How Do Rich People Keep Making More Money? 17 Reasons Why! (2021)

Find out How Do Rich People Keep Making More Money Below!

How Do Rich People Keep Making More Money

If there’s a common trend between every rich person, is that they keep getting richer with time. There’s a reason why there’s usually such a large gap between rich people and the rest in any area you think of. In fact, there are 17 reasons that play a role in keeping that gap – sometimes increasing it.

If you want to reach the same level as “the 1%”, then your goal shouldn’t be “make more money”. Far from it, you should aim to learn how they got where they are right now and how you can replicate that success for yourself.

Today, we’ll take a look at the tactics used by rich people to remain wealthy and make more money over the years – not necessarily how they got there in the first place.

With that in mind, let’s see what you can do to help your bank account grow.

Working for themselves

The first reason why rich people make so much money is that they don’t reach a 9-5 job and stay there forever. Even if they’re part of “the grind” at some point, they worked towards freeing themselves from it.

The main step to become successful is to take risks and become your own boss. If you want to look at it in a simpler way, you’re not making money for yourself if your main responsibility is to make money for other people.

Who comes to mind when you think about millionaires? Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Carolina Herrera, and anyone making the list of richest people in the world share one quality: they’re the head of their business – none of them are employees.

It’s logical as well; the only way to increase your income is to be fully in control of its source.

Studying money

Sure, some people stumble across a million-dollar idea, but that’s the exception instead of the rule. Most millionaires come from hard work and investing their time.

That takes us to learning about money. I’m not talking about what it is; I’m talking about how it works, what makes it valuable, and where it should go. Understanding how the economy works gives you a significant edge over people who see money as something they get for working and can be spent on things.

What do you picture when thinking about stocks? I’m sure it’s not just piles of money, but also statistics, people analyzing screens, etc. They need to learn how to spot good opportunities and then analyze dozens of options until they find one that can make them money,

That’s true for everyone. You need to learn about what you want to do for a living. Programmers need to learn about computers – the same with accountants and finances, engineers and math, doctors and the human body, etc.

And what do millionaires use the most if not money?

Investing in themselves

This kind of builds on from studying money since investing in yourself means improving your skills, and you do that by learning new things.

After you figure out the area you want to work in, you then need to develop yourself to be the best at it. It’s hard for an industry to offer zero chances to become a millionaire, but you need to be an expert at it first.

It doesn’t merely set you up for the long run, either. You can start earning more in your job as you improve your skills, either from raises or being promoted.

If you can become a complete expert in any useful field, then you reached one of the most important milestone. You just need to keep this mentality and keep investing in yourself to improve constantly.

Nurturing several income sources

One of the most common tips you’ll hear from entrepreneurs is “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. In case you don’t know what it means, it’s that the key to keeping a steady income flow is to have several sources.

Intelligent entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new investment opportunities that can create one more income stream. It includes stocks, futures, cryptocurrencies, products, properties, consultancy, and lots more.

Imagine you have a friend who wants to build a business you think will be profitable. Why not offer him money in exchange of a percentage of the profits? Finding an income source can be as simple as that, but most people think only about the usual: the stock market.

The key is to pay attention to anything you can make money out of. You could create an online course and sell it, resell inexpensive items for a profit, download Uber and start driving, and all at the same time.

I hope you get it by now: try to have as many income sources as possible.

Investing and saving

This one’s closely related to our previous point: rich people know that locking away all of their money won’t make them rich. They need smart investments as well as savings accounts to make money from their money.

Here, we’ll go back to our previous investment options: crypto, stocks, futures, commodities, etc. The best way to stay where you are is to make your money work for you, and you’ve probably heard that tip before.

Keep in mind this is still all calculated. You can’t spray money around randomly and hope to profit from it. Risk is always necessary if you want to succeed at pretty much anything, but you always need to study the odds and how to decrease that risk as much as possible.

Passive income

This is the last tip from the “invest wisely” triad started by the previous two suggestions. Passive income refers to income streams that don’t require you to work on then constantly – even while some of them require lots of work to begin with.

Let’s go back to the example of your friend’s business. You give him the money, and he pays back with a percentage of his earnings. What do you have to do to keep that income stream? Nothing, you already did your part: helping him start.

That’s basically how passive income works.

However, you need to remember that’s definitely not the rule. Most passive income streams will require lots of effort before you can lay back and let the money get to you. Other examples include renting properties, accounts with high interest rates, or a blog that keeps making ad revenue well after you publish content.

Living within limits

Rich people might have seemingly unlimited amounts of money, but they rarely throw it away or treat it as anything other than valuable.

Sure, some people get expensive super cars and clothes or throw huge parties that amount to a full month’s salary for many. However, they only do it because they know they can afford it without compromising their comfort.

Millionaires know how important it is to stay away from debt or emptying their savings account. No one becomes a millionaire killing their credit cards and paying high interest rates or blowing their savings without an immediate way to replace them.

Adapt your lifestyle to your income level no matter where you sit. You’ll only live more “luxuriously” because your “leisure money” increases with your wealth.

Beware of people

This might sound rude, but you need to set limits with family and friends. Yes, it’s great to be able to help others, and it feels amazing to do so. However, you don’t want to become their safety net.

I’m not saying everyone wants to be a parasite, but helping other people can quickly get out of hands. Especially when you’re starting out, overdoing it in this regard can exhaust your capital quite quickly.

You’d also be surprised to know that “freeloading” isn’t even the main issue. Even if they only come to you for legitimate reasons, you need to be really careful not to create dependency towards you.

It can basically hurt everyone involved, so be careful about how “generous” you become. You definitely want to set limits, and it’ll always be better help to give advice than outright handing out cash.


