How Much Does Viddyoze Cost? Latest Price List

Are you also looking for that ‘something-is-missing’ spark in your videos and animations? 

Well then you have looked up for the right platform. Viddyoze is one of the most popular, fully automated, cloud based, professional video and animation makers. 

Here I will talk you through all the latest pricing options listed for Viddyoze subscription. 

Once you get a wholesome idea, you can make an informed decision for yourself which one is more suitable according to your budget.

Stay tuned folks!

What is Viddyoze

Assuming that you may not yet have a clear idea about what Viddyoze exactly does, let’s start afresh. 

With Viddyoze you can make high quality, studio grade videos and animations very easily, without any professional design or marketing skills. 

Here are some basic important features of Viddyoze :

  • It is loaded with almost 170+ pre designed templates and customized animations ideal for different brands that you can use in your projects and create animations in just 3 clicks. 
  • What makes Viddyoze stand out from any other software is that here you can add live action animation. It will cost you a fortune to bring the same glamour and gloss to your videos through real life efforts.   
  • You can create studio quality intros, outros, CTAs, logo strings, social action, pure live action magic that will give your videos a professional spark and your conversion rate will go higher like crazy. 
  • Viddyoze is completely cloud based which means no hassle of installing a software. It’s easily accessible from any location and 100% mobile compatible. 
  • With Viddyoze, make your scene-cuts transitions more seamless. 
  • You can apply different kinds of movie filters in your videos like lens flare, light effects film grains etc. 
  • After using Viddyoze you can undoubtedly work as a professional and sell your videos and animations in a much higher price range. 

Latest Price Range of Viddyoze

Now let’s cut the chase and come straight to the point.

Right now there are two different kinds of license available :

  • Viddyoze Personal License – $77 one-time 
  • Viddyoze Commercial License – $97 one-time

Also there are two additional upgrade options :

  • Viddyoze Template Club – $37/month
  • Viddyoze Agency – $260/month

Here are the features you get to access with each license :

Viddyoze Personal License :

All these features are available at a one-time payment of $77. No additional monthly subscription plans are charged. 

  • Access to all features of world’s #1 Automated Video Animation Software
  • All features of live action video engine
  • 170 professional templates
  • Unlimited right on personal video usage
  • Up to 30 renders per month
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days
  • Superstar support

Viddyoze Commercial License :

The features of this license is quite similar to the personal one except for two changes and available at $97 one-time payment.

  • Unlimited renders every month
  • Unlimited usage rights on client videos 

Apart from this, with a commercial license you get two bonuses absolutely free. 

  • The ‘Reverse Sale’ Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint 
  • YouTube Profits Elevator

You can read in further details to know what these courses are about here – 

These two courses individually are worth respectively $197 and $97. But they are added as FREE bonuses with the commercial license. Apparently some strategies are included in these that haven’t been revealed before. Makes it more interesting, no?

Get your Personal or Commercial license here – 

So as you can see for just 20 extra bucks you get a lot more than your license. It does not take much to figure out that a Commercial license would be more profitable compared to the Personal one. 

Viddyoze Template Club :

This is an additional subscription that can be purchased aside from your main license. They have a 30 day full cash refund policy on this. As it is a rolling subscription, you can cancel anytime. 

The template club is a high quality professional template library with over 1500 templates and almost 30 new animations available each month. This library is developing continuously. Being a club member you get instant access to all the exclusive features. 

Viddyoze Agency : 

This is more of a specialized feature designed exclusively for teams and agencies who are particularly focused on video animation marketing


With time videos will be a major sales tool in digital marketing. It will attract almost 80% of the traffic to your business page. 

A video intro in your landing page may actually bring a drastic change in your conversion rate. And if it’s not a pro quality video, it will probably not leave a trace in people’s mind. 

To draw attention, to convert that attention into action, you need to bring that fire in your video contents that can be created with this software. 

I hope at the end of this topic now you know which plan is ideal for your requirements and budget. So what are you waiting for? Start creating!