How Can You Find the Best Wholesaler for Your Business? (2021)

Find out How To Find The Right Wholesalers for your dropshipping business Below!

How Can You Find the Best Wholesaler for Your Business?

Finding a good wholesale supplier is one of the fundamental steps for having a successful eCommerce venture, and if you already know which products you want to sell, it’s an easier process.

Today, we’ll go through a few tips for you to find a good supplier for your business. It’s definitely something you want to read thoroughly, since you can’t find success without good products and responsible suppliers.

Also, if you nurture a good relationship with your distributor, you might get better prices and payment terms, which would translate into more profits and flexibility.

However, having a lousy supplier means you’ll find yourself either delivering poor quality products all the way to listing items that aren’t even availably.

So let’s find out how to do things right.

Find your product

The first requirement for finding a good supplier is making sure that the right product is on your sights. Understanding the market you’ll tackling before spending any money on inventory or contacting your suppliers means a lot of time saved, which also means more money and less stress.

There are a few questions you want to answer before deciding a product.

First, you want to know the tastes and needs of your customers as well as which features matter to them. You also need to figure out if there’s any special financing necessary for your clients. You need to decide whether venturing with B2C (selling to consumers) or B2B (selling to other companies). Finally, make sure you’re aware of whether your customers prefer a brick and mortar or online store.

You should also focus on a niche, and if you still don’t have one, make sure to read about how to pick the right one for you.

Figure out the type of supplier for you

After the type of product for your store, you must decide the type of supplier that better fits your business approach. There are 3 main types of suppliers with different advantages and disadvantages, and knowing how each one works will help you decide.


Some suppliers will sell you the products directly, and manufacturers usually require a high minimum order amount or bulk orders. If you can buy your products directly, this is the best option since it’ll save you money down the road.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to handle large orders, then you’re probably better off buying from middlemen at first.


These are the middlemen you might want to start with. They’re usually the businesses supplying the products to both brick and mortar and online businesses.

Distributors take care of buying the bulk orders, and then they sell them in smaller amounts to other stores for a profit. You can fit the liquidators and wholesalers in this category.

Foreign companies

If none of the previous options entice you, and you’re not afraid of expanding your limits, you can source your products outside your borders. There are many importing companies ready to assist you in finding good deals around the globe, acting as domestic distributors for other firms.

Find your supplier

There are countless suppliers, and while that means more options, it also means more difficulty finding the right one. That’s why you want to know the product and type of supplier beforehand.

These are some of the places you can find suppliers.

Trade shows

These are among the best places where you can find good suppliers. You can see them directly, and this helps you figure out which ones take things seriously. You can also interact with them and get a lot more insight than with other methods.

Trade publications

You can look towards magazines around your market, and while an ad isn’t enough to judge a firm, you can still learn from the message they’re marketing as well as insight from the articles.


Another great way is to ask your peers about suppliers. Yes, they’re your competitors, but many will be glad to help on forums or shows.

Online research

Most good suppliers will have a professional website that’s easy to find. You can also use sites like Alibaba or Salehoo.

Directory subscription

Using directories is a great way to contact suppliers, but you want to be careful from the ones listing poor quality. Salehoo is the best choice since they filter all entries on their lists, and you have a huge database to research.

Contacting the supplier

If you know what you want to sell, the manufacturer can help you by pointing out to the distributors authorized by them who could sell you the products.

Searching with Google

Make sure to do deep research since manufacturers are quite lousy when it comes to marketing their services. You’ll probably have to go past the 5-page mark if you want to find a good supplier.

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