How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Lawyers

How do you reach out to your customers?

No matter what business or service you are in, including law firms, you need to get clients.

However, many law firms even today cover a space in the “traditional” market. That’s why you need to go ahead and use the internet to make yourself known globally.

Websites are an excellent option. However, they are not enough to ensure clients. The pages are static and generally show a standard business content.

The most versatile and efficient option to promote and market your law firm is through sales funnels. You get to generate interest and increase sales, without spending on direct advertisements.

First off, you need a checklist

Before starting to create the funnels, it is necessary to define specific parameters to be effective.

The first element is the type of clients to whom we will provide the service. In the world of laws, there are different types of lawyers, you can work with property or labour. It is essential to establish what type of lawyer you will be and your market field.

The second element to define is the documents and information you require from the client. There are indispensable elements to take into account, and they include papers contracts if the clients have children, among others.

The client’s behaviour is essential, as well as their actions and decision-making process. It is necessary to use it to your advantage in the goals to achieve through the judicial process. Establishing that need will lead you to determine the offer that fulfils their wishes and solves their problem.

Creating your plan

Awareness: People must know you exist and have information about the service you provide. It is essential to present and show people various situations that they probably didn’t know about it.

The sense of this phase is to create the need for your service; it makes the client understand they have a problem and you can solve it. In this phase, you can mention cases of other people who suffered similar situations and how they solved it.

You can display information about yourself. Another tool is your social networks such as Instagram or Facebook that allows you to spread what you do massively. It is important to separate personal accounts from business accounts to limit content.

Information: The next step is to provide as much information as possible to customers about your service. Data divides into two types; the first explains your service and what you do. The second shows them all your attributes in the legal field and how they can benefit.

To carry out this stage effectively, you can use a subscription system. You can send promotional newsletters, flyers and books. The information in this type of content must be accurate to educate and attract the attention of the customer.

The information must be valid. Avoid using false data and testimonials.

Convincing: In this part of the plan, the main objective is to show them the reason for choosing your service over others. It is essential to reveal the qualities that differentiate you from the rest of the lawyers that impact the potential client.

Another vital factor to highlight is the benefits that the client would obtain if they choose you. It is essential in this part to show them how they can solve their problems with your help.

You can also show testimonials from other clients or cases that you have taken. The opinions of your other clients will give potential clients more confidence to decide to use your service.

Making sales: The final part of the process is the purchase and payment of your service. For this stage, it is essential to place variety in the payment mechanisms to facilitate the client’s options. It is necessary to point out that in this process, they will not pay immediately since you must listen to the client first.

Another consideration is to make checkout as straightforward as possible with the customer’s primary data. It is not recommended to put in the form the files for the case. It is best to send the documents by post after they have accepted the service.

Using ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the best platform to create funnels today, and it’s easy to use. The first thing is to access your account with your username and password to access your desktop. In this section, you have the “Build Funnel” option to start the creation process.

In the case of law services, we can choose two of the three options: either host webinars or collect email. The second option is better as it allows you to get more information from your clients. When you click it, you will see each template available, and you can proceed to edit the content.


In legal services, it is essential to have a quick way to get to know your clients. Funnels are the best option to do it, and ClickFunnels is the best platform to develop them. Funnels allow you to become known and give you the tools to gain the trust of your clients.

ClickFunnels is easy to use, so you don’t need a computer specialist to do the job for you. It’s a simple process of following simple menus, and you’ll be able to create the funnels that drive your legal firm

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