Helium 10 platinum plan

 if you want to start your own career in amazon.com or amazon.in, then this is the platform which might be the most compatible platform for you. All the questions regarding this platform will be answered in this blog. It has different features for helping the users to start their own career, sell either their own products or drop-shipped products etc.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a software as a service (SAAS) platform which bundles together and provided with the features and tools required to sell products in Amazon websites.

This platform helps you research for various competitions against your store such as possible buyer keywords, trending products, view the amount of product sales, organically obtained positions, position for paid employees, researching about hot categories, analyze the store’s products, email marketing, deal with refunding products and many more features that you can either add or just activate in your software through Helium 10.

Helium 10 platinum plan

There are several plans you can opt which is available in this software. One of them is the helium 10 platinum plan, which is the cheapest of the plans available in this software which gives you the access to the software features and tools as a separate system or as a bundle which you have to pay for every month.

There are 4 subscriptions you can take for a month, they are the free membership, the platinum membership, the diamond membership and the elite membership.

The free subscription gives you the tools which are not that powerful but are necessary for opening a decent store. Because of this feature, there might not be a lot of option from which you can choose. Although we can try all the features out but only for a limited time period of amount. The  plus point of this is that it does not cost a single penny.

Next is the “Ala Carte” subscription, which allows you to handpick the tools which you think might be the ones you will require. The decision is all up to you but the limitations let you not to get all the tools. It might make the subscription price more expensive as the number of tools you choose to take. This subscription follows the motto “the more flexible, the more the price”. The pricing of this subscription is $97 a month.

The helium 10 platinum plan, however, gives a cheaper rate than the 2 or 3 handpicked tools from the Ala carte option without limiting the tools that can be used. The higher the subscription, the more bandwidth and network is available for you to use in the store. It also gives many advanced features which cannot be found or obtained by any of the previous subscription which is something you should definitely keep in mind before deciding which subscription you are going to take.

What can be done by the helium 10 software?

There are some tools which has an unlimited usage and their names are :

Black box, Trendster, Magnet2, Cerebrow, Frankenstein, Scribbles, inventory protection, refund genie, Xray, profits etc.

There are no holds and no limitation to these tools. However, there are some tools which are not assessed until and only some which you can access by paying for it. These are :

Index checker – 150 uses per month

Keyword tracker – 2500 keywords usage

Alerts – 300 ASINs

Follow up – 5000 emails per month

Multi-user login – only available for the diamond and elite subscribers

Monthly training – only available for helium 10 elite subscribers.

In – persons workshops -only available for helium 10 elite subscribers.

Access to private groups in Facebook application – only available for helium 10 elite subscribers.

Freedom ticket training – available for all the subscribers except the free one.

Is the helium 10 software worth the price?

It depends upon how much you feel you are going to use this platform and its interface. The more you use this interface, the more you have to pay for it as a subscription.

If you’re only interested to see it work and com into use, then I am pretty certain that you are not totally committed to this platform yet. The use won’t be that much, so I will recommend you to try the software through the free subscription where you will know a lot about the system and how it works and if this is the one which is the perfect for your usage type. Even though you may be limited with the tools you use but you pretty much will get an idea about the other tools just by using the basic versions of them through the free subscription.

If you want to see only a certain tools that works in this software then I would recommend the Ala carte option which gives you the access of the tools which you want to use, however, not all of them. Though it will be the cheapest option you might find rather than using the helium 10 platinum plan. But it can get more expensive than platinum plan just be handpicking two or more than that. 

If you are serious about this and you really want to sell products in websites like Amazon, then I would most probably recommend the higher subscriptions available in the platform. But the most recommended plan would be the helium 10 platinum plan. Since you get access to all the features available in the platform. And those tools too which are the most powerful tools in the software but you do have to pay for it either provided in the bundle or separately. There are no limitations to the actions you can perform through these tools and would not feel like you are losing or missing some tools out. If you really want certain tools and not all of them then you can take the Ala carte option even though it might be more or the most expensive plan you can find.

These are the features and the tools you get in this software and how you can make use of this software by the features and tools provided by this software.