How to Integrate Thrive Themes with WooCommerce in WordPress Website?

Learn to integrate Thrive Themes with WooCommerce!

How to Integrate Thrive Themes with WooCommerce in WordPress Website

Why do web designers worship WordPress? Because it is one of the best web design platforms ever.

Built by so many brilliant web developers and designers across the globe, it is an indispensable tool for and creative minds, bloggers, online businesses, teams, and just about anyone else who wants to harness the unlimited potential of the Internet for their own benefit.

WordPress is a beautiful, powerful, and fast content management system that is not only free to use but is also extensible. Moreover, it is used by millions of people worldwide, allowing them to create super dynamic websites with a common visual language.

It allows you to come up with innovative web designs, unique fonts, helpful plugins, and various other things, making the website look like a piece of art. Apart from these features, a site also requires top-notch readability, clarity, and, most importantly, speed. Thrive Themes provide these elements to make sure your website doesn’t lag even when it gets high traffic.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is your one-stop destination for unique themes and plugins that you can implement on WordPress. It is that ingredient that attracts more clients, customers, and subscribers because of the website’s outlook, design, UX, and overall usability. It has some incredible features that make website building an easy task for web designers. Here are some of the essential features that you should know:

1. All-in-one email

Thrive Themes give you an all-in-one email list tool where you can freely design and create an opt-in form, run various A/B tests, and also grow your email list faster than before. You don’t have to change tabs every time you want to check your email list. The admin page of your website will allow you to check your emails and create forms that you can share with your customers via email.

2. Visual editor

Thrive Themes also offers the most intuitive and fastest video editor available for WordPress. This is a blessing for every web designer who has to cater to client demands that primarily focus on adding videos on their websites. You can add a button, create drag and drop layouts, and use some of the advanced features of the video editor also.

3. Optimized pages

Publishing sales pages, opt-in pages, and webinar registration pages took a long time. But thanks to Thrive Themes, you can instantly publish these things and various other landing pages on your website within minutes.

4. Clever widgets

You can now show a variety of content right on your website’s home page through innovative widgets according to different pages, tags, categories, posts, and various other targeting rules. You can assign the widgets according to the nature of your website. This will help viewers to access respective pages without searching for them in detail on the site.

5. Headline optimizer

Content marketing plays a crucial role in improving the visibility of the website in search engines. The headline of different web pages on your site contributes to the success of your content marketing campaign. Thrive Themes allows you to optimize these headlines by running A/B tests to understand which titles perform better.

Why Choose Woocommerce?

Among the thousands of plugins available on WordPress, WooCommerce stands out because of its excellent features. It is one of those plugins that make online stores look simple and easy to operate. Users appreciate websites with easy UI so that they can navigate around the site quickly. WooCommerce not only helps you develop a simple UX but also improves the flexibility of various features, such as tax and inventory management, shipping integration, and secure payments. This makes the website easier both for the viewer and the admin.

WooCommerce is arguably, one of the best plugins you will ever come across for WordPress. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose this plugin over others.

1. Pricing flexibility

Price is a significant factor for any new retailer searching for an online retail platform. There are probably thousands of e-commerce applications that vary from zero to thousands of dollars every year. However, the price is not always the parameter that determines the capability of the respective application. Even free apps have useful features, making them superior to the paid ones. WooCommerce is one of those free applications that enable web designers to make the most of its features.

They can personalize the plugin for different clients from different industries. This helps to suit the style and pattern of the website from a specific genre. For example, websites of hospitals will differ from an e-commerce site, but the web designer may use WooCommerce for both.

2. Modular functions

WooCommerce, like WordPress, allows you to add tons of plugins to make the website easier for viewers. Retailers benefit a lot from the modularity of WooCommerce. For example, they not only have access to the thousands of themes and plugins of WordPress but also thousands of e-commerce extensions suitable for WooCommerce.

3. Sell anything

WooCommerce gives you the freedom to sell anything you want. It is incredibly flexible. You can sell almost anything on WooCommerce, such as subscriptions, digital products, physical products, appointments, and various other things. WooCommerce is your go-to destination whenever you want to sell e-commerce applications.

How to Connect Thrive Themes with Woocommerce

Connecting Thrive Themes with WooCommerce is a child’s play. You hardly have to click a few buttons on the Thrive Themes website to integrate it with WooCommerce in WordPress. Follow the steps below to add WooCommerce in Thrive Themes.

  1. Click on the Plugins menu on your Thrive Themes profile page. You will find options like Installed Plugins, Add New, and Editor. Click on Add New.
  2. A search box will appear on the top-right corner of your screen. Type WooCommerce on the search bar and hit Enter.
  3. You will get various suggestions, such as WooCommerce, WooCommerce PDF Invoices, and Packing Slips, WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway, WooCommerce Germanized, etc. Click on Install beside WooCommerce. The rest are add-ons that you may or may not need in the future.
  4. It takes a few seconds to install WooCommerce. You will get an option to Activate WooCommerce right after the installation process. Activate WooCommerce. It will automatically take you to its setup page.
  5. The setup page asks a few questions like your country, store address, payment methods, etc. Fill out the details carefully. You can click on Let’s Go after filling out all the information required.

That’s the easiest way to integrate Thrive Themes with WooCommerce on WordPress. Once you get used to the features, you will not want to use another plugin in the future.