New ideas and businesses surface almost every week, and being an early adopter gives you a huge edge over people arriving late. Still, don’t take this advice at “always support any scheme you see”.

You want to stay updated about any new changes and proposals, particularly around technology or business. If you see an interesting idea that could actually make money, then that’s an opportunity you want to write down.

We don’t need to go way back in time to find an example, either.

Think about cryptocurrencies. Entire millionaires were born in a single year because they bought Bitcoin and other coins back when their value was just a few cents just to have them grow all the way to nearly $20,000 in a few years. Of course, most of them had them nearly a decade before they blew up, but it’s still an example of how it pays to have a good eye for opportunities.

Choosing their friends

A lot of people agree that you can measure people by those surrounding him. Sure, it’s not right 100% of the time, but there’s a good reason behind so many sayings in so many languages.

If you take a look at who’s often seen hanging out with other millionaires, you’ll find it’s usually other millionaires. It has little to do with despising lower classes and more with preferring to socialize with people sharing their goals, lifestyle, and interests.

I’m not saying you should befriend people depending on how much they make. What I’m trying to say is that you want your friends to share similar goals and be a positive influence for you and what you want to achieve.

This is specially true when talking about staying away from people who simply won’t care about what you do. Sure, it’s nice not to be judged by others, but wouldn’t it be better to stay around others who push you to become a better person?


The people around you goes beyond your friends and family. You can always add more people to your list of friends, and even if you don’t, you should try and stay in touch with people that can add value to your life.

You can even find a good mentor if you manage to network with people who have achieved some of that success you’re trying to reach.

For this, you should try to become more involved with the community around your interests. Go to business events, conferences, and even workshops so you can meet more people you wouldn’t otherwise.

Not only can you make new friends from it, but you can start gaining reputation around these circles. It’s a great way to open new doors for yourself.

Not giving up

If you want to be rich, you need to be persistent, patient, and most importantly, resilient. Rich people don’t become millionaires overnight – unless they’re born from wealthy families. They spend years or even decades before they can sit back and stare at the path they just finished.

All of this time isn’t spent waiting, either. They work every day at what they want to achieve, build relationships, learn more, and simply do as much as they can to make their dreams come true.

Some say rich people were gifted good luck to get where they are, but I doubt anyone who spends all day between their office and resting will stumble upon several millions of dollars randomly on the street.

It’s a tough road. You’ll lose money, opportunities, maybe even loved ones, but never time as long as you refuse to accept failure is even an option.

Clear goals

Now, “I want to be a millionaire” is definitely a goal, but is it enough? Definitely not.

Rich people know how to set goals. They might very well say “I want to be a millionaire”, but the secret lies in how you turn a seemingly fantasy goal into a realistic objective. The truth lies in setting up large goals and then figuring out a path of smaller achievements you need to get there.

If your goal is to be a millionaire, you need to get there. A good goal is to grow a successful business that you can scale indefinitely. How do you start a business? Well, you need capital, permissions, etc. How do you get those?

It goes on and on until you have an entire list of objectives that ends in you being rich but starts with something you can do right now, tomorrow, this week, etc.

Taking care of themselves

You want to think about yourself as your own tool to reach success. Intelligence, physical ability, health, and others are the tools you have available, and you need to take care of your tools.

Studying, keeping a healthy lifestyle, working out, organizing their thoughts, cleaning their home, meditating… All of these are ways people take care of themselves. You can’t work towards your goals if you’re sick, and doing so when you’re stressed or depressed can be just as difficult.

Keep in mind the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle. You could make your first hundred thousands in savings just to lose it if you need surgery and treatment. This is true for both physical and mental health; don’t forget that.

Not afraid of failure

Now, before I begin, I’m not saying you should be careless. You should always take as many precautions as you can to increase the chances of something going well. What I’m saying is that your life isn’t finished if an investment or venture goes wrong.

Rich people are far from strangers to failure, and chances are any wealthy person you ask has at least one failure story. Some even have more failures than successes, but the latter more than made up for their shortcomings.

Whenever you meet failure, you want to see it as an opportunity to learn. It’s not the end of the world, it’s the start of a possibly better one. Once something goes wrong, ask yourself why it happened and how you could’ve avoided the outcome so that you can prepare yourself for similar situations in the future.

Proper planning

It’s time to get a bit on the legal side here. Rich people know perfectly well how they can take advantage of tax breaks and deductions as well as estate planning to keep their wealth healthy and growing.

Even if they’re not legal experts, they make sure to hire an advisor or accountant to help them with these issues. You should definitely imitate that; if you can’t hire a financial advisor, do your best to learn what tax advantages you can take.

It’s no secret that the government has a taste for wealthier people, so you definitely want to know whether or not something changes as your income levels increase. Proper planning goes a very long way to keep your money safe, and estate planning might also be a solution for you to decide where you want your money to go once you’re gone.

Taking vacations

This is a fairly simple tip, actually. Sometimes, meditating or hitting the gym isn’t enough to free your mind from any stress or disturbance. Keeping a clear head is vital to reach success, and being respectful of your free time is important to keep a clear head.

Working towards your goals require a lot of work, so taking a break now and then can actually make you more efficient after it’s done. Besides, if you’ve boosted your income levels through hard work, you also deserve a short break.

It’s both a reward and a way to keep optimal performance levels, so don’t think you need to forget about yourself in favor of your goals.


As you can see, being wealthy isn’t really a blueprint as it is a way of seeing things. You don’t have to imitate every step other people took. You want to learn how they approach life and their goals so that you can adopt that same attitude.

After all, the path is different for each person. What worked for them won’t always work for you, but you definitely want to share the same principles while you play your own cards.

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