GroovePages or GrooveFunnels – Which one is it?

If you have been scouting around the internet for a website builder, then you surely would have come across a software called GrooveFunnels. Having looked into it, there is a chance where you may have gotten confused between two names that are being used for the same software.

In this article, I am going to go through exactly what the difference between the two of them are. They are, in fact, not two separate software but a part of the same.

They are both created by the GrooveDigital team and are a powerhouse digital marketing tool. If you want to learn more, keep reading below!

GrooveFunnels – A summary

So, first let’s look at what exactly GrooveFunnels is. It is a full digital marketing tool that has been created with the aim of helping online entrepreneurs and companies run all of their online marketing and website activity on one software.

It consists of over 15 tools that you can put to use in some way to promote your website/business online. The tool was created by the previous co-founder of another highly popular software called Kartra. This way we know that the software is not just your run of the mill software that was created with one specific function in mind. They are in it for the long haul and have the knowledge and experience necessary to keep it going. 

Since its launch, they have become very popular amongst the online business community. They are even projected to becoming one of the leading software for this purpose by the year 2023. This is quite an achievement as they started only at the end of 2019. 

So, what is the difference between GroovePages and GrooveFunnels? Well, before GrooveFunnels was introduced, the team at GrooveDigital initially only put out one tool – which was a website and landing page builder called GroovePages. After it was released, the tool got so popular that the team decided to go ahead and release the rest of the tools under the name, Groove Funnels.

As such, GroovePages is just a part of the overall software GrooveFunnels. 

Below, I will highlight some of the tools that you will get with the full GrooveFunnels package:

  • GroovePages – This is easily their most celebrated and worked on tool of the whole lot, They have put a lot of effort into the tool and it shows in the way it is designed and used. They have utilized a drag and drop method for creating the landing pages and websites. This is because it is the most simple method to master and it is really easy to use once you work with the tool a few times. 

You can either create these pages from scratch or use one of their award-winning templates which are designed to help improve conversions. All your pages will also be SEO-optimized and will load fast when you use this tool.

  • GrooveSell – This is the tool that helps you to finalize the sale once the customer has visited the website. You can customize the checkout pages, cart, and more. You are even able to add in discounts to your prices, upsells on the checkout page, coupon codes, recurring payments, and so on.
  • GrooveAffiliate – If you have ever wanted to create an affiliate program as part of your marketing strategy, then this is the perfect tool for you. You will be able to manage your affiliates, set commission rates, set targets, track your sales, see all your analytics, and more. If you don’t have a business and just want to become an affiliate, that is possible through this tool as well.
  • GrooveMember – This is the tool that you can use to convert your website into a membership site. You can add tiered levels to access certain content, set up monthly subscription payments, manage your members, schedule your content, and so on. 
  • GrooveMail – Every successful business has an email marketing strategy in the pipeline, and this is because they almost always tend to work. Therefore, you will need to focus on this to improve your business. This tool will help you run campaigns, send automated emails, and manage your mailing lists. You don’t need to sign up for another email service.
  • GrooveVideo – Video is an important part of running a business because it brings in the most engagement. For videos to load fast online, they need to be hosted on a fast server. This tool will host all your videos for you so you don’t have to worry about them in the future.
  • GrooveBlog – Planning on running a blog site? Well, this tool will help to do that just like in WordPress. You will be able to create and manage all your content, schedule content to go out, add all your images and videos beforehand, and also have a plugin section for various purposes.
  • GrooveDesk – There are some businesses that could really use a support desk feature or a place to handle customer questions/concerns. This tool will help you to set that up in the website so you can manage all their tickets.
  • GrooveQuiz & GrooveSurvey – To improve engagement on your website, you can add in surveys or quizzes that visitors may be interested in engaging in. These can be created and hosted on your website using these tools. 
  • GrooveWebinar – This is the tool that you can use when you want to run your own webinars. You can either run a live webinar at that time, or set up a pre-recorded webinar to go out at scheduled times so that you don’t have to keep monitoring them.
  • GrooveCalendar – Think of a tool that will help you schedule all your work and let others know about upcoming events/meetings/etc. You can connect this with your email tool to send out automatic reminders to the relevant people.

