How to Make Money on Amazon (2021)

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How to make money on Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping platforms and almost everyone has shopped on it at least once in their lives. The business is so profitable that it has made its founder, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. Over the years, Amazon’s range of products has grown and it looks like that it will continue to do so.

However, Amazon isn’t just a platform to spend money, you can earn it too! Amazon provides a ton of opportunities through which you can make money on it. The company is on its way to expand its business into more than just retail and with the right ideas, you too earn some with its help.

If you want to make some money with the help of Amazon, here are some of the best ways to do so.

1. Sell products on Amazon

The first thing that must come to your mind when you think of making money on Amazon is selling products on it. The best part about selling products is that it is very easy to do and easy to scale. You can start by selling small items that you collect from local shops or some books. However, you will have to manage the packaging and shipping yourself. Therefore, you must take those costs into account when planning this feat out. Once your business grows, you won’t have enough space left in your home to keep the orders. You can then branch out into Fulfilled by Amazon.

With Fulfilled by Amazon, all you have to do is source your product in large quantities and send it to Amazon’s warehouse. They will then handle the packaging, shipping, and return themselves. You will end up saving money and increase your profit margins as well. Though this business does involve slightly hefty investments in the beginning and you will have to continue sourcing products for the website as you go, you can get terrific returns for the same. Therefore, if you’re willing to take the start-up costs as well as handle inventory, you can definitely give this a shot.

2. Merch By Amazon

If you don’t wish to deal with physical products, their packaging, and shipping, then you can try your hand at merchandising. All you need to do is just design it. This means that you need to create a design for your t-shirt and upload it on Amazon, keeping in mind its size and quality specifications. After that, you just need to pick the colors and then you’re all set. After a couple of hours, anyone will be able to buy your t-shirts. Amazon will take care of the printing, packaging, and shipping of these t-shirts for you. You can upload as many designs as you want from anywhere in the world and don’t need to be a photoshop expert for this either. However, this merch is currently only sold in the US, UK, and Germany. Apart from t-shirts, you can also sell sweatshirts, hoodies, and pop sockets.

3. Affiliate program with Amazon

Small businesses, influencers, and bloggers have a much easier way of profiting from Amazon through its affiliates program called Amazon Associates Program. All you have to do is add links of Amazon products on your site and you get a commission for every customer who gets to their landing page through your platform. Your commission can differ based on the product category but you can get as much as 10% from it. The best part about this program is that you get paid for any purchases that your reader might make in the next 24 hours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the product you tagged. It only depends on them clicking on the link you put up. For example, an ad for a t-shirt can lead the customer to the website and they might end up buying a kitchen product. You would still get your commission for the kitchen product that they bought.

The sheer volume of products available on Amazon gives you so much to tap into and you can certainly make use of that through this program. An average person spends around a hundred bucks every month on Amazon and thus, it can earn you quite a bit of money if you have enough followers.

4. Publish on Kindle

Getting your dream book published isn’t that difficult of a task anymore. All you have to do is write a book and leave the rest to Kindle Direct Publishing. In a world where everything is done online, you can take the journey of your story online too. The book can turn out to be a good source of passive income for years to come. A book on Kindle can earn you up to 70% of its amount in royalty.

You don’t really have to write full-fledged novels to get published on Kindle. You can start with short story stories, how-to guides and more. These items sell quite well on Amazon and do not even require any start-up costs. However, you need to make sure that the book is proofread and has a good cover design as well. You can make use of free templates for the cover as well. But having a book with good cover design can help you garner more sales.

5. Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Mechanical Turk, commonly known as MTurk is another ay to earn money through Amazon. All you have to do is perform small tasks such as transcribing a short recording or naming the objects in a picture. These tasks are usually in place to help programmers and developers get ahead of a few things. Their computers can’t perform these tasks as well as humans yet and thus, they’re always on the lookout for help from others and pay for it as well.

These tasks don’t take too long to complete and pay some cents each. The best part about MTurk is that its highly flexible, which means that you can log on to your account any time of the day and finish them. The process thus works quite well for beginners. People from the US will get paid directly into their bank account for their tasks but anyone outside of the country will receive their payments through Amazon gift cards.  Unlike other opportunities, MTurk may not come off as that rewarding but it’s best suited for people who want a low-commitment side job and earn some extra pocket money.

6. Amazon Handmade

Amazon’s own version of Etsy, Amazon Handmade is a great opportunity for artists out there. If you’re someone who makes their own jewelry, clothing, tableware, etc., you can put up your products on Amazon and earn a good income. Given the success of Etsy, Amazon Handmade sure looks like it will go places. The platform has just been launched and thus, serves as a great opportunity for anyone who signs up early on. This way, your products will have a high rank even when it goes big and your royalties would increase too.

Amazon also is a non-exclusive platform and will help you list your products on other websites as well. For shipping, you can either choose to do it yourself or get it done under Fulfilled by Amazon. This way, your products will be eligible for Prime as well.

The only catch here is that your products need to be genuine and you need to prove that you’re the artisan. If you’re reselling someone else’s art, you will be rejected from putting up your products.

7. Work from home for Amazon

Until now, we’ve seen the small opportunities that Amazon provides you. Some of them can be big as well, depends on how much time you wish to invest in them and how much you want to scale. But if you want to work full-time with Amazon, you can sign up for their Work from Home positions. Amazon is always on the lookout for customer service representatives, especially the ones who can speak a foreign language. You can also sign up as an account manager, operation supervisor, or technical personnel. Many of these positions are country-specific, but you can still sit at your home and work on your laptop. Amazon is a multinational business and thus, you may end up finding several opportunities in your country too.

Final Thoughts

The idea of earning money from a platform where you buy most of your things from sounds interesting and fascinating. Amazon provides you several opportunities to make money and pays you well for the same. If you decide to sell physical products, your royalties can cover almost all of your inventory costs. In fact, the merchandising and book writing opportunities barely cost any money. For merchandising, the printing and shipping are done by Amazon itself. Thus, if you’re smart enough and understand your niche well, you can even earn money through 2-3 different ways on the platform. The wide range of products and a huge set of customers is always an upside as you can only scale your business and earn more from them.

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