How To DropShip With WordPress

How To DropShip With WordPress

How To DropShip With WordPress (2021)

Find out how to Dropship with WordPress Below!


Today, we’ll be discussing dropshipping: a retail business that sells other company’s products without having to keep a stock. It’s a less risky alternative to the traditional eCommerce we know by now, as it doesn’t involve associated costs regarding keeping inventories.

What makes dropshipping a reliable method, is that you ship products directly from the manufacturer to your clients; you list all the products for sale, then you send the order details to the manufacturer so that they can ship it to the buyer.

Now, when it comes to dropshipping, if you’re interested, you might want to check out one of WordPress free plugins, WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin will help you start a dropshipping business; it works as an affordable alternative to Shopify while giving you a huge range of customization.

With the use of WordPress and WooCommerce, users will be able to make an online store in no time and for fewer costs than using other platforms. WooCommerce also gives an array of free plugins that allows you to put perks like zero monthly fees, along with many other features.

If you’re looking for a reliable web platform but currently have no access to open-source platforms like Magento or such, WordPress will surely have everything covered.

Choosing a Product

First of all, when it comes to selling products online, you’ll need to really plan what you’ll be selling and what buyers are interested in. Here’s where researching your niches becomes a necessity.

Checking what products are popular right now, evaluating the current trends, and seeing the saturation of present markets will be some of the criteria you want to keep in mind when defining your niche.

After you finish with your research, you’ll have all the information needed to look for a target market and competition, giving you a good range of products to choose from.

Once you get a product, you’ll be able to find its supplier. Be it a small manufacturer, or a big one, it will work for you. When it comes to finding a supplier, you can look for a wholesale dropshipper by yourself, or look for wholesale directories to get a list of what’s available.

Building Your WordPress Website

This could be one of the easiest steps, if not the easiest one. Building a functional and attractive site will turn into an easy task with WordPress. And you won’t be making everything from zero to a successful business since it is an open-source product, you’ll get the chance to choose from many premade themes created for making an eCommerce website.

One of the toughest steps of this process will actually be to choose a theme that fits the feel you want to transmit from your business. You want to make sure that it’s highly customizable, but also that the basic features are according to the feel you want for your website.

Be aware of all the parameters of the theme you want to choose: from its support all the way to what it offers regarding security and compatibility with WooCommerce. You’ll also want to check the page load speed, which will highly influence the outcome of your business.

All these things can be checked by reading the reviews of the theme, researching the developers, and making all the questions you need on forums before acquiring a theme. Doing all of these will give you enough awareness to know what you’re getting.

DropShipping with WordPress Plugins

This step will be the key to your online DropShipping business. For example, you could use AliExpress for your DropShipper with an AliExpress DropShipping WordPress plugin.

For this you could go along with any of these:

  1. WooCommerce: As said before, it works well with WordPress, allowing a flawless execution with integration on the back-end system with suppliers. With WooCommerce, you’ll have automated order notifications, where details will be emailed directly to your dropship supplier when new orders come from your store
  2. Inventory Source: This plugin connects your WordPress backend to the supplier’s information─such as inventory quantities, status, and pricing. Then it loads the products to your catalog ready to be ordered and shipped. If you’re still having trouble with your decision on which supplier you should get, there’s still a list of suppliers available to work with.
  3. AliDropship: While this plugin isn’t completely free, it is less costly. Providing additional support, along with many new features, AliDropship brings pricing automation and themes ready to be used. Made to work flawlessly with AliExpress and using an automated order route with their platform.

Configuring Your Account and Automating

  1. Suppliers and Inventory: You need to have an integrated system where suppliers will be notified when customers place an order. To make this happen, you need to set up suppliers in the backend of WordPress with the plugin you’re using. This will vary depending on the plugin you’re currently using; the process might be longer or shorter.
  2. Email notifications and custom packing slip: After integrating the supplier’s information with your system and getting your inventory done, you’ll be ready to set up the rules for the new order emails to be sent directly to the dropship supplier.
  3. Product attributes: Shipping and delivering is no problem when it comes to dropshipping apps. You just need to focus on the product details and ensure your customers know exactly what they’re getting from you. This can be achieved by adding user-friendly descriptions and images of your products with great quality.

Customizing Your Website

If you want to make your site unique, you’ll want to customize it according to the vibes you want to give and can be achieved with plugins that optimize your site, along with other features. You might consider these plugins for your site:

  1. W3 Total Cache improves your page’s load speed and its performance, increasing your site on the search engine ranking.
  2. Ultimate Branding helps when it comes to customization and branding for your site, logos, company name, colors, everything you need.

Defender increases the security of your website, protecting you from any hacker or suspicious activity.

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