GroovePages Vs ClickFunnels. Which One Is Clearly A Better Choice?

GroovePages or ClickFunnels? Are you stuck at this decision for some times now?

Is this a tie? Or one is certainly better than the other?

If you are looking for credible information and a logical comparison between these two sales funnels and web page builders, then stick till the end of this article. 

It will cover little discussion about both the softwares, important features, pricing, free trials, pros and cons of each of them and a final suggestion. 

I am sure you will get a sure winner by the end. 

Let’s dig in!

Introduction to GroovePages and ClickFunnels 

If you have already done your research about the main purposes of these softwares then you can skip ahead this part. 

Some of you are probably not so aware about why and who should opt these two sales tools. So I am about to introduce you to GroovePages and ClickFunnels.

These two are SaaS digital marketing softwares to build highly converting and pro looking sales funnels. In addition, with GroovePages you can design your own business website and landing pages as well. 

Mike Filsaime, the CEO of GrooveDigitals started GrooveFunnels in 2019 after he left Kartra. Soon we will see if GrooveFunnels lives up to all the hypes around its name. 

Russell Brunson popularized the groundbreaking concept of sales funnels way back in 2015, when he started ClickFunnels.

Irrespective of the kind of business you are running : ecommerce, freelancing, small independent business, entrepreneurship, content developing, coaching or consultancy, blogging, podcasting, non-profits, sales funnels are a basic necessity to increase traffic. 

A sales funnel is a step by step structure that illustrates the customer’s activity on different stages from entering the store till purchasing a product. Obviously these steps vary from business to business. 

Basically a funnel helps you to understand the customer’s behavior and plan your marketing strategies accordingly. Also you can detect any faulty hole in the system and rectify that. 

Using both GroovePages and ClickFunnels you can create funnels that will bring a drastic change in your conversion rate. 


Now let’s discuss some of the very beneficial features of both these softwares. 


  • GroovePages is not just a funnel builder. In addition you can create and customize upto three free hosting websites using their easy ‘drag and drop’ editing method , without any prior technical knowledge as such. [with Pro version, it is unlimited]
  • GrooveFunnels uses a super progressive Javascript framework in their system called Vue.js. It enables preloading of the entire HTML structure. This is the main reason behind the astounding loading speed of GroovePages sites (nearly 1.5 sec). And as you know, the faster it loads, the better it ranks.  
  • Another feature that makes GroovePages stand out is its SEO optimized web pages. GroovePages focuses on mobile-first-indexing which is quite important to rank in Google. Result? More traffic, more conversion.
  • As they use pre-customized block technology, building pages is much easier. You just drag and drop the elements wherever you want them on the page. 
  • The list of page building elements like headers, footers, progress bars, countdown timers, navigation bars, pop-ups runs longer than ClickFunnels. 
  • Or you can use their pre-designed templates directly.
  • You can customize how your site will look on different devices like laptop, desktop, mobile etc. 
  • You can create check out pages with one-click upsell, downsell, order bumps. 


  • Many companies have later adapted the pioneering ‘drag and drop’ funnel building system from ClickFunnels. You don’t need to learn coding to do this. Just drag and place the elements according to your preference.
  • They have a huge pre-customized funnel template library with up to 22 different types. You can pick one depending on what your main goal is : to generate leads, to generate sales or run a webinar event. 
  • By one-click upsell and order bumps you can instantly increase the cart value by adding a page with more product offers during check out. This way you earn more profit by the impulsive purchases of your customers.
  • You can create Membership pages with exclusive contents and training materials for your users so that they can log in and access these materials.
  • You can design 2-step simplified order forms for your customers to give them a simpler check out process and track the leads’ information who abandon their carts. 
  • ClickFunnels has an autoresponder integrated in its system called Actionetics. With Actionetics you can create segmented, targeted customer lists based on their criterias, create follow-up funnels and send direct text messages and emails. Judging by the action score of each customer you can decide which customers are more valuable to you and send follow-up broadcasts.  
  • Their affiliate program called Backpack is one of the easiest ways to generate leads. Here you recruit affiliates who promote your funnels. They are the ones who risk their time and money to drive traffic to your funnel; they use their own list to promote you. You just pay them after a sale is done. Pretty simple!



GroovePages is not exactly a separate individual funnel builder tool. It’s part of a software suite GrooveFunnels that is included with a bunch of other sales tools. 

At this moment GrooveFunnels offers a one-time pricing for Pro membership. 

It costs $1397 and you get full access to all Groove tools for a lifetime. With this Lifetime Platinum Deal, GroovePages Pro version is also available. 