You can either create these pages from scratch or use one of their award-winning templates which are designed to help improve conversions. All your pages will also be SEO-optimized and will load fast when you use this tool.

Let’s talk about GroovePages

As I mentioned, they have implemented a drag and drop method on this tool to help you to create landing pages easily. Once you have used this tool a few times, you will see that it is actually really easy to do, even if it looks confusing at first. 

To help improve your website’s loading speed and to reduce code bloating, they have used a new form of JavaScript technology called Vue.js. Most other website building software out there are yet to pick this new technology up and use it. Therefore, you will find that your websites work so much better through this tool than if you were to use another software. 

There are two changes that they have made using this tool that will help your website load faster:

  • They have optimized for mobile-first indexing. This is because there is a rapid increase in the number of people who browse through mobile rather than a desktop over the past year. Due to this, Google provides more support to those websites that focus on mobile.
  • They load all your pages in HTML first rather than doing the normal method of sending signals to your servers to load the pages. This drastically increases your load speed.

On top of loading fast, once you check out their premium templates, you will see that the designs for each of their sites look very attractive. They have a modern feel to it that you need for any websites that come out this year.

Using the GroovePages tool

Here, I will take you through a short introduction on how to find the tool and what you can do with it when you enter the tool.

Once you have created your GrooveFunnels account and gotten access to the system, log in and locate the menu on the top left. Click on “new site” and then choose a template or select a blank one to get started. The left side of the page has sections with options that you can use to build your page. I will explain each briefly:

  • Blocks – This is how you host different content pieces on your page. You will need to place these blocks in the appropriate area to place the content there. You can place a banner photo, text blocks, navigation tabs, Call-to-actions, footers, and so on.
  • Elements – Before you add content to your page, you will need to partition the page to show where you want to place this content. For example, if you want to place 3 images next to each other, then you will need to divide a section of the page into the 3 so that you can add an image block into each of these sections. 
  • Pages – When you are done completing a page, you will need to click this in order to create a new one.
  • Pop-ups – You use this when you are ready to create a pop-up for your website. It works in the same way as designing a normal page, and you can then decide where, when and how it will appear to a visitor on the page.

This tool works really well when used for a super funnel that can bring customers to your site. You can create an unlimited number of pages and so you can create a landing page for each of your marketing campaigns.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is definitely an important factor that you will need to take into account when purchasing any kind of software, especially for those who are just starting out. 

When GroovePages initially launched, it was under its own pricing model, but since GrooveFunnels launched, they have come under the same umbrella. There is actually two ways you can get GroovePages to work for your business:

  • You can get the free account that is offered by GrooveFunnels. This free account (which you don’t have to even enter your credit card details to open) comes with GroovePages Lite. This version does not have the premium templates that the full GroovePages tool has. You can still use it to create your own landing pages with no problems.
  • You can pay for the full GrooveFunnels software and get access to the GroovePages Pro version.

Here is how their pricing works at the moment:

  • Lifetime deal – $1897 – This is a limited time offer that is going on right now. You won’t ever have to make a payment to them again and all upcoming tools under GrooveFunnels will also be given to you.
  • Silver- $99 per month – Includes the basic features
  • Gold – $199 per month – Includes access to more tools than the silver package. 
  • Platinum – $299 per month – This is the full GrooveFunnels package

In Conclusion

Now that you have read through this, you can see where the confusion between the two names have come from. In the end, there is no difference between the two but they are one and the same. 

If you want to try GroovePages out before purchasing the full software, I would recommend making use of their free account offer so you can try the tool out for yourself and see if it is a good fit for you.