GroovePages LTD – A Quick Tour

A few questions to answer at the very onset of this article,

  • What exactly is GroovePages LTD (lifetime deal)?
  • How much will you have to shell out in order to purchase it?
  • What do you get access to and where can you find GroovePages LTD?

I am going to be answering each one of these queries so that you do not have to take the headache of going through different web pages on the internet to locate an answer. So, without further ado, let us begin this process.

What Exactly Is GroovePages LTD? 

The LTD in the GroovePages stands for LifeTime Deal. In order to understand this lifetime deal, I believe it is crucial to get a better understanding of the GroovePages itself. Mike Filsaime and his team at created a software/tool to address the concerns of premium page building as well as website and funnel building. This happens to be one of the most interesting prospects to have come out of the digital marketing platform known as GrooveFunnels. Not only does this venture easily catch the eye, but it is equally helpful when it comes to managing your business. 

Succinctly put, the GroovePages tool provides you with access to the all-new Vue.JS JavaScript wireframe so that you can make great attractive pages for your customers. These pages are completely mobile friendly, and are heavily optimized for Search Engine Optimization so that your funnels, and websites works at its maximum capacity. This has the capability to completely revolutionize your business and take your revenue generation to another level altogether. It is a paid monthly tool that you can expect to subscribe at a reasonable price of $99/month. However, for a very brief period of time, you can subscribe an offer that is termed as the ‘Groove Page lifetime deal’. For a one time payment, you get access to all services for the rest of your life. 

The Costing Of GroovePages LTD

You have to pay a price of $497 for accessing the GroovePages lifetime deal. This deal will provide you with GroovePages PRO accounts and tools. However there is nothing else that you will be provided with at this level.

Does GroovePages Have One-Time-Offers? 

GroovePages does have one-time-offers available. Once you have made the purchase of GrooveFunnels platform, you will be provided with a chance to upgrade the services entirely. You will have to make two payments of $497 over a span of two months. Apart fom this, there are no upgrades for you to purchase. Once you have the page builder in your possession, you will have access to your dashboard via email. There are a few purchases to be made within the app itself. However these are not availble for everybody and are only for those who really want them.   .

The fascinating bit about GroovePages and GrooveFunnels is the fact that it will be available for a really short period of time available at the cost mentioned above. The launch of the product will decide the longevity of the offer in the market. It would be wise to remember that there is actually a little idea about the availability and it is not simply a market strategy.

I have been a part of the GrooveFunnels lifetime membership and I used a one-time offer to make this purchase. This keeps in me touch with all their different roll-outs while simultaneously ensuring that I am up to date with all the new features, updates, and pricing details. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity for all those who want to prosper in the online marketing scene. Tust me, GrooveFunnels is aware of this overflowing demand and the type of products that they provide. They are willing to incur losses in this front by offering out special prices to all new subscrbers. Keep in mind that incurring losses can be a sustainable strategy for a fixed period of time. If I were you, I would suggest that you jump on to the bandwagon as quickly as possible. Think of it this way, GroovePages Lifetime or GrooveFunnels Lifetime are packages that will provide you access to multiple tools that will help you alleviate your business. Purchasing, or even subscribing to these tools on a monthly basis is an expenditure that is pretty daunting as a task. This will save you from the harrassment of constantly updating your information for multiple payments, month after month. 

Where Can I Get GroovePages Lifetime Deal?

Click on this link to see if GroovePages Lifetime Deal is available. If you see that it is available, you can start your investment. My recommendation to you would be simply this, investing solely on the GroovePages tools would be a bad idea. Instead you should go for the entire GrooveFunnels Upgrade. This way, the amount of money you would be shelling out for the tools pack and other things simultaneously would no more burn a massive hole in your pocket. 

What is the bigger reason behind sugesting this deal? Well with the GroovePages Lifetime deal, you are free to not only upgrade and overhaul your entire platform, but also have access to tools that are varying in nature. This basically means that you are successfully killing two birds with the same stone. The tools do not come for free, neither are they cheap. However, if you purchase it with the upgrade, you just have to make two payments of $497 in two months. Although the total comes down to $1491, it still does not equal the amount you would be shelling out for monthly subscriptions of tools. People generally end up paying somewhere between $199 to $299 every month for these add-ons. 

The fact that the lifetime deal is quite an investment, and you are getting more than just one thing, there are options to break down your payment. You can pay for this purchase in installments of 1,3,6, or 12 months. This provides you with greater flexibility to manage and deploy your payment. Additionally, it does not automatically become a massive financial burden. 

Here are a few things that you get when you purchase the GrooveFunnels Upgrade subscription –

  • An Email Autoresponder that already has upto 25,000 contacts so that you do not have to worry about creating your first email marketing campaign from scratch.
  • A robust Webinar builder. With this, you have no reason to fret about the quality and technicality of the weekly webinars. 
  • Access to a Blog Builder. This will take care of all your blog page related issues and information. 
  • A complete video hosting platform. This will help you create all that you need for tutorial and sales pitch videos that you wil have to create.
  • An affiliate platform as well as a seller platform. This is to guide you through the multiple tight spots that exists when it comes ti navigating the affiliate network.
  • A membership site builder. This is to provide you with avenues so that you can decide on membership fees and facilities for your website. 
  • A customer support feature that will take care of all queries and doubts that people might havve about the services being provided. Additionaly, it means that you as a marketer do not have to be present 24/7 in order to address all the problems one might face in the online forum.

All in all, my suggestion is simple. There is a possibility that the GrooveFunnels Upgrade might suit you more. This is owing to the different levels of tools and products being made available to you. The jury is still out on the benefit of the lifetime deal with respect to the goods you receive. It is something that fascinates me beyond doubt, however it is definitely your responsibility to decide on what you want.