Some important features of this version are :

  • Wireframe blocks
  • Premium blocks
  • Access to a full growing template library
  • Split testing
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited custom domains, pages, website and funnels
  • Import funnels from other members
  • With clone feature, import any existing website and publish here

In GrooveFunnels all the tools are integrated and correlated to each other in a single system. Unlike ClickFunnels you don’t have to upgrade to high paying plans to access more tools. All these tools work together to form an organized business. 

Other integrated Groove tools :

  • GrooveSell to sell any physical or digital product like courses or memberships
  • GrooveMail to start sequence automated email broadcasting and manage email marketing with up to 25k free leads
  • GrooveVideo to host video content
  • GrooveAffiliate to promote GrooveFunnels products and earn commission
  • GrooveMember to build a membership website

Once the software is fully launched they will offer three monthly subscription plans :

  • Silver Plan – $99/month
  • Gold Plan – $199/month 
  • Platinum Plan – $299/month

The main idea behind GrooveFunnels subscription is to cut all other annoying subscription money that you have paid so far for each different tool. Here you don’t pay this kind of money for just GroovePages. A whole bunch of sales tools comes along with it. So if you really think, GrooveFunnels is quite affordable

Get your GrooveFunnels Lifetime Platinum Membership here – 


Right now ClickFunnels has two monthly plans – one basic low budget plan and ClickFunnels platinum. 

  • Basic Plan – $97/month 

Features :

  • Share funnels with friends
  • Customize up to 20 funnels and 100 subpages within each funnel
  • Courses and training video contents from marketing experts
  • Chat support to answer your technical questions
  • Access up to 3 payment gateways and domains
  • 1 sub user with login ID and admin rights
  • ClickFunnels Platinum Plan – $297/month

Features :

  • Share funnels with friends
  • Customize unlimited funnels and subpages within each funnel
  • Hours of additional training courses from marketing experts
  • Priority support to solve your problems
  • Access up to 9 payment gateways and domains
  • 3 sub user with login id and admin rights

Two completely new additional features in this plan are :

  • Follow up funnels to connect and reconnect with your audience after they have already left your funnel
  • Weekly Peer Review Hackathons where you build a funnel as a coach guides you through every step

Get your ClickFunnels monthly membership plan here – 

Free Trials 

Don’t we always prefer to take a test run before actually investing in a long term commitment? It’s natural to want to check if the product or service serves our purposes. 

Well you are in luck right now because both GroovePages and ClickFunnels are offering free trials to their customers. 


GroovePages Lite version is accessible with GrooveFunnels Free Base Account. You get this completely FREE. 

Usually product trials are offered for a certain period of time like 15 days or a month. 

This is where your jaw is about to drop. GrooveFunnels free trial has a lifetime of validity. Once you sign in, the account is yours indefinitely. Obviously later you can upgrade to any other plan from there. 

And it’s not just GroovePages Lite, now the free version includes 20 major GrooveFunnels tools like GrooveAffiliate, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, Groove Webinars Automated, GrooveDesk, GrooveBlog. All for free!

It goes without saying the GroovePages Lite lacks some of the Pro features. But it is enough in itself to create professional web pages and funnels to generate leads. You still get to host up to 3 websites for free which is simply amazing.

GroovePages Lite features : 

  • Wireframe blocks
  • Premium blocks starter pack
  • Free hosting 
  • 1 funnel template
  • Only 3 project sites
  • Only 3 funnels 
  • Only 3 custom domains
  • Sites branded with : ‘Pages built with GroovePages’

To sign up for your free account head here – 

All you have to do is fill up the check out form. No credit card information is required. 


ClickFunnels also offers a free trial to try out all the features. Like many other companies they offer a 14 days free trial

Certainly they ask for credit card information at the time of signing up. So if you decide to quit when the free trial ends you have to talk to your credit card support and cancel the payment. Otherwise you may be billed after 14 days.

Suppose you want to cancel the subscription now but may come back later. In such cases generally you don’t want to lose your data. This is not something to worry about because all your funnels, web pages and other files are backed up in the system. 

So that you can come back anytime and unpause your account to access all the old works. 

Start your free trial today –

Pros and Cons

So now it’s time to tally the pros and cons of each of these softwares. 

Needless to say that this opinion may vary for different people as per their requirements and budgets. 

You can check the points that match with yours. 


