How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping

How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping (2021)

Find out How to Find Winning Products for Dropshipping Below!


If you’re one of the people who are jumping on the Shopify dropshipping bandwagon, welcome! The Shopify drop shipping business model is fun and profitable if you have all the essential elements in check. One of these elements includes finding the right products to sell on your Shopify store. This is a significant component to get right if you want to start your dropshipping business. Many people fail as they do not put enough research into this aspect. Thankfully, today we will explore some ways that you can use to find winning products for your Shopify store in 2021. This will help you stay ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors so that you have a successful business. Let’s get started!

Types of drop shippers

Before we learn the methods, you must first identify which drop shipper you are. There are two types of drop shippers on the market, and each uses their preferred mode of finding winning products. First, you get the Researcher type drop-shippers who invests more time and money into researching their products. They are more careful with their advertisement costs and only test 1 to 2 products at a time. This method is more time consuming, but some drop shippers prefer it this way. However, it would be best if you always remembered that your time is valuable.

The other drop shipper type is more Aggressive. They spend more money on ads, and they test multiple products at a time. Running numerous ads, they will find a winning product in which they will scale up and make more profits.

If you’re using Facebook to advertise your products, remember that the more engagement you get, Facebook will reduce the Cost Per Purchase (CPP).

The Three Points of Profit

This rule of thumb is important to remember while researching winning products. Your product should have these criteria:

  • Problem solver: Does your product solve a pain point in society?
  • Passionate audience: If you found a particular product niche, you should stick to it. The more specific the niche is, the more passionate the people are.
  • High demand: Your product should be a wanted product. There’s no point selling something people don’t want.

Once you’ve found these products, the next thing you need to get right in Pricing! Pricing your items correctly will help you to maximize your profits.

Four Methods to Find Winning Products

Next, we explore several methods that you can use to find winning products. Sites such as or are great if you want to find inspiration for niche ideas as they have a list of interests and hobbies that you can look up. Now, let’s move onto the methods.

1. Old School method

This method is very straightforward. Type any of these keywords into Facebook: Order here; Get it Now; On Sale; 50% Off; Shop Here, etc. You get the gist. To make it more specific, you can also combine the keywords with one particular niche keyword.

If you’re doing this via Google, type Shopify “Niche Keyword” and select a store to find their social media accounts. We’re looking for their product ads. If you’ve discovered their Facebook account, you can tell Facebook to show “more related ads,” which will appear on your timeline in the future.

2. Facebook Product Research

Facebook is the most accessible place to conduct product research. At the search bar, enter a niche keyword and hit “enter.” Go to the “Pages” tab and find a dropshipping store. Then get more info by clicking on “Info and Ads Tab,” which will give you a bunch of ads relating to the products the store is selling.

Having the “Turbo Ad Finder” and “Facebook Pixel” installed on your browser will also help you find products that are on the market. If you just downloaded these extensions, click refresh, and more ads will appear on your timeline. Check out the number of likes, shares, and comments each product is getting to see how well they’re doing. You will also notice that video advertisements get the most attention.

If you’re doing product research on Facebook, you can easily save the videos for future reference.

3. Aliexpress

You should be quite familiar with Aliexpress if you’re a drop shipper. It’s a huge e-commerce website here most people source their products from. For example, if you’ve found a potential product with many likes, shares, and comments, head on over to Aliexpress to find a similar product that you can sell on your store. Checkout the suppliers selling the item, and ensure they’re reliable by looking at the reviews and ratings. This is also a great way to look at the other products that the supplier is selling. You can include relevant items from the same supplier, then you can either upsell or bundle together with your potential item. Some drop shippers only have a few suppliers supplying a myriad of products, which is useful if you’ve found a reliable supplier. You can also get product images or videos from your suppliers that you can use for your advertisements. The Aliexpress Dropshipping Centre is excellent if you want to get more product inspiration. You can also further validate these items by going on Google Trends to see how they’re trending. If they’re trending well, consider investing in testing out the ads. You must keep in mind what you’re searching as it’s very easy to get lost in a rabbit hole.

Other sites that are great for inspiration are such as and

4. Intelligynce and Ali Inspector Software

Intelligynce is an excellent and powerful tool if you’re into dropshipping. It allows you to spy on your competitors and get a bunch of their information. This includes their best seller’s estimated sales volumes, their social accounts, and you can even spy on their installed apps or Google Ads and Keywords. It’s not just spying, and you can also replicate them for maximum conversions. The customer support team at Intelligynce is ever ready to help, in case you experience any roadblocks.

Ali Inspector comes with Intelligynce as a 3 in 1 Aliexpress product research software. You can use it to find the best selling products, and also download product images and product reviews that you can use on your store. Its especially useful when you have multiple products on your store, as it can be very cluttered if you have hundreds of images that you need to find and upload.


If you follow the points above, and always keep in mind your objectives, you will have an auspicious time in drop shipping in 2021.

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