How To Create A Sales Funnel For Real Estate Agents

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Real Estate Agents

Nowadays, every single business needs a website to survive the hard and competitive world of self-promotions, sales and marketing. It is effortless to be caught drowning in the sea of other business and not letting yours shine just because you don’t want to level up and have a website for your business.

When it comes to real estate agents, we need to have in mind that 51% of the homes bought this year on the US were found on the internet.

That means that 51% of the home buyers of this years were not going face to face with a real estate agent or directly to a seller; they were in the comfortable space of their office, on their bed or just on their kitchen table searching for their next purchase on the internet.

Only 30% goes to the real estate agent.

The numbers speak for themselves, and that is not different for the rest of the small or big business out there. You need to have a significant presence online with good marketing to attract new clients.

And to accomplish that you can’t stop after you have a website, you also need a sales funnel. With a sales funnel, you make sure that you are applying the best marketing strategies to let your business grow. You will attract visitors that later will become interested in your service and will easily convert themselves into sales.

Coming up with a sales funnel plan

Creating a sales funnel is not as simple as just pressing a button and expecting the best. You need a plan, first:

Identifying your target audience

The very first thing that you need to do is identify your target audience. This is the base of every marketing process. This way, you will start to attract the people that will be transforming themselves into sales and not just random people who are not looking for your business or a real estate agent.

Once you have identified your target audience by the demographics and locations that can boost your business, you are ready to make that target the very base of your sales funnel.

Explaining why you’re the best choice

This is where your marketing strategy starts to burst, and your sales funnel prepare to let customers slide down the pipe over and over again. Your marketing strategy and the building of your sales funnel doesn’t only need to attract the right customers to your business; it also needs to engage with them and letting them know that your business is different from the rest.

This is where your sales funnel focus on attracting your visitors to transform them into people who are very interested in what you are selling and your business in general.

Proving you’re worthy

This is one of the parts of creating a sales funnel that people often overlook and move forward without paying more attention to it. At the same time, this is one of the most essential parts of it.

This is where you will build your sales funnel to prove that the quality of your business is outstanding, that you have created customer service, that you are approachable and easy to understand and that you will be delivering exactly what they need.

Making an offer

Making an offer is a very anticipated step when it comes to sales funnel. And it is a significant step too, so it can’t be rushed or treated lightly. You need to make an offer at the very right time inside your sales funnel. The proposal must be convincing and make your customers go and find more information about it inside your web page.

Inside this part of your sales funnel, you need to offer something that will make your future customers trust you.

Here you can give them a free downloadable digital content like an eBook. Inside your eBook, you can make a list of houses for sale or make a book about real estate tips. This way, your offer will always be related to your service and keep people interested in what you do.

The call to action

At this point in your page and sales funnel, you need to convince the visitor and future customer to do one of two things: subscribe to your email subscription list or schedule an appointment or booking.

If a customer decides to join your email list, now you have a lead that you will need to follow up regularly until it becomes a customer.

You can send marketing materials every week, helpful emails until he decides to schedule an appointment with you.

When it comes to leads and emails, everything should be well prepared, mainly because those things focus on written material and photos related to each stage. You also should make sure that there is a photo of you somewhere along the way of your email.

Your brand or company name, some houses you have sold in the past, or even pictures of happy customers in your emails will make your lead more comfortable to move forward with you.

Creating your funnel

To create your sales funnel you can log-in into your active ClickFunnels account or sign up and get the Standard plan that only costs $97 a month. It can seem pricy, but once you start doing the math, you will be gaining almost 50 times more than what you are investing.

Inside the platform, you will have access to all the tools you need to start building your sales funnel, and you can even personalize it to create a real estate specialized sales funnel.

Closing thoughts

For some, online marketing seems unimportant, but at the end of the day, it’s what keeps a business up while others fall in an ocean of small business with no internet presence. When it comes to real estate, a website and sales funnel are the keys to success.

Having the right site and an effective sales funnel is the key to making it big and differentiate your real estate business from everyone else around your demographics.

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