How To Install AliDropShip

How To Install AliDropShip

How To Install AliDropShip (2021)

Find out how to install AliDropship Below!


Dropshipping is an amazing chance for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses from the comfort of their homes, and it doesn’t even require you to invest in inventory. About 23% of all online sales in 2017 were fulfilled by dropshipping-related businesses, making up over $80 billion.

You have several ways to approach starting a dropshipping venture, but one of the main challenges is finding good products and adding them to your store.

However, AliDropShip offers a solution for this.

Today, we’ll review what’s this product and tell you exactly how you can install it for your store on WordPress.

About AliDropShip

It’s a plugin for WordPress that you can get in 2 versions.

First, you have the standalone plugin. This one lets you move your desired products on AliExpress straight into your website. The second version is similar to the plugin, but it’s a complement for WooCommerce, which is the most popular eCommerce software for WordPress.

AliDropShip offers many excellent features, and they’re enough to boost your career start in the dropshipping space. For instance, you can choose your products from a list of millions of options in all niches available. You can send your WordPress orders directly to AliExpress for shipping.

Furthermore, you only have to pay a single time for lifetime access to your plugin, and all future updates are completely free.

How to install the plugin

The first step is to choose between the WooCommerce integration or the standalone plugin. Once you’ve chosen, head to the AliDropShip site and go through the checkout to get your Zip download; this is what you’re going to install on your website.

If you’ve gone for the standalone plugin, then you first need to head over to your admin interface in WordPress. Get to your plugins tab and click on “Add New”.

There, click on “Upload”, right above the section where you can scroll through the database of official WordPress plugins. You can then drag your Zip file and drop it on the box. Clicking on “Browse” and finding it is also an option.

After completing the installation, the last step is to activate it by clicking “Activate” on the screen after the installation.

If you went for the WooCommerce complement, then make sure you have WooCommerce ready before uploading AliDropShip.

How to configure AliDropShip

After your AliDropShip is activated, you’re given access to a huge amount of themes, all part of this product. If you go for the WooCommerce complement, then you still get a plethora of themes compatible with the plugin. However, if you decided to get the standalone option, you want to study each theme available from the developer to find a winner.

For your standard plugin, there are 7 themes as of now. However, you also have the option of going for premium themes, and these can help you a lot to set your store apart. For the WooCommerce complement. You have 3 themes for free, and you can buy 2 premium ones; these are themes that work with both plugins at the same time.

Installing your theme is easy; the first step is to go to your dashboard. Go to “Appearance” and then click on “Themes” before doing the same with “Add New”. As usual, click on “Upload” and browse your theme around your files. After you’ve installed it, click on “Activate”.

Finally, just set up your plugin. You need to enter your license key; you get it right after paying for it through the official website. To use the plugin, you just need to click its new menu on the backend of your WordPress site.

Before changing anything on your website, make sure to link the plugin to your account on AliExpress; you’ll need Google Chrome for this. First, download the extension for Chrome, and after installing it, just click the new icon on your browser’s menu bar.

You first need to enter your store URL, the one with the plugin. Click on “add” on the extension, and then click on the “Authorize” option from your WordPress account to finish linking the two.

The steps are simple, but the entire process can feel quite lengthy, so it’s OK if some people feel lost or stuck at any point. Luckily, AliDropShip offers great guides to help you start out and how to solve any issues that may arise, from the common to the rare ones. You can access the FAQ right from the top side of the page.


Among the best features of AliDropShip is that you just need to pay a single fee for lifetime access whereas other plugins require you to pay each month. Many products also charge $100 fees, which can easily elevate your budget to the yearly thousands.

AliDropShip costs just $89, and after canceling the fee, you can use it forever on a single store on WordPress. You also have guaranteed support an all future updates without extra costs.


Dropshipping is a great chance to make money from your home while skipping many of the expenses required to start another venture. You can set up your store in many ways, but the hands-on approach takes too much time.

AliDropShip is great since it helps you skip a lot of that hassle and lets you find countless products from a single tool, as well as importing them in seconds.

Setting everything up with AliDropShip

If you want to start your own dropshipping business, then you probably want to do it instantly as well. I know it can be really annoying, or even frustrating, to go through each step required to get each element ready.

Luckily, most people won’t run into many issues while getting their store ready for business, but that’s not 100% of the time.

Luckily, you get several solutions from AliDropShip themselves. If you know nothing about WordPress and don’t want to take the time to learn it (or if you do, but you’re in a hurry), then one of these solutions might be just what you need.


You can hare the AliDropShip team itself to take care of the entire installation of the plugin.

They’ll take care of creating you database as well as transferring your website to a different domain. They’ll also install all the necessary elements for your store, including the latest WordPress, WooCommerce (if you decide to go for the complement version), the AliDropShip version you chose, and your site template.

It’s just an additional $39 to get your AliDropShip installed and ready for you to adapt it to what you want. You don’t have to set up your WordPress, plugin, nor website theme.

All you need to do is log into your WordPress interface and start tuning your store to what you envisioned.


If you want to simply log into your account and import your products to be ready for business, then you can ask the AliDropShip team to take things a bit further than standard: set up your plugin for you.

They’ll set up your email notifications, currency converter, and pricing formula. Besides, the team will integrate both Google Analytics and your Payment gateways as well work on your SEO.

This package costs $69, and it basically leaves your store ready for you to go into AliExpress and start looking for products to import.


There’s one final option that you can go with the AliDropShip team, and it’s the most complete by far, with lots of benefits for you. You can order a personalized store from AliDropShip, and it’s a particularly good option for people who haven’t even bought the product yet.

It starts off at $299, but it comes with unique benefits like domain names, special designs, product listings all set up, and pretty much everything necessary for you to log into and start managing your store.

The service price already includes the product’s tag as well.

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