How To Create A Sales Funnel: Without Techincal Skills

How To Create A Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is what makes the difference between just another web page selling something, and real online store business. A sale funnel is a journey that potential customers go through on the way to purchase. You should imagine it as an actual funnel where your customers are sliding inside your store. There are various steps to a sales funnel, and they are known as the top, middle and bottom of it. These parts or levels vary depending on the company’s sales model.

If you are a business owner, you know how much it hurts to miss a sale, especially when you could have easily avoided it by doing just a small thing different.

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How can you benefit from a sales funnel?

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses usually make is seeking to make a sale directly after the very first contact. There is well believed that the shortest path is a straight line, but that doesn’t apply to good sales conversions.

A sale funnel illustrates the best possible journey that your prospects go through on their way to becoming your customers. While you market your products or services to maybe thousands of people, just a small percentage will provide all the contact information and end up becoming leads. From this leads, only a fraction will transform into clients.

The advantages behind a sales funnel are that it is meant to attract visitors or prospects and lead them to the right track to be clients. It transforms your visitors into leads and from there into very familiar customers. Sales funnels are the fastest way to create a loyal base of customers.

To attract visitors sale funnels will use the right marketing and advertising, which will bring more visitors to your website. To convert them, it has to inspire your visitors to share their contact information. It closes with the right motivations to make them transform into paying customers.

And at the end, it delights with a very high-quality service that will make your customers happy, loyal and even inspiring referrals.

How can you build your first sales funnel?

To start building your sales funnel and not just any sales funnel but an effective one, you can start using the right platform to learn, practice and master this marketing strategy.

ClickFunnels is one of the best platforms out there meant to help you get your business where you want it to be.

ClickFunnels is a very experienced online sales funnel builder and marketing platform full of all the tools, tricks and knowledge you need to start taking your business seriously.

This platform is meant to help market, sell and deliver your products and services online the best way possible. It simplifies online marketing, sale and delivery by providing you with funnel options to get your goals ready. You can pick from pre-built templates for a specific business, service or product or you can choose to learn and build your own.

With ClickFunnels, it is easy to start creating marketing and sales funnels from the ground up. It is a platform that incorporates all the essential elements needed to have a functional and effective sales funnels.

Inside you will have two options to start learning and creating the first one is The Classic Funnel builder and the stock one the Funnel Cookbook. To access this method, you need to be a user of ClickFunnels with an active ClickFunnels account and have the settings and integrations completed.

Classic Funnel Builder

The Classic Funnel Builder is the integration or the first step inside click funnels that allow you to choose a goal and then select a funnel type and a page template for the pipe. It is as easy as choosing a goal, a standard and clicking the Build Funnel button.

Inside the ClickFunnels platform, you need to search for the Create New Funnel button and start creating your own. You can pick from collect emails, sell your product and even host a webinar. The system is fast and easy to learn how to use without taking so much time learning and not making money. This is one of the best features ClickFunnels has.

Funnel Cookbook

The ClickFunnels Funnel Cookbook, on the other hand, enables you to narrow down a funnel type based on your industry, funnel type and your goals. When you use the Cookbook, you will have several narrowed down funnels and templates to choose from.

The Cookbook was designed to help you build sales funnels more efficiently. It guides you through all of the elements, pages and funnels for different situations.

It is made to give you the best and optimal marketing strategy in the shape of a sale funnel. Inside the Cookbook, you will have everything you need to start your business the right way. The templates will even make your job ten times easier by just picking the one that better fits your business idea.

Adding products to your funnels

Once you have to pick how you want your sales to funnel to work, it is time to learn how to start adding products to your funnels. From this option, you can also set a payment getaway integration to collect money from your prospects.

To start with this step, you will need to get the Payment Getaway Integration and have an Order Form Page. Once you have those two requirements, you are ready.

You will need to navigate to your funnel and place yourself on a new Order Form page. To do that you need to click on Add New Step. On this option, you will enter the name of the funnel step as Order Form and click on Create Funnel.

You will drag the page and place it between the Opt-In Page and the Thank You page. After this select the correct type of page for this step by clicking on Sales and then choosing Order Form from the dropdown menu. To finish this step, select a template for your new page and complete adding the order form.

Then you will need to click on the Order Form page and select add product from the menu. After that, enter the name of the product and select your billing integration. Proceed to enter the details of the product and select One Time for a one-time payment. Click Create Product.

Now that you know those steps, you can quickly start to add products to your sales funnel quick and easy.

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How do sales funnels work?

A sales funnel works by automating the marketing process and giving you control over your prospects. When using a funnel, you can move your prospects from one page to another while presenting different offers on each page until they finally convert themselves into sales.

A sales funnel guides your buyers through a series of steps to give them the right mindset before landing onto the next page, which is referred to as pre-frame.

You need to keep in mind that pre-fame prepares buyers on what to expect on the next page and helps in building trust and even warming up your visitors to accept your offers.

How are they different from a regular website?

To have better conversions when it comes to visitors and sales ratings, you need to start eliminating distractions and take control of what your users see on every page. To do this, you need to start using a sales funnel and not a website.

An ordinary website contains a lot of distractions, making it harder for your customers to focus on what you need to do. If you use this type of system, you leave your prospects to wander off around the page and navigate to other pages that they might find interesting, travelling far away from the sale page.

Nowadays, website loses almost 60% of their visitors and buyers by providing too many options that distract them from the primary product or offer.

Sales Funnels are the key to attracting your users to a specific action: buying. With this tool or platform, you eliminate distractions and make sure you control what users see in each page and how you will make sure they stay focus on your goal.

Each and every one of the funnel steps is designed to prepare the buyer to visit the next page and on.

Using a sales funnel instead of a standard website, you will be managing traffic better, which is essential when you need to build an effective marketing campaign.

Before you go, make sure to avoid these mistakes!

Ignoring non-converting visitors

Not every single visitor will transform into a sale. That doesn’t mean you need to ignore them completely. That means that you will need to come up with new ideas to turn those “no thanks” into buyers.

Your focus should always be on how to make your business better and more attractive, and nothing works better than starting with the ones that keep saying no to your offers or products. The goal is always to maximize every possible way to turn, leaving customers into buyers.

Not following up leads consistently

One way to set yourself for losing money is by forgetting about your customers and letting them forget about your offers. To have a successful sales funnel, you need to make sure to follow up your leads and remind them of all the offers you provide and their benefits. Most people check their mailboxes more regularly, so keep that in mind for your follow-up strategy.

A good tip is to follow up the ones who have made purchases with you to ensure that you will be thinking about your business and will be coming back soon.

Consistency is what makes everything works better. This point will ensure that you don’t lose your clients to competitors with better marketing consistency than yours. Also, you can finally turn prospects into buyers by convincing them regularly.

Complex payment options

One thing that differentiates one business from another is its simplicity. People tend to run away from complicated and confusing situations, so when it comes to the final step on your funnel, you need to make sure you have thing simple and easy to understand.

No one wants or craves to spend ages in your funnel trying to figure out where to press to buy your product or how to pay the service. If you have a complicated system when it comes to your payment process, you will make your customers abandon the shopping cart and exit without even closing the sale.

Make sure to keep everything simple and remove any obstacles that can be distracting for users.

Funnels that are too complex

Following with our last thought, if you sale funnel is complex and hard to understand it will be even harder for your customers to go through it. You need to think about your funnel as a real funnel, and it needs to be clean to let a thing go through it smoothly. Keep your process helpful and straightforward, so your clients don’t get confused and leave before even taking a look at your products.

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