How to Make a Real Estate Listing Video Using Vidnami (2021)

Find out How to Make a Real Estate Listing Video Using Vidnami Below!

How to Make a Real Estate Listing Video Using Vidnami

If you are new to the digital marketing world, chances are you are finding difficult to gain SEO traction due to Google always updating their algorithms. If so, what is an alternative way to generate more traffic? Video marketing is a great way to capture people’s attention and get your message across effectively. To produce good quality videos, I choose Vidnami to create video advertisements that can be shared on YouTube and other video sharing sites to promote my real estate business. Today’s post is all about sharing my knowledge in using Vidnami to produce good real estate videos for my business.

Let’s get started!

Step 1

First, let’s choose a real estate listing to use for our video demonstration. Most real estate listings can be easily found online, and they come with images or copy that you can easily upload onto Vidnami.

Step 2

Log in to Vidnami with your credentials.

From the Dashboard, click on “Create A New Video.” From the left side panel, click “Property Listing Video.” A bunch of templates will now be revealed to you on the right side of your screen. From there, you can choose either the squared model, which is usually used for social media or the standard landscape template. A demo video will appear for each template thumbnail that you select.

I will use the square template for this demo by clicking on “Use This Template” to get started.

Step 3

Copy and paste the text field from the real estate listing you found into Vidnami.

Here, you can also enter a title for your video.

Ensure your sentences appear on a new line each time, as this ensures that the video will start an original slide for each line.

Once completed, hit “Edit Scenes.”

Step 4

If you don’t have your media content for your videos, Vidnami will automatically use their own. But its more original to use your files, which is what we will be doing. You should have all the media content you want to use saved onto your desktop so that you can retrieve them easily.

Once you’re ready to upload in Vidnami, click on “Uploads” then “Images.” You can also drag and drop the images quickly.

Step 5

Now you’re done uploading all your media content, and you need to select the images that you want to include in each scene.

Here, you can also adjust the texts, either the color or place you want to position it on the video by clicking on “Style.” A Grid will appear where you can choose the position for your text.

You can also highlight the text that you want to color by using the color picker tool.

Clicking the checkered icon will let you choose a desirable Transition effect.

Once you’re done, you’re ready to move to the next step by clicking “Add Voice Track To Your Video.”

Step 6

Next, you can add either a music clip or an automated voice to read out the texts in your video. This is optional. You can also record your voice track if you don’t like the automated voice. Ensure you use a good quality microphone and so that you will produce good quality voice overs. Otherwise, it will sound cheap and ruin your video.

Click on “Preview Your Video” once you’re satisfied.

Step 7

Now, it’s time to add a Watermark to feature your brand throughout the video.

Upload your business logo if you want it to appear in each scene. Adjust the opacity and scale of the Watermark according to your liking. Drag the logo and position it anywhere you want on the screen and hit “Save Watermark” once you’re satisfied.

You can also adjust the scene timer if you feel your videos are going too fast or too slow.

Upload a music track via the “My Music” tab and upload your music track from your desktop.

If you notice an error with any scene while you’re previewing, from the left panel you can select the scenes and edit them.

Satisfied with everything? Click “Looks Good, Continue…”

Step 8

Click “Generate Your Video” and let Vidnami work its magic.

If it freezes, refresh the page, and it will begin rendering again.

Step 9

Time to download your video. Hit “Download Your Video.”

You’re done!


Within a few minutes, and with no experience in graphic design or videography, you have your own professional looking real estate video! You can duplicate these for other local businesses too! It’s a great way to make extra income.

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