your hands. Simply reach out to GrooveDigital to increase the quota of sending for an appropriate price. 

It is important to remember that sending out emails costs some money. GrooveDigital is willing to bear the cost for 10000 such contacts to be emailed every day. Mike Filsaime, the co-founding partner of GrooveFunnels, ensures that you will be spending a third of what you would give to other marketing platforms focused on emails. 

Let’s do a quick comparison of GrooveMail with a cheap email auto-responder, Getresponse. GetResponse is priced at $149 per month in order to host the exact same number of emailing contacts as GrooveMail. There is a massive difference in price between the two services that provide the same services. In addition to the earlier $149 paid for the low end of the product, there are other expensive additions such as ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit. Their prices are close to $200 per month. 

Obviously, your contacts dictate the kind of subscription you choose. It would be good to select one service over the other. I have personally decided to be patient and wait for GrooveMail. 

 Integration Features

Much like other GrooveFunnels applications, GrooveMail also enjoys tools that are interconnected and integrated. 

  • Take this as an example, if someone has viewed a portion of your video made by GrooveMail, you can easily send a follow-up email to remind them that they didn’t  finish the video. 
  • While scheduling a call using your GrooveCalender, you can use GrooveMail to send a reminder about the event to all participants. This particular feature can be used in tandem with GrooveWebinars for all live webinars.
  • If you were to be redirecting customers to a site/platform that provides memberships crafted via GrooveMember, the login messages can be sent out from GrooveMail.
  • All pages that you create with GroovePages, will automatically be integrated with GrooveMail so that you can easily screen-share and what not. 

Such an integrated platform is hard to come across. The fact that you do not have to go around and sign up for multiple memberships at the same time is a boon in and of itself. This will ensure that your business can be completely controlled from one dashboard itself. Basically, such interesting features completely alleviate the nature of your business. 

By When Can We Expect GrooveMail To Be Available?

GrooveMail is in the final stages of programming as well as testing. It will be made available very quickly for everyone to make good use of. Keep your fingers crossed for a refined product that takes care of all your mail marketing problems.

Personally, I am a part of the GrooveFunnels backer membership. This provides me with access to all the updates as well as new applications that will be launched on GrooveFunnels in the upcoming months. Do not worry, I will keep updating this space, in order to ensure that all of you are well-informed about the different intricacies of this amazing product. 

What About A GrooveMail Free Trial?

Well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is no free trial for Groovemail available at this particular moment. Access to GrooveMail is restricted to those who enjoy subscriptions to either GrooveFunnels or any one of the subsidiary plans.

However, I can let you in on a little secret. There is a way for you to successfully acquire a lifetime membership of GrooveMail. This will ensure that you never have to pay another penny (apart from the one time fee) in your life while you continue to enjoy the mind blowing services being provided to you.  

This particular membership will grant you access to all the tools and services that are present in the GrooveFunnels arsenal. The price is absolutely crazy. It is literally half of what you would pay for every year. 

Depending on the plan you select, GrooveFunnel can be accessed for 

  • $1,188 per year
  • $2,388 per year
  • $3,588 per year

With the lifetime deal, you will never have to shell out this amount at the end of every year. Pay half of these prices right now, and then you can enjoy these services without any interruption. Click here and register right now to ensure that you can actually access this amazing price. 


Although GrooveMail is not available for public use right now, I hope this review has been of some help to you in terms of getting introduced to the product at this moment. Although GrooveMail is perfect for all those who seem to have an expansive mailing list, it should not hinder your purchase if you are just starting out. The online marketing industry requires time and patience from you. Without these two things, it is going to be impossible to grow as a business professional. With this, I sincerely hope that you decide to spring for the lifetime membership deal that is available with GrooveFunnels.