GroovePages deal of a lifetime that you would like to miss

Ever heard of the Groove pages lifetime deal?  Have you been thinking of getting the best advantage out of an online marketing platform? If your answer is yes then your search ends here.

If you have no idea what is Groove page all about, then read through this blog to know about how you can use Groove pages to set up sales funnels and advanced landing pages.

Groove pages is a high-end platform that has been made to meet all the internet marketing requirements. 

The platform offers you the tools,  with the help of which you can build effective landing pages and high converting funnels.  you can also use this platform to build online websites to showcase any product. 

This platform utilizes the drag and drop method which is perfect for all the users in respect to their level of understanding of the technical aspects of building a web page. Groove pages are especially effective and useful for affiliate marketers as they can develop their online business with the help of this platform.

Groove pages were developed by Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta.  Bing affiliate marketers themselves are well aware of the requirements of affiliate marketing and the tools that are required for the same.  With their years of experience in affiliate marketing, they have put in all the inputs to develop an advanced platform that has multiple uses.

What is a lifetime deal in  Groove pages 

All the online marketing platforms have different versions in terms of utility and functionalities which come with different price tags.  There were also several modules or basic versions of the platforms available that have restricted useability,  which is made for the new entrepreneurs who want to venture into the online marketing business with the least investment.

However, once you are used to using search platforms and understood your needs and requirements,  then it’s time to gear up for a paid version.  The paid versions of the platforms usually have additional tools and functionalities that can be used to enhance and scale the business as well as strategize ways to bring in more traffic.

If you are interested in getting the lifetime deal for  Groove pages, then visit the site and make sure that the lifetime offer is still valid.  What I can say is that the lifetime of a way valid when  Groove pages came out of the beta version and were released for public use.  later it was to become a monthly subscription service. 

The makers of the Groove page Mike and John have decided to keep the lifetime deal open to the public for a one-time price of $497,  after which  Groove pages will be available for the public at the monthly subscription rate of 99 Dollars. 

Once  GroovePages get integrated into the GrooveFunnels platform,  Groove pages can be used as part of the GrooveFunnels subscription.

Till when will GroovePages lifetime deal offer stay?

Though initially, it was decided to keep the lifetime offer for GroovePages till the first quarter of 2020,  considering the pandemic situation this deal might get extended. 

The most updated version of GroovePages is available which will take you to the sales page of the platform.  It will be a one-time opportunity for you can get a lifetime deal for GroovePages.

Let us know about the features of GroovePages

Now let us discuss some of the features of GroovePages knowing about which will help you decide whether you want to avail the lifetime deal or not. 

As already mentioned, earlier GroovePages is a technologically advanced platform that allows you to build sales funnels and websites through which you can do affiliate marketing. GroovePages unlike the other website builders renders the pages using HTML and a progressive JavaScript called VUE.JS without calling upon the internal server.

Due to this reason, the landing speed of the page is considerably increased and this factor is loved by the search engines.  In other words, using GroovePages also make sure that your website is search engine optimized.

Apart from this, several other features make GroovePages one of the best hosting platforms in the form of Amazon servers.  The other features are, the availability of complete website builder WordPress which has a clean and interactive user interface and uses drag and drop technology to build the web pages.

Some other features that are available with the GroovePages platform include-

  • Unlimited web hosting
  • Unlimited pages builder
  • Unlimited site builder
  • Unlimited images,  funnels, and blocks

Several videos are available,  explaining the different uses of all the features of the platform.  Many reference videos and material is available to train the users on the use of the myriad of tools available on the platform.

What will be the pricing of GroovePages after the lifetime deal

After the lifetime offer comes to an end, GroovePages will be available at the monthly price of 199 dollars.  This is not a marketing gimmick and a genuine cost that is attached to the maintenance and development of the platform and the users need to pay this money to avail subscription to the platform.

If you are interested in avail of the subscription, then the lifetime offer can be extended to you after the beta testing phase gets over by paying a one-time fee of $497 to GrooveSell and Grooveaffiliate.

An opportunity of a lifetime

As of now, before the GroovePages is officially released you still have the time to get the opportunity of subscribing to GroovePages for a one-time price that has been mentioned earlier.  However,  you can even choose to upgrade by paying one additional payment of $497.  This will give you lifetime access to Groovesell and GrooveAffiliate.

You can also choose the upgrade for two subsequent subscriptions by paying an additional amount of $497 for the 2nd  subscription.  with this subscription, you will be able to get access to all the GrooveFunnels tools like webinar groove,  Groovemai All, GrooveKart, etc.

The free GroovePages subscription

If you want to get hands-on experience on GroovePages tools when you can start by using the GrooveFunnels free account.

You can open the free account just by creating an account on GrooveFunnels and you can do so for free without the use of any credit card.  with the help of this account, you can get access to GroovePages, Groovesell, and Grooveaffiliate.

Though the free account will give you access to only the basic functionalities of the platform,  Yet this will help you in getting an understanding of the settings and tools that are part of the platform.  You can test the entire software with the help of the free account, and it will also give you access to host up to three custom domains absolutely for free.

With the free account subscription, you can create sales funnels,  checkout pages,  create a landing page for your website, and also run your affiliate program along with payout for the same for up to three domains for free.  What’s more, this is a lifetime opportunity,  so why not avail the benefits.

Concluding words

Now that you have an idea about what GroovePages is all about and also about the lifetime opportunity that you have been provided,  visit the GrooveFunnels page and get the subscription.

No doubt this is one of the best tools to start your affiliate program,  build a sales funnel,  drive traffic towards the websites along with features like creating a customer database.  This database can be referred for creating opportunities for sales in the form of email subscriptions and sending mails directly to the customers informing them about discount schemes and also the addition of new products.

This is a more effective way of reaching out to the customers,  as interaction is direct with you and also allows the customers to ask questions regarding any product.  this interaction enables you to build a more satisfied customer base thereby generating more sales.

Considering the widespread acceptability of this platform the creator’s Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta,  have made excellent Strategies for the future including the one time offer at the time of launching the entire set of GrooveFunnels tools. these tools are constantly bill work the Pollen developed so that they can be the leading funnel builder software in 20 21-22.

As of now, we should be happy about the fact that you already can get access to GroovePages By paying a one-time fee of $497.  You will never need to pay another penny as long as you keep using GroovePages.

Look out for the lifetime offer on the GrooveFunnels page, and you’re me did not you want to land one in your kitty.  even if you have missed the lifetime offer, need not fret, as GroovePages always have other excellent subscription offers. 

By subscribing to the GroovePages you have the opportunity of a lifetime to make big in online business as this has a huge potential that is ever-growing.  In 2021, we are expecting the market to open up, even more,  giving you more opportunities to be successful in the field of online marketing business.