How Do You Combine Shopify With ClickFunnels?

How Do You Combine Shopify With ClickFunnels

How Do You Combine Shopify With ClickFunnels? (2021)

Find out How To Combine Shopify With ClickFunnels Below!


Shopify and ClickFunnels are excellent complements to your eCommerce venture. Both platform offer several benefits and features on their own. ClickFunnels creates simple funnels that move your customers from your land page to your cart, and Shopify lets you host and set up a online store easily.

ClickFunnels is more of an extension for your store. It won’t do everything your store does, yet it’s a great way to boost your success. Shopify is more of the foundation for it.

While both platforms are outstanding on their own, combining the 2 takes their capabilities and improves them by a mile. So, let’s see what how you integrate them and take your business to the next level.

Integrating the two

As I said, integrating ClickFunnels into your Shopify store is a great step to make it easier to find success. So let’s see how you can get these two together.

First, you want to log into your account on Shopify on a different tab. Go back to your ClickFunnels tab and go into your account’s menu; click on Integration and then Add New Integration.

Look for Shopify and click on it. Type your store’s URL on the box and hit “Connect Integration.” A page will open afterwards, so get to it and click “Install Unlisted App”.

Once that’s done, you’re all set to start customizing your ClickFunnels account for your Shopify.

Finding your product

You might have different interesting products on your store, but you should still focus on a single product if you want to use ClickFunnels at its fullest.

After you choose the best item in your catalog (through testing), build a landing page for it on ClickFunnels. The page should have sales copy explaining your product to your customer, some reviews and pictures. Basically, add what you think can move your customer towards hitting “Buy”.

However, it’s not just to lead your customer towards buying. You want to make it part of your marketing strategy, even if it doesn’t result in a sale. ClickFunnels can also let you develop a solid email marketing strategy.

Upsell like crazy

One of the benefits of ClickFunnels is how it makes it easy to upsell to your clients. After you’ve chosen your focus product, think of complementing products that you can offer with it.

Then, move them to your funnel to increase the earnings for each purchase.

You also want to create an opt-in page to get more recurring customers. You can use these leads to keep them posted about new promotions and items.

Using ClickFunnels links

Market your product with the ClickFunnels link to your landing page. Then, your page should then move your visitors towards conversion, but for that to happen, you must drive traffic into it.

The right audience will come from your niche, and it’ll let you find out how to reach these people with relevant and interesting information.

You also want to share that link on the right platforms, finding the correct places that will generate the right traffic to your offer. ClickFunnels can’t do miracles if your traffic isn’t interested on your product, but if it’s what they’re looking for, the sales will come much easier.

Let ClickFunnels do what it does

You already took the last step on the previous section; now, you just want to let ClickFunnels take care of the rest: collect your emails and stimulate towards conversion. Even if the conversion doesn’t occur, it’ll follow up your leads with emails thanking them or reminding them about the offer.

After you set up your landing page, your only job is to move traffic to it. Once your ads campaigns are running and generating sales, you don’t have anything else to do besides keeping your ads working and optimizing them.

Try new things

The best approach to your first dropshipping venture is to focus on few items, even just one. It’s also the best approach to get the most out of ClickFunnels.

However, as you start to see success and increase your income, you can start trying to experiment new things. Promote it through different platforms, work on your branding, and build on your success by improving the best ads.

After you have a stable income, you can even start trying out new products and test new income sources.

A few tips

Finally, there are a few tips you want to keep in mind. Even after you have a somewhat stable business, things can become a bit confusing, but as long as you keep these basics in mind, you won’t deviate.

  • Don’t forget what’s your target audience.
  • Your sales funnel must feel natural and flowing for your customers.
  • Don’t get too complicated; don’t force your visitors.
  • Don’t think your business is perfect; you can always improve at least a bit.
  • Without traffic, there’s no business, so focus on your marketing and don’t rush it.

Don’t stagnate; more money means more investment capital to grow your business, and thus, your profits.

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