How To Build Your Own Bridge Page (2021)

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How To Build Your Own Bridge Page

Trying to get your store on Instagram or Facebook isn’t easy. Their rules and policies seem to change every week, and advertising often takes a huge hit when this happens, especially affiliate marketing.

That’s why bridge pages are important, and they can help you even if it doesn’t result in a sale 100% of the time.

What are they?

These are single pages that marketers use to offer context before a sale and/or catching customer leads.

These pages are used to warm up your potential customers and get emails for your email marketing sequences, usually to remind them about your products and offers, like the one they just visited.

It’s also a great way to make your way into social media.

JVZoo, ClickBank, and similar URLs have been thrown around the internet so much that the domains have been blocked due to spam. That’s why ClickBank has a URL cloacking feature and JVZoo’s addresses look like random, strange domains.

Is it easy to create one?

Short answer, yes, creating bridge pages is really easy, and using the right platform or tools can make you a bridge page ready in just a few minutes.

Most site building platforms today let you create these pages. In fact, you probably already know then as landing pages, which is basically the same.

Best tools for creating bridge pages

Thrive Architect

If you use Thrive Architect on your blog already, you can simply import landing pages. You just need to open your “Pages” tab on your WordPress backend, open one with the platform and change  your template.

You can choose different colors and designs based on what’s your objective.

For instance, you give clients some information before directing them to your offer if you want to warm them up for a software launch. If your product is a webinar, you can provide a bit of context before asking them for their emails for you to send the details.

You should always want to think about the questions made by the product page to which you’ll send your customers. If you’re asking for their email, you should leave it out of your bridge page and stick with warm ups and redirect button.

It offers less email integrations than other platforms, but the most popular ones, like GetResponse and Aweber, are included. If you chose to go for a more obscure solution, then you may have trouble.


ClickFunnels is one of the most popular builders available today, and it’s focused around funnel building.

Similar to the other platforms here, ClickFunnels lets you use templates or funnels made from other users for your own land pages. Of course, ClickFunnels aims to guide your customers through different funnels filled with up and downsells, but we’re here for the simplistic approach to building bridge pages.

It also integrates seamlessly with autoresponders, and you can set up everything with your own email provider and list in few minutes.


You can use LeadPages to create your capture, landing, and bridge pages without having to mess with any code like HTML, just like the other platforms.

Depending on your experience with design or your attention to detail, you can choose to start your own page from scratch instead of going through the library with templates.

What should a bridge page have?

Email capture

If you think that the traffic you’ll direct to your offer is unlikely to purchase right away (or if the next page doesn’t have any email capture goal), then you want to add a simple email capture form on your bridge page.

You want to keep content at the minimum, preferably with little copy; you might even want to skip writing any copy other than an attractive headline. These are excellent pages for catching leads and sending them reminders of your offer.

If your offer doesn’t capture any emails during the exit or the offer page, then you should exploit this approach to ensure extra commissions by giving people reminders about your offer without having to invest anything extra.

Warming up

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself promoting an offer that only let you send your traffic directly to the checkout page or a VSL (video sales letter). These offers tend to be harder for you to get conversions since people don’t really enjoy sitting through entire videos just to learn what’s the offer.

They might also need extra information before the checkout to feel more comfortable.

This means that bridge pages are a fantastic way to provide them that warm up copy that will explain what they need to know about the offer, what solutions it brings, or any special discounts you might have.

This way, you ensure that the people who go to the offer page are people interested in the product. Those who got bored reading the copy weren’t going to convert anyways since they weren’t really interested in it.

It’s an amazing metric since you can use your checkout pixel to see whether or not they actually purchased and work on your retargeting.


If you’re not sure about your offer’s conversion probability, or if you just want to get as much as your bridge pages as possible (like extra leads on the side), then you can mix the 2 elements and put some sales copy and capture forms on your bridge pages to get as much value as you can.

If you decide to go with this approach, then you might want to consider adding 3 capture points at least. Depending on the copy length, this might be at the top, bottom, and middle, but if it’s too short, you might want to reduce this amount.


Bridge pages is a great move for capturing leads or get your affiliate offers through pages like Instagram or Facebook, with heavy filters for these types of ads.

With so many great options, make sure to read reviews on each platform to find the best one for you.

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