How Can You Find Success As An Affiliate Marketer?

How Can You Find Success As An Affiliate Marketer

How Can You Find Success As An Affiliate Marketer? (2021)

Find out How To Succeed at Affiliate Marketing Below!


A lot of people feel frustrated when they try to become an affiliate marketing and give up after not seeing results for months. We can blame the “experts” who sell it as a way to get rich in a couple of months, but the real reason goes beyond that.

We’re used to instant gratification. We press a couple of buttons and see the movies we want. We type a few keys, click a few times and get all the answers to our questions. We want to cook something we haven’t done before, and we just need to pull out our phones to see the recipe.

You get what I mean.

What’s the key to success with affiliate marketing?

To say that affiliate marketing is popular is an understatement. Thousands of people flock to it every week, and even before making a penny, they’re already downloading and buying every resource that teaches the subject around the internet.

There’s an entire industry around teaching others how to do it. You have “secret recipe” eBooks, “10 things you need to know” articles, and entire videos detailing how other entrepreneurs succeeded. You’d need more than a few years to read and watch every resource available.

Don’t get me wrong; this is great. A lot of people have built an income stream after taking this guides. The problem is believing that knowledge is all you need to find affiliate marketing success.

This isn’t an article detailing the steps you need to take or the best strategies to build a sustainable business. There’s enough content on the internet to cover that, so we’ll focus on what most people fail to teach you.

This is where you go after you’ve read dozens of guides and watched countless videos. Our topic today is to teach you how to go where countless other people – who have done the same as you – don’t go.

Just a heads up, we’ll focus heavily on breaking your expectations – mainly that instant gratification. There’s no instant gratification in any business, and affiliate marketing is the same; it doesn’t have a magic tool that will take care of your business for you after a click.

You need to be resilient

One of the main signs that you want to keep going is being ready to just give up and drop everything out of frustration. Virtually everyone will reach this point eventually – at least those who attempt to become an affiliate marketing.

The key is to push after that. That’s the filter, and pushing beyond the point where most people quit takes you significantly closer to success.

The issue is that it’s not easy, but you don’t notice it immediately.

Most gurus sell the idea that affiliate marketing is easy; the same goes for pushing past the majority. Most people believe this, and some even find the entire process quite effortless – until the actually reach that “easy to overcome” stage.

That’s our focus today: the one resource you’ll need to get past that. You’ll learn the bridge to cross that metaphorical abyss.

It’s about wanting something for real

Let’s imagine a situation many can relate with.

Imagine you like soccer. You don’t merely go play with friends whenever you organize a friendly match. You watch every game, read interviews, try to imitate the best plays you see on the screen.

Imagine you buy the best soccer ball available in your town. You also complement it nicely with branded footwear from your favorite player. You practice in your backyard when there’s no one to play with, and you might even sign up to a local club to practice with others.

However, years go by. You graduate, start a career, finish it, get a job, and “settle down”. You still have that ball and everything you wore to practice; you still watch every game. Why didn’t you become a professional player?

The reason why that’s a common story for a lot of people is that they didn’t really want it. Sure, they enjoyed – and even thought that was what they wanted. The issue lies in that they didn’t “want it enough”.

If they were serious about it, they would’ve prioritized their practice schedule over everything. They would’ve spent most of their day training and signed up to any team they thought could take them to stardom.

I think that’s the best description: they might want it, but they don’t take it seriously. That’s what happens with affiliate marketing.

Knowledge is only good if you use it

You can get everything you need to succeed an affiliate marketer. You can buy the best course, download the best resources, and get yourself the best apps and plugins available right now.

All of these build a great path to succeed as an affiliate marketer, but they won’t walk for you. You won’t get anything out of the greatest training, best design, and most sophisticated tools if you just forget about them.

It doesn’t help if you only check them out now and then – or even if you decide to take serious steps for a while – if you’re just going to forget about it after a few months.

It’s the same as new year resolutions. Everyone decides to get fit, learn a new skill, get a gym membership, and more. It only takes most people a few weeks – months to the more dedicated – to just forget about it. The most common excuse is that “life gets in the way”; but the truth is that they weren’t serious about it in the first place.

Still, there’s people who go through with their resolutions. I have friends who still eat healthy and work out every day years after that resolution. That’s because they were serious; they didn’t decide they wanted to do that out of novelty or the rush of hanging out with friends.

The funny thing is that they often have the same resources – money and time – than the people who quit after a few weeks or months.

Affiliate marketing is just the same. The internet is filled with all the guides, videos, tips, tools, and platforms you’ll ever need to succeed. In the end, people with access to the same tools meet different results: some make hundreds of thousands and others lose money.

The key lies in taking it seriously. The internet doesn’t have everything you need – just the resources. What it can’t provide is something you need to grab from your inner self: motivation.

Find out what you really want

If you really want to succeed at affiliate marketing, you need to be serious and motivated to put up with the ups and downs. The good thing is that you already want it if you’re here, but you need to find out how much you really want it.

It’s obvious how motivation, resilience and hard work are important when we think about famous actors or fighting champions. It’s a lot more difficult when we think about working while sitting in front of a computer.

What motivates you?

Everyone gets tired and frustrated, and that’s particularly true if you’re building a business – any business. You’ll even wonder why you’re still going at it, and you need to have a strong answer to that question when the moment comes.

Again, I can’t give you this answer, and no one can. You need to find it yourself.

You might simply want more money to afford the things you need and want. You might want more freedom, often granted by that same money. You might want more time to spend with your loved ones and yourself. You might want to stop having to work for someone else.

There are many more “you might’s”, but you should get the point by now. That list of reasons why you started in the first place need to be strong – not any will do the trick.

When the time comes and you ask yourself “why am I still trying?”, you want to answer that in seconds.

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