How to Start (and Make money from) a Food Blog (2021)

Blogging is a fun hobby, and if you’re passionate about something, you can let your creative juices flow. There is a blog for everything nowadays. Some bloggers are just genuinely passionate about their niche, but most of them are out there to make money. You can do this too! It’s the best way to get income as you also get to write about something you love.

This article can help any blogger in any niche to succeed in monetizing their blogs. But today, I will focus on a food blog, as they are very common nowadays. I’ve managed to monetize my blog successfully, and I’m able to leave my corporate life behind and be my boss.

Five Steps to Starting and Monetizing a Food Blog

1. Hosting

Web hosting is mostly finding a home for your blog. You can view it as you’re renting out a host, or space for your blog to live in. This also means that it will incur some cost or ‘rental.’ Some bloggers skip this step, but it could harm your blog’s credibility and SEO rankings.

So a huge tip will be to HOST YOUR BLOG. Bluehost is excellent as they have competitive rates, and they also give you a free domain name.

2. Choosing your domain name

Coming up with a domain name for your blog can be taxing. Unless you already have a catchy idea, you might be stuck researching the web for something that works. There are a few rules that you should follow to come up with the right domain name that makes sense. First of all, it should be short and catchy. Your domain name is how your readers can find you and remember you by. You’d want something that they can remember right off the top of their heads. Secondly, it shouldn’t be too hard to spell. And thirdly, make sure you try to avoid using symbols, hyphens, or alternate capital letters as it also complicates things.

For example, is a great and easy to remember domain name.

Once you’ve chosen it, head to Bluehost to see if it’s available. Don’t worry if you decide to change your name down the line, and it’s still possible to do it.

3. Installing WordPress

Next, you need to find a blogging platform. WordPress is excellent for this as it’s easy to install. You can choose between and, depending on the amount of customization you’re going to do. If you want a fully customizable platform, then is for you. I’d advise you to customize your blog, though, as you want something that looks and feel the way you want it to.

The next level will be combining WordPress and ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a great marketing software that you can use to monetize your blog. It helped me to kickstart my blog and start getting traffic!

All you need to do is log in to Bluehost and head to the ‘Website Builders’ section. Click on the WordPress logo and simply login.

4. Setting up your theme and food blog

Themes are a great way to get started on customizing your blog. There are a ton of free themes available for WordPress. My personal favorites are the Epik Theme, Elegant Themes, and the Genesis Framework. All these themes are predesigned and I usually like to choose something clean and minimalistic. I feel that blogs or sites that look cluttered do not have a professional or premium feel to it. I want to choose something white as a background so that my content, such as texts and images, can be the center of attention. Themes are great as they’re easily customizable.

5. Your first post

Now, congratulations! You’re ready to publish your first post. Click ‘Add New Post’ at the top left of the dashboard. If you don’t already have an idea of what to write, honestly, start writing! It could be anything, and its what sets you apart from other blogs as it’s coming from YOU. Since its an introductory post, you can probably give your viewers some insight into what to expect if they follow your blog. You might be able to get the attention of readers this way, and people can already start tuning in.

6. Making money with your blog

Now here’s the part where you start making money. You start making money once you get a decent amount of traffic to your blog. You can then reach out to advertisers and start working with them for commission. How this works is that you will promote their product on your site.

ClickFunnels can further help you boost your profits by getting more traffic to your blog and maximizing your profits. It’s a popular marketing tool that more and more bloggers are implementing on their sites.

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