How to Promote Clickbank Products With Clickfunnels! (2021)

Find out How to Promote Clickbank Products With Clickfunnels Below!

How to Promote Clickbank Products With Clickfunnels

Clickbank is an affiliate marketing platform that has a myriad of products from a variety of niches including green energy, self-help, weight loss, marketing and etc. Working with Clickbank, you can either be an affiliate or a vendor. Whereas ClickFunnels is a marketing and funnel building software that you can use to sell these affiliate products. You can build affiliate bridge funnels to build your email list. Therefore, if you’re looking for ways to sell your Clickbank products, ClickFunnels is the best tool to use. In other words, you will need both ClickFunnels and Clickbank to be successful in the affiliate marketing business.

Choosing your perfect Clickbank niche and how to implement ClickFunnels

As mentioned earlier, Clickbank has a myriad of products in a variety of niches that you can sell. Therefore, you will need to find a niche to begin with. I suggest you find something as specific as possible, as these affiliate marketers usually succeed more than people who have general products. You should also find something you’re passionate about, or at least something you’re interested.

So, before you begin, ask reflect and brainstorm a few things that will help you figure this out. Do you like fashion? Are you an entrepreneur who likes to help other entrepreneurs? Besides finding a niche that you’re passionate about, it would also be easier down the line if you find a niche that is popular.

This is because you will need to spend hours coming up with content for this niche and the more passion you have, the better the ideas you will come up with content.

Once you’ve decided on a niche, head over to the Clickbank marketplace to choose from their gazillions or products. You won’t have to worry about finding a product, as their marketplace is always being updated regularly.

Affiliate Marketing Bridge Funnels

Now, you have a niche and even a product in mind, all you need is a funnel. And this is where ClickFunnels comes in. ClickFunnels can easily help you to create an affiliate marketing bridge funnel. ClickFunnels has an entire inventory of funnels available on their platform, and the most perfect for Clickbank will be the “affiliate bridge funnel”. With the affiliate marketing bridge funnel, you can build your email list, pre-sell favourite affiliate offers, or even pitch affiliate offers in a unique way.

ClickFunnels also make them entirely customizable. All you need to do is choose a template, then use the drag and drop functions to come up with a page that looks and feels like your personal brand. The drag and drop function makes it so easy to customize. Trust me, you don’t need to be a web designer for this.

Why Email marketing is so powerful for Clickbank affiliates

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool that has been proven to work since the beginning or affiliate marketing. Emails are a more intimate touch between your brand and the customer. It gives your brand a voice and it has the power to deliver anything you need it to convey. For example, if you’re launching a new set of clothing for the new season, or if you’ve launched a new social media page, an email campaign can help. Firstly, it will let your customers know about the most recent happening of your brand, and they can choose to make an action towards it.

ClickFunnels uses their inbuilt marketing software called Actionetics. Personally, I think this is one of ClickFunnel’s greatest strong suits. It has the ability to solve any problems that your brand is having. For example, if you have issues that you want to address via email marketing, you can write up newsletter campaigns to address each one of them. With each newsletter, you will have a “call to action” to promote your affiliate offer.

So essentially, your affiliate bridge funnel is your “front end”, and your newsletter campaign works as your back end. With this being implemented, your funnel will be working for you even when you’re sleeping. As you can see, it takes quite a lot of work but with the right niche, it can also be tons of fun.

Writing a killer email followup campaign

Writing a great followup campaign is easy as long as you’re regularly producing engaging content that gets your readers interested. Its not just that, you will need to be a voice that your readers can trust and rely on. Why? Because this increases the probability that they will actually open and read your newsletters.

So, instead of focusing on selling, focus on delivering great content instead, and everything will fall into place. Once you build credibility and trust with your readers, you can throw anything at them and they’ll be sure to support you.

What do people who use ClickFunnels and Clickbank know that you don’t?

ClickFunnels can help you to succeed at promoting Clickbank products. ClickFunnels can help you sell ANYTHING.

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