How To Make Money With Cashback Sites (2021)

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How To Make Money With Cashback Sites

Coupons have earned a special place in people’s hearts when it comes to saving money, but not everyone has the time to look through all the ads and curate the deals you want for yourself.

Thankfully, we’ve found several sites and apps that help you with that: making your money back with purchases. You don’t even have to print any coupons or anything other than your computer or smartphone.

What does “cashback” mean?

Now, you have cashback apps and coupons; they’re somewhat similar ways to save money, but they differ in how they work. Coupons let you save money before checking out, and cashback apps give you rewards after you’ve made a purchase.

Some of the apps here let you make cashback from stores, and others will let you make your money back online. Lastly, there’s a couple that let you do both.

If you’re shopping inside the store, then you want to download the app and open your account. You then need to find the store you’re visiting and study the cashback offers. After you’ve checked out, you need to take a picture of the receipt; others let you scan the bar codes from your items.

If the app offers online cashback, the process is easier. You’ll need to open your app or browser, find your preferred retailer, and use the portal to do your shopping.

You’re probably thinking “how can they hand out the cash as is?” Well, the apps usually earn referral commissions from the stores they list, so they make money off the purchases you make. Finally, the app redirects a portion of this commission back to you.

The best cashback options right now

There are so many options online that you might feel overwhelmed. Even this simplified list might feel intimidating, but don’t fret.

The best approach is to try a couple of apps for a few weeks and see how much you make from them. If they don’t fit your shopping habits, or you don’t see sufficient change, then you can move to another one.

The best app varies for each individual, and it depends heavily on each person’s spending habits. Still, you’ll find all the information you need to develop a solid idea of what each app does.


This cashback site is the best one for online buyers looking to make up to 40% of their purchases back without going on a hunt for coupon codes. You can still do it, though, if you want to stack your income.

You only need to spend a minute of your day once to sign up, and after you do it, you have the chance to make cashback from over 2,500 stores. Amazon, Walmart, and Travelocity are included in that list.

The only issue is that you can’t really decide when to cash out. You’ll get a check once every 3 months as long as you’ve made $5. The first cash out month is February, followed by May and August before closing with November.

You can use it on your desktop PC, Android, and iOS. Besides, you receive a $10 bonus if you spend at least $25 on your first 3 months after opening an account.


Frequent grocery shoppers might want to opt for Ibotta before anything else. You download the app, claim the cashback offers that entice you, and take a picture of the receipt. You can use it with several major stores and chains, like Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Kroger.

The app is really intuitive, and you can find different offers for any item and brand offered on the stores, which opens more earning chances. You can still use it for more than grocery shopping, though; it also supports online stores.

The problem with Ibotta is that it promotes specific products with higher cashback, but they’re not always the best deal, so keep an eye out.

After creating your account and make at least $20, you can cash out using Venmo, PayPal, or even gift cards from retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target.

Ibotta is available on Android and iOS, and you can get a $20 bonus if you redeem 10 promotions within the first 2 weeks of creating your account.


Drop is better for people who usually forget their shopping list before heading to the store; you don’t need to remember about scanning your receipts. You’ll get points from your purchases automatically each time you shop in affiliated retailers.

That’s the best feature from Drop: you just have to link your credit or debit card and buy at a retailer connected to the app. Besides, the cashback comes from the full purchase, not specific products. You can also use the mobile app for cashback with online shopping, and it supports brands like Uber Eats, Casper, and Expedia.

The problem here is that you need to select 5 stores that you prefer for earning rewards for shopping with these brands, either online or brick and mortar. There are great options here, including Uber, Starbucks, and Whole Foods, but once you choose your options, you have to stick to them.

You can exchange your cashback for gift cards on retailers like Starbucks or Amazon, and you get $1 for every 1,000 points you amass. It’s available on Android and iOS.


Shopkick is a bit different from the other apps we’ve seen: you don’t have to actually buy to begin making points. You just need to walk into a store and scan the bar codes on the items. If you do buy with connected cards or take photos of the receipts, you’ll earn more points.

Since you can earn points by merely scanning bar codes without buying things, you won’t be driven towards needless spending with this app. It also supports online shopping.

The only downside here is that it can be a bit confusing to get used to all the options you have during the first weeks of using the app while running errands.

You can withdraw your points as gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Every 500 kicks get you a $2 card. It’s available on iOS and Android.

Fetch rewards

Lazy but money-saving people, don’t feel embarrassed; this is your choice. Even if you’re busy and can’t plan your shopping trips, you can still squeeze some if you have 5 minutes. Fetch also lets you get rewards from simply taking photos of the receipts, and you can use any receipt from any store.

As you can imagine, using Fetch is seamless. You don’t have to scan bar codes or look for particular brands (except for some bonuses). You can use any receipt from your purchases, in club, grocery, or convenience stores.

The only issue is that you have a time limit to take the photo. If you take more than 14 days, you just missed free money.

Your can cash out your rewards with gift cards for different retailers. You have the usual Amazon and Walmart, but there are more unique options like Panera bread. You need 3,000 points to get a gift card, but it’s not as difficult as you think: a toilet paper 8-pack nets you 1,000.

You can get it on Android and iOS, and you can enter different codes for free points after scanning your 1st receipt as sign up bonuses.

Checkout 51

If you prefer to shop where it’s more convenient instead of pleading loyalty to certain stores, Checkout 51 is amazing. You can redeem the deals from this app by buying specific products from different retailers (some offers do have specifics).

This is also a great option for online shoppers, as Checkout 51 is easy to use for internet purchases. You can claim your points by taking pictures of the packing slip, so you don’t need to go for specific portals.

However, this app updates all offers every Thursday, and it can be either good or bad. It’s good for people who like to catch new deals, but it can be an issue for those slower to catch promotions.

Another problem is that the app focuses on branded items, so be careful about going for bad deals just because it’s recommended. Even with the cashback, some generic/store brands can be cheaper even without the cashback.

Each time you make $20 back, you can choose to cash out and receive your check in your mail. It’s available on Android and iOS.

Saving Star

On the other hand, Saving Star is the perfect app for people who prefer to stay loyal to brands. Depending on which store you visit, you can connect your app for automatic cashback benefits.

It’s optimal if you visit CVS, Safeway, Dollar General and other stores since you only need to scan the store card and link it to your Saving Star account to activate the cashback. That’s it. If you don’t, you can still claim your benefits by scanning your receipts.

Regarding cons, you might find offers for bulk purchases, and this isn’t convenient for some; remember you still have to move all the products somehow. It’s also missing the option to categorize your offers, so there’s a bit of digging involved.

After you make $20, you can have it transferred to your bank or PayPal account. A neat option here is that you can also choose to donate the cashback to charity.

You can access it from your desktop PC, Android, and iOS.

Best tips to maximize your rewards

Cashback are excellent ways to save money, and they can go a long way each year, but they require responsibility. Getting caught by enticing offers is a risk for many, so let’s give you a few tips to curve the dangers:

  • Read the offer carefully to make sure you understand the conditions.
  • Don’t fall for offers before comparing prices between brands, even if there’s no cashback on the least expensive option.
  • Make sure to use your apps in conjunction with other coupons you might have.
  • Use sites like Cashback Monitor to compare the best apps for your retailers.
  • You might receive tempting mails, so make sure to unsubscribe to the mailing list if it’s too much pressure.

Finally, make sure to compare the offers with your actual needs. Don’t fall for unnecessary purchases just for the cashback.

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