Pros :

  • Pages always get high ranking in search engines results like Google or Yahoo due to SEO optimization and mobile-first indexing.
  • The Javascript framework brings a complete fresh and crisp look to the pages.
  • It has a clean user friendly interface.
  • As a one-stop solution you get all the integrated sales tools together and not just GroovePages, that too for free or a one-time pricing. These offers are simply crazy compared to the world class marketing service they provide. There is no question to doubt their credibility.
  • They help to reduce all your monthly subscription costs in different platforms. 
  • They have a nice affiliate program where you share a referral code with your friends and if you convert you can earn 20%-40% commission. One of the easiest ways to earn money through GrooveFunnels. 
  • To run a digital business an autoresponder is badly essential. With GrooveMail you get 25k free contacts that means you can send a minimum of 75k emails every month. 
  • Mike Filsaime was cofounder of Kartra before and now a GrooveFunnels competitor. Once his 2 years non-competing contract with Kartra was over he started his new venture with GrooveDigitals. They have bigger ideas planned for the company in the upcoming three years. Their million dollars revenue is mostly reinvested in development and customer service. 

Cons :

  • As the software is still in beta, issues like some features not working properly or missing basic blocks or bugs are noticed. 
  • This kind of technical platforms should offer 24/7 live representative customer care service. But GrooveFunnels still has a ticketing system to launch a complaint or query. 
  • In the 2nd phase of beta, they have launched a lot of new tools. But there are some basic tools that you will have to wait for until the software is fully launched. Many users may not be comfortable paying for an incomplete version of a software. 


Pros :

  • If your requirement is solely focused on funnel building, then ClickFunnels is your ultimate choice. It undoubtedly tops the market in this category.
  •  ClickFunnels has served over hundred thousand happy users for over five years now. It’s a trusted brand name in the digital marketing field and excels in the job it is supposed to get done.
  • Any user without any prior knowledge of web designing or technicalities can handle this. It has a very easy and simple UI.
  • You can do split testing and track conversion rate of customers.
  • This platform is still developing and updating its service. Their Facebook group is extremely active.
  • Since they have been in the market for a long time now they have a 24/7 live representative support system to help you with any query or issue. 

Cons :

  • Although they have a ready representative support system, it may take up to 24 hours to solve a problem depending on the complication of the issue.
  • It’s not really an all-in-one SaaS company. To run a whole organized business just building funnels is not enough. For other tools you have to take multiple paid subscriptions on different platforms. And that will be very inconvenient financially. 
  • They have stopped developing other integrated tools to focus on just funnel building which makes it kind of weaker.
  • One major minus point is their lack of SEO optimized pages. Their page uploading time is also fairly slow. As a result it’s not easy to rank with ClickFunnels pages. 
  • The idea of a base plan $97/month does not make much sense because once the 20 funnels and 100 subpages are used up, you have to upgrade to the ClickFunnels Platinum plan $297/month.

And let’s face it, this is kind of steep for just one service. GrooveFunnels’ upcoming monthly Platinum plan offers all the services they have in just $299. It clearly shows which one is more economic. Right?


Now all the arguments both positive and negative are placed on the table. 

Even though it’s completely a matter of an individual’s choice, I think it can be safely said that GroovePages is the clear winner.  

GroovePages does the one thing ClickFunnels is supposed to do, better than ClickFunnels itself. 

A funnel and website builder can be judged on two highlight parameters : hosting and SEO optimization. 

GroovePages beats ClickFunnels in both. Absolutely free hosting for 3 custom domains and highly optimized pages with mobile-first-indexing weighs heavily on the side of GroovePages.

Another point of discussion is pricing of course. 

Just when GrooveFunnels was coming out of its cocoon towards the beginning of this year, Covid 19 happened. It is a well known fact how this pandemic has shattered many independent small businesses all around the globe. That time GrooveFunnels team offered these three tools GroovePages Lite, GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell as a contribution to this community. 

 Now the quality or amount of service they are providing for free, stands no comparison with any other company in digital marketing. 

Even if you compare their upcoming monthly platinum plan with ClickFunnels, you can see just for two more bucks they are offering a whole bunch of sales softwares apart from GroovePages. 

ClickFunnels may excel in its type category but in no way it is a one stop solution for all sales tools. But they charge as much as GrooveFunnels does per month. 

So what do you think? Does it take a lot to figure out that a subscriber will save a chunk of money if he opts for GroovePages and GrooveFunnels. Plus he gets world class service from GrooveDigitals. 

Rather than repeating the same points again, let’s just leave it at this. GroovePages offer you a lot more in less money. And if a person has a very specific need he can totally opt for ClickFunnels. 

Hope it helped to clear your confusion and make a fair choice. Keep creating!