How To Make Money As ClickFunnels Affiliate (2021)

Find out how to make money with Clickfunnels as an Affiliate Below!

How To Make Money As ClickFunnels Affiliate

It is crucial to learn how a sales funnel works before understanding the working of ClickFunnels. To start off, let’s think about how a funnel works. It’s a tube that is open wide at the top and shallow at the bottom. You use it to pour liquid or any other substance into a container that has a small opening. In a sales funnel, you may get a ton of visitors each day entering the funnel, but all of them may not turn out to be reaching the end of the funnel’s end.

According to marketers, it is a multi-step, multi-modality process because a lot happens when a prospect thinks of entering the funnel, taking action, and finally ending up purchasing the product. Most visitors are likely not to buy the first time they visit your funnel. Therefore it is multi-modality as it takes time to build a fruitful customer relationship.

Clickfunnels is a software that assists businesses in creating their funnels without them hiring a web developer. Therefore, you can build funnels and market it without requiring technical skills.

The Top Ways to make money with ClickFunnels

Here are some of the strategies you need to look to implement.

Building your marketing funnels in Minutes

Any entrepreneur can easily create their marketing funnel in just a few moments without requiring any technical experts. It enables them to create attractive pages in a sales funnel. It will help them improve the growth of their business online. The inclination of more online companies towards ClickFunnels is because it helps in converting the visitors to leads and, ultimately, customers with the help of beautiful sales funnels.

Over 100,000 businesses are using the services of ClickFunnels to sell the products and give out messages to the world.

ClickFunnels helps generate new leads that you can connect with easily. It helps you funnels that are simple and catches the customer’s attention and contact information. This way, you can generate new leads over and over, even after they exit your page.

It has a stock of pre-designed beautiful pages and funnels. So the traffic that walks into your funnel in every process turns into paying customers. Another way of increasing your revenue from every customer is by adding ‘1 click upsell.’

It lets you send highly-targeted messages to your prospects by email, social media, text, and desktop notifications. It enables you to improve your connectivity with your customers anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is upgrade to Actionetics MD that helps you in multi-dimensional marketing.

ClickFunnels helps you to guide your visitors through the complete sales processes step by step. You can direct the customers to the solutions to their problems and follow up with them after leaving the page. Businesses use some essential tools and strategies like drag and drop editor, tools for building sales funnel quickly smart shopping carts, and email automation to deliver their product using ClickFunnels payment gateways. Some other features are also like follow up funnels that help you create intelligent messages, texts, and emails. You can run an affiliate program within your funnel.

Make money as a ClickFunnels Affiliate

Affiliate marketing works in such a way that one business has to pay commission to the other business for the visitors they receive from the site’s referral.

If you join the ClickFunnels program, then you can partner with ClickFunnels. It is one of the most lucrative ams with a generous commission. For each sale of a product that ClickFunnels affiliate referral, he gets a 40% commission.

This program operates with a bonus for affiliates called ‘sticky cookie.’ It is a bonus as if you share its link with the customers, and then it follows them in various devices and keeps them connected to your affiliate account.

ClickFunnels affiliate program is free to join. Unlike the sales funnel program, you don’t require an active click funnels program. You only have to sign up for a free account, and you will get your affiliate link to advertise ClickFunnels.

To become a ClickFunnels affiliate is very simple. The minute you create your ClickFunnels, you are an affiliate. Once you become an affiliate, you will find everything you want there itself. There are many benefits of becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate too, like:

  • Money is the most excellent motivator for any work. So, one of the essential reasons for working as an affiliate marketer is to earn money. Who wouldn’t like some extra cash by just advertising something on their site?
  • Making money without investing a lot of it has always been the strategy for most of the marketers. As an affiliate marketer, you won’t have to put in a lot of your money.
  • There are numerous ways to promote affiliate marketing companies. With ClickFunnels, you only have to turn off the badge advertising the site. You can also narrate your easy-going experience with ClickFunnels and how it helped in generating more sales.
  • You don’t require to have marketing experience to become an affiliate marketer. Having expertise in marketing can surely help you, but if you not know, it is not a loss. Once you start with it, you will eventually gain experience. Affiliate marketing is all about learning to adapt to different situations at different times.
  • Affiliate marketing also comes with a great deal of flexibility. Since you don’t have to rely on the supplemental amount you earn, you can take some time off for yourself. Affiliate marketing grants you the freedom to do things your way.

ClickFunnels has more than 100,000 active users. A landing page is crucial for every business, so creating landing pages results in a considerable market. Many people don’t know about ClickFunnels and many who know. Each month there are 15,000 searches about landing pages and over 7,000 searches for a sales funnel. It means many people are looking for software like ClickFunnels, and you can earn money by referring people to ClickFunnels.

  • You can promote ClickFunnels on YouTube. With YouTube, you can generate traffic quickly and easily. You don’t have to necessarily be in front of the camera if you don’t want it. You can add slides for it or use software like screen flows and a microphone. You don’t need to write scripts to provide value to your users.
  • It is not easy to start a website. You can begin with it by using any other affordable hosting service. If you are beginning with it, you won’t be able to for competitive keywords like ‘ClickFunnels Reviews’ just yet. It would help if you went for other keywords by posting good quality of articles and ultimately getting useful links.
  • Facebook is another excellent space for promoting ClickFunnels. It is famous for building potential relationships with your customers as you both can see each other’s profiles. Facebook can help you make a large community of visitors, but it can be hectic as you will have to interact with them daily.
  • It is super easy to make a course around ClickFunnels. Thus, you can make a course that keeps customers involved with it, or the customers can use it in conjunction with some software. For instance, create a free course on ‘how to build an email list.’ You can show all the steps involved based on the use of ClickFunnels. In the end, you can drop the link to 14 days free trial of ClickFunnels for them. This how you provided value to them while promoting ClickFunnels.
  • Another lucrative way of promotion revolves not just around making money as an affiliate but making money as a business. For this, you can hit up a local market and generate leads by creating a funnel for them. Many dentists, gym owners, lawyers, and MLM businesses look for these services. Once you build their sales funnel and they see growth in leads, there are chances they may hire you or buy ClickFunnels.

The only concept explained above is to choose a specific niche and create an affiliate site that generates traffic from Google or any other platform like YouTube. The moment your website starts getting the right amount of traffic, you can begin with marketing a free course or share funnels to your visitors. It is the right way of promoting the ClickFunnel Affiliate program, and it does not limit you to it, but you can improve other things as well. It will help readers in many ways and help you generate more traffic to your site. Eventually, it will help you get the commission too.

There is a ClickFunnels affiliate Bootcamp program that is a $997 program. It gives you free training on promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.  


ClickFunnels is an excellent software that helps you make money online. If you were not sure of how, to begin with, it, hopefully, you have got an insight into it, you could join the affiliate program without paying for it. It is an excellent opportunity of learning something new. And even if you don’t learn anything, you won’t lose anything either. So go for it now!

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