How to Start a Blog Fast and Start Making Money Right Away (2021)

Find out How to Start a Blog Fast and Start Making Money Right Away Below!

How to Start a Blog Fast and Start Making Money Right Away

Running a blog is a fun hobby. But these days, more people are starting up blogs to earn money rather than a fun hobby. Yes, you heard it right. Bloggers can make a lot of money from what they do, and some are even enough to sustain their whole families and let them live luxuriously away from the corporate world. Now, doesn’t that sound appealing. If you already have a blog and you want to monetize it, then this article is perfect for getting you started. You can turn an innocent fun hobby into a money-making machine. Even if you don’t currently have a blog, keep reading, and you can learn how to start one from scratch in a few simple steps. So, if you’re seeking a life away from the corporate lifestyle, or you want to be your boss, or you just want to explore a new method for a side hustle, this article will answer your questions.

Before we begin on the steps, let’s first look at starting a blog from scratch as a whole. You generally need these four components:

1. Domain name

Your domain name is your blog’s identity. It’s the URL or link to your blog that people will need to find your blog. There are quite a few things that you need to consider when choosing the right domain name.

a. Short and catchy

Short and catchy names are easier to remember. If you can come up with something smart or “punny,” that will be easier to remember. For example, is a cute and catchy domain name that you will never forget.

b. Use at least one descriptive word

If you’re going to have more than one word for your domain name, ensure one of them is descriptive. For example, if you’re a food blog, you can use clues or some keywords to help people identify the niche of your blog, such as “eat.” Or, if your blog is about making money, you can include the word “dollar” in your domain name.

c. Use Keywords

Using keywords in your domain name increases the chances of optimization. This means that when someone enters the keyword, your blog will come up for their attention. Keywords help you to rank higher in Google so this is something you should consider.

d. No slang, misspelled words or profanity

You might think its cool to use slangs or obscenity in your domain name. However, although it might work 0.01% of the times, it rarely works, unless of course if your page is NSFW. Trust me, if you want your readers to easily find your blog, you should avoid this.

e. Avoid hyphens and symbols

Again, your domain name should be as uncomplicated as possible. Symbols and hyphens are hard to remember and will make your domain look fake and cluttered. It can also look like a spam domain, and you don’t want users to think you’re a spam account.

f. Choose a name that you can expand

After all, you plan on using your blog to make money. This means you need something that can be sustainable in the future. Come up with a domain name that describes what your brand is about, and make sure its something you can use in the future.

For example, if you’re a food blog and your expertise in making soup. Choosing the domain name might not be applicable years down the line when you might no longer be a soup-only food blog.

g. Make your name brandable

Choosing a brandable domain name goes hand in hand with component d. Expanding your brand is a good sign; this means that whatever you’re doing works! Therefore, you should pick a name that you can exploit on.

h. Try and choose a .com domain

Either a .com or .net don’t make much difference for your blog. A .com ending is just more recognizable worldwide and it also just looks better.

i. Don’t let this cause a roadblock

I’ve heard of people who’ve halted launching their blog due to the difficulty in finding a suitable domain name. Don’t make this happen to you! Yes, its important to find the right domain name. But it’s more important to get your blog launched so that it can start earning you money!

2. Web host

Your web host is like a home for your blog.  Without a home, you can’t have a blog. Having said this, your ‘home’ needs to have the following components to be considered a good home. Firstly, your host should have good speed so that viewers have no issue loading your blog. These days if users encounter even a slightly slow loading, they wouldn’t even wait 3 seconds before deciding against waiting for it to load. There goes a potential customer. Secondly, you need a reliable host. As we all know, there are times where “the internet” stops working. It’s the same with your blog. You might experience ‘down-time.’ So you need to pick a hosting company that has reliable “up-time.” Lastly, you need to pick a host with good customer service. So that whenever you reach a roadblock, they can help you to troubleshoot the issue.

I recommend Bluehost for hosting your blog. They have reasonable pricing and provide excellent service. I’ve been using them so far, and I’ve had a great experience. As your blog grows and your traffic grows, you will need to consider to upgrade your hosting into something that can handle your amount of traffic.

3. Theme and layout

Now that you’ve found your blog a home, its time to make it look friendly and inviting. You want people to visit your blog ASAP but you should make it look presentable first. You wouldn’t want readers seeing a non-functional, empty page.

Thankfully, because blogging is such a popular hobby, there are many free themes and layout available on the internet. Always remember that first impressions are essential. Therefore, you should pick a theme that looks professional. If your theme looks cluttered and unprofessional, I doubt your readers would depend on you for any advice. Most of these layouts are highly customizable. Feel free to let your creative juices flow and come up with a page that looks and feels like your own personality.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a theme.

  • Pick something customizable and has built-in options that you can also customize.
  • Pick a theme that is clean and clutter free. Personally, I like visiting minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing blogs. Try to use a clean theme that doesn’t have recurring patterns or icons everywhere. Try to also avoid blinking or bright widgets that might make your blog look like a fake or spam blog.
  • Pick a theme that is suitable with the niche of your blog.

    You should spend some time making your theme look right. But its no big deal as you can     still edit or update it later on. Alternatively, if you want your blog up and running right away     and you hate customizing, you can also spend money on premium theme right away.

4. WordPress

WordPress is a blogging platform that you can use to manage your blog. I personally like WordPress as I’m not a technical person and I can’t be bothered with HTML or other programming aspects.

Now, we’ve briefly gone through the important parts that you NEED to start a blog. Next, we’ll walk through the steps to setup a blog fast and properly.

a. Bluehost Hosting

Bluehost comes in two plans which are the Basic and Plus plans. The basic plan costs $3.49 a month but it only allows hosting of one website. Since you’re a beginner and you only have one website for now, you can choose this plan. Once your blog starts growing and you need another site, you can still sign up for their Plus plan along the line for $5.95 per month. All you have to do is subscribe to the plan and fill in your details.

b. Domain name

Another thing I like about Bluehost is that it comes with a free domain name. So if you’re using Bluehost, just follow the page to choose your domain name.

c. Register your account

Now, you’ve chosen your URL. The next step is filling in your account details such as name, address, and payment info. Once this is completed, you will receive an email with instructions for your next step.

How to make money with your blog

As you can easy, there are only 3 easy steps to follow to build a blog from scratch. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and the ability to follow simple set of instructions. If this article isn’t enough to help you, or you just require more information, here are my other articles that are sure to help you. Alternatively, you can also get a lot of help on the internet. There are many tutorials available online, most even in the form of videos so its easier to understand.

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