How safe is Grooves funnel?

About the product

Grooves funnel is a platform that allows you to do digital marketing and helps you to run a successful business online. 

This platform includes tools for creating signal funnels selling digital and physical products,  building and marketing based on the customer email list, reading websites, and landing pages.  This suite also offers various other tools and software applications,  that enable you to do affiliate marketing and can also help you to build your website. 

Grooves funnel was first launched in August 2020 and are still in the development phases.  Therefore, you might not be able to avail all the features that have been promised at the time of purchase of this suite. The latest update of this suite has happened in October 2020 which has included various tools to build sales funnels.

Who can use Groovefunnels

Like its competitors like Kartra, ClickFunnels, BuilderAll, and Kajabi, Groove Funnels Help to create a platform for selling products and services.  The products could be physical as well as digital products like e-books,  training courses, membership subscriptions, and so on.  associated with this platform could be consultancy services,  and coaching. 

This platform can be used by entrepreneurs who want to venture into online sales and already have a product to sell.  This platform can also be used by affiliate marketers who do not have any product of their own but can market products that are made by other people.

The best things about GrooveFunnels

The first best thing about this platform is that you can sign up for free. However, for the free version, there are some limitations.  The free plan gives you access to GrooveSell, Groove affiliate as well as Groove pages. 

What’s best about the product is that even on the free plan you can use your domain names. For being a marketing affiliate you can earn commissions up to 20% even if you are a free affiliate. 

GrooveFunnels has an advantageous affiliate program that has huge potential. The commission structure varies from free users to Platinum members which are 20% recurring commissions in the case of free users and 40% recurring commissions + 10% second-tier commissions for platinum members. 

Because of the group funnels free plan and the lifetime deal,  it is very easy to make money with the Groovefunnels affiliate channel.  

It has an active community that can be approached for seeking advice, sharing ideas, and finding solutions for issues that you might face while using this platform.  A large number of members in the community is because Groove Funnels offers free membership and lifetime deals.  members can also upgrade themselves to a paid plan and can run a successful online business.  

The Groove Funnels platform is being rapidly worked upon to include various improvements and development to keep it at par with the market trends.  new versions are released to fix bugs and add new features to the platform.  

The new releases and features that are added are free of cost and aims at improving the user interface and providing a better experience on the platform. Groove Funnels feature to submit feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Despite all the good things about this platform, since it is in the early stages of development,  certain factors are still to be fixed and can be improved upon.  For example, the editor of the user interface is a little complicated to use and can be simplified for better effectiveness.

Is Groove Funnels safe?

Coming to the original question of how safe is Groove Funnels, as an affiliate I can safely say that Groove Funnels Is a legitimate platform and is safe to use.  

This business suite was created by Mike Filsaime who is the CEO of Groove Funnels. He is an experienced affiliate marketeer himself and before creating Groove Funnels had worked for Kartra. This suggests that this platform is way more useful and efficient compared to its contemporaries as there is a lot of experience and expertise that has gone behind developing this platform. 

One of the safety features that this platform implement is the automatic log out from the account after just a few minutes of inactivity.  The account also automatically gets logged off after 24 hours of login. Sometimes this could be a little irritating to log into the account every time, however, this makes sure that your account is not hacked into. 

Honestly, it is better to be annoyed that repent if the security of your account is not tight. Also, the auto-populate use of the login credentials will save you the pain of inserting your user credentials every time you log in. 

Apart from these are several other factors Darshan be considered to state Groove Funnels as a safe platform. among the various reasons, one reason is the server that you are using,  the firewall that is used to support the server, and also the verification process that has been put in place. 

Having said that, it can be agreed that nothing is 100% accurate and the developers of this platform are always working at improving the security and safety parameters of this platform.

Efficient platforms as the Groove Funnels involves cost for maintenance and engagement of the people who are involved in every stage to look out for possible bugs,  to fix these bugs, to store information, and to keep the entire platform running without any breakdown. 

With time as this software is being used by more and more people,  the developers of this platform are continuously working to improve its quality and to provide a safe interface to its users. 

How does the Groove Funnels work

Groove Funnels Works on the basic principle of the drag and drop page builder experience.  as most the website builder, this platform can be used to build individual landing pages of a group of pages for the entire website. 

The single pages of the entire website are all referred to as sites.  The sites can be changed by using a template and making changes to the template as per your requirements and the products that you propose to sell. 

For some sites,  you can also use more than one template that can be integrated.  This helps in keeping a consistent theme for multi-page sites. 

The most important part of the template is the template editor.  As of now, the templates are used based on the tried and tested layouts that are preferred by the other builders. the power of the editor has the page settings and the responsive toggles,  whereas the left sidebar has the element-based tools. 

Overall the look of the layouts is clean and crisp and the editor gives the option to tweak the elements for styling and positioning of the contents of the page.  The editor also provides you the opportunity to use the stock WordPress editor.  

The left sidebar offers you many elements that can be changed for texts, images, and buttons. Some elements like the columns and headings can be broken down into multiple different widgets,  which are not provided by the other page builders. 

There are more advanced features and elements like countdowns,  progress bars, styled lists, and custom code blocks that can be added to the pages. For adding new sections the left sidebar provides you the option of blocks and wireframes.


To conclude we can say that there are many expectations associated with Groove Funnels and there is still scope for improvement in several aspects of the platform. 

However, Groove Funnels also has many special features and functionalities that make it one of the promising tools for online marketing. The free plan and the lifetime offer is the cherry on the cake and is liked by all affiliates and users. Specifically, the creators of this platform have taken special care to ensure that the data is safely stored.