How to Create Simple Videos for Local Businesses Using Vidnami (2021)

Find out How to Create Simple Videos for Local Businesses Using Vidnami Below!

How to Create Simple Videos for Local Businesses Using Vidnami

People nowadays are shifting towards videos as a medium of content sharing as it has a better potential of attracting and retaining attention. To enhance my storytelling through videos, I chose Vidnami. I had been utilizing it to turn blog posts into videos that not only can be shared on YouTube but other video sharing sites as well. Since then, I found a way to earn some extra income by creating videos for local businesses with Vidnami. Today’s blog post is all about my knowledge sharing in using Vidnami inclusive of demo videos to help you get a clearer idea of how to use it. Soon enough, you will also discover that Vidnami is a very cool and useful tool for creation.

So, let’s get started!

Step 1

To get the ball rolling, we will start by choosing a feasible business to dwell into. For demonstration purposes, I will want a real estate business and use Sydney as my location.

So first, head over to trusty Google and type in “Real Estate,” followed by “Sydney.”

Quick tip, I would browse starting from the second page onwards. The reason being, most businesses from the second page onwards are yet to be optimized with the search engine keywords. This shows that the company does not have an established online marketing strategy. Therefore, it is your opportunity to leverage this to upsell your digital marketing services.

Step 2

Once you have selected a business to work on, it is time to do a brief profile check. In this Information Technology era, it is ideal for analyzing their website and presence on social media, if any. In this demo, I selected Home Ground Real Estate, Sydney. Based on their Facebook page, it seems they do not have any video content for their real estate listings. Instead, they are still approaching the market in a conservative method of URL sharing and display of static images.

Step 3

Since we have established that the business does not possess any digital marketing content, head back to their website, and select one property listing you would like to develop with Vidnami. From their website, save all the available images from being used for each scene of your video.

Step 4

Once the business selection is made, log in to Vidnami and click “Create A New Video,” as seen on the dashboard. Now it is time to choose the appropriate template for your video via “Template Interface.” In this tutorial, we will proceed with Property Listing Square 1 Video. To select, click on the tab with a house icon, which will display all related property listing video templates. Click on the thumbnails to expose a demo video for each model to make choosing easier! Once you have decided, click on “Use Template” and let the fun begin.

Step 5

Now, you will need to create the script for your video, which is a matter of copying and pasting text from the property listing. Make sure the script matches the transition of images to hinder the confusion of your audience. To ensure a proper match, you can be selective of the amount of text to be entered into the video.

With Vidnami, starting each sentence or phrase in a new line will initiate the creation of new scenes. Hence, keeping your texts readable and uncluttered.

Step 6

This next step is where you will put the saved images into use. In the Uploads tab, check the relevant image and click Upload Image. The photos will be uploaded to Vidnami, which will take a few seconds. Note that Vidnami will proceed to upload its stock content if you skip this step. Then, Click “Uploads Tab” to check Images, and click “Upload image.” The image will take some time to upload, depending on the file size.

Step 7

You can then adjust and edit each scene. Clicking on “Grid Icon” will enable you to alter the text location. Edit text settings on the left side panel to change text color, weight, or add highlights if needed. You can also adjust the background image so that it doesn’t get covered by text by zooming in and manually adjusting the image by just dragging the mouse. Once you’re satisfied, click “Add Voice Track To Video”.

Step 8

Open up the Voice Track Options interface to choose a music track, automated voice, or a recording of your own. Once you’ve added it, click Preview Your Video.

Step 9

Lastly, add a watermark of your brand so that it stands out throughout the whole video. Click “Watermark,” which is located next to Music. The preferred logo format is PNG and without a background, as it will look awkward on the video or might cover essential parts. Then hit “Create New Watermark.” You can also play around with it by adjusting the opacity, size, and position. When you’re ready, click “Save Watermark.” Personally, I use very opaque watermarks so that they’re not so distracting.

Step 10

Click on “Music” next to Watermark to select a music track. Clicking the play button lets, you preview it. Adjust the timing and volume to your needs. When you’re done, click “Looks Good, Continue…”

Step 11

Time to click on “Generate Your Video.” It will take a few minutes to render your video. Once done, you can download your video onto your desktop.


Try out the Vidnami app with the 7-day free trial. These videos are great for local dentists, coffee shops, etc. You can charge them according to the length of the videos and start earning.

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