How To Create a ClickFunnels Blog With Professional Templates (2021)

Find out How To Create a ClickFunnels Blog With Professional Templates Below!

How To Create a ClickFunnels Blog With Professional Templates

ClickFunnels is a marketing tool and company created by Russell Brunson. It’s basically all of the knowledge from this known marketer packed into an intuitive tool that focuses on sales funnels to boost conversions.

The company has grown quite a lot with time, and it’s one of the main reference names when anyone talks about sales funnels. Every year, countless marketers find their way into the platform and stay due to its advantages.

Of course, it’s quite helpful to benefit from an expert’s knowledge without having to spend the same time learning it.

He’s now among the richest people in recent years, all thanks to helping others. It has sparked a sense of gratefulness towards his customers and users, and he’s released several free educational resources over the years, usually aimed towards digital marketing and sales funnels.

His dedication nurtures a pretty large audience of marketers and entrepreneurs looking for the best strategies to grow their businesses.

There’s an important takeaway from most of his training programs: engagement from your visitors is paramount. You want your customers to feel interested and invested in your business and offers, and if you don’t have people actively interacting with your funnel, then you won’t see much improvement in your sales.

In other words, engagement lets you take your customers to their full potential.

That takes us to an important question: what’s the best way to create this engagement? Well, a great blog is the best place to start (and even stay).

Why would you want to build a blog-like funnel?

There’s a weird misconception about blogging dying out. I can understand where it’s coming from: video is becoming the standard format for people looking for content, but it’s still far from “killing” blogs.

In fact, there are countless people making a living from their blogs right now, and chances are someone is going to start doing the same this year.

If you don’t have a big budget to spend on paid ads for your website, then organic (and free) traffic is where you want to start. It takes a lot more work, yes, but it pays off when done properly. Lots of people start out by blogging for organic traffic and use that money to reinvest in paid marketing.

There’s another factor we need to consider as well: converting paid traffic. Optimizing your paid traffic list for your sales funnel to work isn’t easy. Now, add the fact that your business is new and unknown. You’ll have a tough time making money from paid traffic, and the same goes for scaling your venture.

In other words, new businesses might find themselves throwing money for traffic that never converts. Luckily, blogging can help you turn the tides by creating an audience that actively follows your brand. These visitors are a lot easier to turn into customers than people unaware of what’s your business.

That’s why a blog should never be neglected when considering marketing strategies. In fact, personal brands basically build their entire business out of blogging, and this following is the easiest audience to turn into active customers.

Doesn’t ClickFunnels lack blogging functionality?

By now, you should have a strong idea of why blogging is a good approach. It’s purely free traffic that’s actively interested in what you’re offering, and while it takes more work than paid ads, it’s basically 100% profits.

The problem is that ClickFunnels – despite being the most popular funnels platform available – has no options for blog posts when hosting funnels.

That means you can’t create a blog directly on the platform, but that’s not the same as saying that you can’t create a blog on it. There’s a selection of templates for blogs that you can implement into your funnel to build your own website.

You can use your ClickFunnels account, hosting, and templates to take advantage of SEO-generated traffic into your business. It translates into interested visitors that are much more likely to buy from you, but you already know that.

What’s interesting is that this solution might be even more effective than better-known options like running a WordPress site. The reason is how ClickFunnels lets you personalize your page however you want without having to learn a thing about coding and web design.

You’ll have a great-looking website without having to spend as much time or money as people using other platforms, and it’ll work just the same.


What I love about ClickFunnels is how versatile it is. Even if it doesn’t have a direct solution for what you want, it’s so easy to customize that anyone can create a workaround to indirectly implement new features to the platform.

With that in mind, you should definitely start blogging if you aren’t already. SEO guarantees that your visitors are actively looking for what you’re offering them, and it’s more effective than paid marketing when you’re starting out.

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