How does Commerce HQ work

How does Commerce HQ work

How does Commerce HQ work? (2021)

Find out how exactly does Commerce HQ work Below!


Commerce HQ is a new drop shipping platform by the famous Shopify creator, Jon Mac. As most people in the dropshipping already know, Shopify is one of the best dropshipping platforms in the industry. And years later, Jon and his partner Vlad released Commerce HQ, a new and improved version of Shopify. Unsurprisingly this new and enhanced platform should do even better than the popular Shopify. In this review, we will learn how Commerce HQ works and how it differs from Shopify.

How does Commerce HQ work?

You can build a good business from scratch on Shopify. However, to create a highly converting store, you will need to install a bunch of marketing tools and plugins to generate leads and get traffic. With Commerce HQ, your store will have marketability from day one as it has tools integrated with the system that is geared towards helping store owners build their traffic.

All in one platform

With Shopify, you need to research in order to find the right tools or plugins that your store needs. Although you can get free tools online, some of these do incur costs. Commerce HQ stores aim to be the all-in-one solution that entrepreneurs need, so you won’t have to worry about downloading third-party apps or paying for apps that you might not need. Commerce HQ plugins are integrated into the system. This means that once you’ve built your store, you can immediately begin marketing efforts to develop traffic. Whereas with Shopify, you will need to spend time and money installing third-party tools. Not to mention, installing these tools is also not a walk in the park as you might have to deal with many customer services or support agents when things go wrong.

One-off monthly payment

Another benefit of having all your necessary tools integrated into one system is that you will only have one recurring cost every month. If you are still sticking to Shopify, the total cost for your store will accumulate to a hefty amount. At some point, you might even lose track of all the third-party apps you have installed and paid more than you should.

One account

With Shopify, store owners with more than one store usually end up with several accounts. This means that each time you need a new store, you need to go over the whole process of getting a new account, building another store from scratch and paying even more along the way. For example, Shopify store owners with more than one store usually end up spending around $700 in fees. With Commerce HQ, you can easily switch between your multiple stores under one account, and for a much reasonable price.

Higher conversion rates

Commerce HQ’s integrated tools all have the same function, to help boost conversions for your store. Most of these tools have been previously reviewed by Jon Mac himself to boost Shopify store conversion rates, which has to be installed one by one. Apps integrated with Commerce HQ include apps such as timer widget, security badge app, abandoned checkout app, promo bar app, and many more.

Ease of use

Overall, Commerce HQ has the advantage of being one of the most intuitive platforms since Shopify. It is easy to use, and more importantly, it also comes with additional help and information such as a full video tutorial and instructions that take you through the dashboard and apps on the system.

Difference between Commerce HQ and Shopify

The Commerce HQ platform comes with a fully integrated system that will help your business thrive. You will have access to an app store where all of the apps are free, and there is also no need for configuration.

Improved conversions – Commerce HQ comes with a myriad of conversion boosting apps for free that you can easily install.

Intuitive builder – Most people prefer Shopify because they can easily customize an attractive store according to one’s brand image. With Commerce HQ, the store builder is better and more intuitive as you can create beautiful pages with easy drag and drop functions. It is also easier to use.

Advanced coding – For Shopify, store owners will need to buy the more expensive package should they want to install something as simple as the shopping cart feature. With Commerce HQ, these come readily installed.

Lower fees – Commerce HQ allows you to use your own payment gateway. What this means is that you can find a payment gateway with low fees so that your store is more attractive than your competitor’s stores. Doing this will help you stay ahead of your competition.


Overall, the pros of using Commerce HQ outweighs the cons. Shopify was the most intuitive platform of its time. But as the years progress, many have been trying to keep up with the times like Jon Mac and Vlad who listened to their Shopify users frustrations in some of the gaps that Shopify might have. Commerce HQ, being the new and improved version of Shopify is no doubt better as it saves you a lot of time and money. And of course, more importantly, it can help you to build a marketable store that garners heavy traffic.

One small drawback for Commerce HQ, however, is that there are currently no discounts available for purchasing the system. Nevertheless, they make this up by helping you save hundreds on buying third-party apps, and also the time it takes to install them.

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