How Can You Make Money with Salehoo

How Can You Make Money with Salehoo

How Can You Make Money with Salehoo? (2021)

Find out how to make money with Salehoo Below!


A few people ask if it’s possible to actually make money from Salehoo despite all the reviews available. I can sort of understand that qualm: there are countless resources and opportunities, but it can be difficult to know how to turn them into a profit.

Today, we’ll go through how to do that.

About the platform

Salehoo is a website with lists of wholesalers for eCommerce entrepreneurs, and it also has several tools available besides the main function.

The most common use is to find trending products for your business, and it’s used by independent dropshippers and eBay sellers alike.

There are different sections within the Salehoo hub:

Lists of suppliers

This is the main attraction in Salehoo: a list with more than 8,000 suppliers, curated from companies around the world. It guarantees quality and authenticity for your products.

The list not only shows the products. You have access to the different suppliers offering those products and current prices on the eBay market for you to compare with the prices from each supplier and estimate your earnings.

Research lab

The research lab is one of the extra tools given with the membership. You can use it to track best-sellers and sales on eBay.

It also has information on sales competition, average prices in those sales, and estimated number of sales per day. Of course, you can also see the different suppliers, pricing, and minimum amount of orders.


Salehoo has one of the few forums with a significant amount of users talking about relevant topics. Salehoo’s forum is therefore a hotbed of information and interaction.

It’s a great place to answer any questions you might have, and you can even help other people and build contacts that might come in handy later on.


You also have access to educational resources in case you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed with the whole business environment and terminology.

Besides, this isn’t just a thrown-together program. It’s filled with useful content and information, but it’s still aimed towards using eBay, and while it’s still useful for any platform, it’s still worth checking out.


This is an interesting element: Salehoo has launched a stores platform, somewhat similar to Shopify. You can access SEO optimized businesses, which helps you set up a high-quality venture while skipping expensive fees.

These stores are mostly designed for people aiming towards dropshipping on Amazon or eBay, and if you pay for a membership and build your store, you also have access to all features from Salehoo.

Where does the money come from?

Basically, the money comes once you start using the tools offered by the platform. Read below how to do that.


The obvious way is to put the lists into good use. You can save lots of time using these curated listings since you don’t have to manually search and filter the suppliers for yourself.

AliExpress and Alibaba are the most popular supplier directories, but they’re still filled with low quality products. The lists also grant you access to the products that are doing good on the market.


You can also use the labs to find all the information necessary to make a choice based on the previous listings and products you were already thinking about selling.

You can get ideas from here to find which products you might want to sell and how to do it.


The different guides available in the Salehoo educational resources might not be an instant income stream, but they provide the necessary knowledge for increasing your sales and manage products, regardless of the eBay-oriented content.

There are 11 sections (2 exclusive for premium members), and you have about 60 videos overall that you can use to become a better entrepreneur.

Salehoo store

Finally, if you’re tired of using Shopify or keeping up with the fees on Amazon or eBay, you don’t have to go to WordPress and create a store from scratch. You can simply use the Salehoo stores hub to keep your business going.

The basic plan costs as much as Shopify’s: $29. However, you don’t have to pay any fees besides the standard one. It also comes with marketing credits, a free logo for your store, and SEO optimization.

If you’re good with WordPress, you might want to go with WooCommerce, but Salehoo stores are a great solution for people looking for a decent store.


Basically, Salehoo won’t just give you the money. You need to put the tools into good use and see the benefits afterwards.

Dropshipping isn’t a “get rich quick” business model, and you shouldn’t expect the same from the tools available.

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