How to upgrade your GrooveFunnels account – The 3 steps you need to know

Have you been learning about GrooveFunnels and all that it has to offer? Have you learned that there is so much more functionality that comes with upgrading the account or have you come here to learn some more? 

Either way, I am going to highlight everything about GrooveFunnels, its features, pricing, how to upgrade, and so on. If this is what you are here for, then keep reading until the end so you have a better idea of what to do and whether this investment is worth the money you are spending. 

GrooveFunnels – A summary

GrooveFunnels was first launched as a standalone tool in late 2019 called GroovePages. This was the tool that only focused on landing page creation. However, this tool got so popular during this time that the team – GrooveDigital, decided to work on creating and launching the rest of the tools that form the suite of GrooveFunnels.

As such, the software has now become an arsenal of tools that you can use to launch your website and run all your marketing campaigns from. The creator of the software is one called, Mike Filsaime. You may have heard of him before because he was the previous co-founder of another wildly successful digital marketing tool called Kartra. Therefore, you know that the software he and his team put out can be trusted and is of high quality. 

GrooveFunnels is doing so well now that they are on track to becoming one of the most used digital marketing tools by the year 2023. Considering the fact that the full software came out in 2020 and that it is still in beta, this is a major success factor and is a testament to how the software is perceived by the online community. 

GrooveFunnels – What are their pricing points?

As of right now, there are three different pricing options available for you to choose from. Each of these packages unlocks a certain number of their tools for you to use. They also have a free account available for those who want to try out the software.

The free account can be created by just entering some of your data and registering for an account. You don’t even need to enter your credit card details and so you can eliminate the risk of being accidentally charged for something you weren’t planning on purchasing. 

With the free account you will get:

  • GroovePages Lite – The page builder without any award-winning template options
  • GrooveSell – The sales funnel builder
  • GrooveAffiliate – The affiliate marketing program builder
  • A free SSL certificate for your website
  • Custom domain integration onto their amazon servers for 3 of your websites.

These are all given for free for those who join the platform on a free account. This tells you that they are willing to give a lot of value to those who are interested in the software. This should also be reflected in the other packages that they have on offer. Here are the prices:

  • The Silver Package – $99 per month – This is the package that is meant for beginners. You will get the full GroovePages Pro (with all the templates needed), GrooveMember (turn your website into a membership/subscription site), GrooveMail (an email automation tool to run your campaigns), and GrooveVideo (host all your videos in one place).
  • The Gold Package – $199 per month – You will get all of the above plus GrooveBlog (a tool like WordPress for managing your blog content), GrooveCalendar (manage your events, meetings with this scheduling tool), GrooveDesk (add a help desk feature to your website), GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz (create quizzes and surveys to be used on your website and landing pages).
  • The Platinum Package – $299 per month – This is the most expensive package and is made up of all their tools. You will get GrooveWebinar (host all your webinars both live or automated), GroovePages for Shopify (a plug-in for Shopify to enable the use of the GroovePages tool inside Shopify).

The platinum package is mostly meant for specialized businesses that need Webinars and the Shopify plug-in. Other than that, there is no need for any business to upgrade to that package.

GrooveFunnels – A one-time payment option

Because GrooveFunnels is still a new software and is still in beta (being tested), they have another option available for those who want the software. This is a limited time offer and will disappear after a while. It is in place now to get some funding into the software while they are still testing and launching new tools, but will be removed once the full software is out or they are ready to move to a full subscription pricing model. 

This one-time payment option will give you access to all the tools currently available as well as the tools that are yet to come out, including all the future updates. All this for a one-time fee and you won’t ever have to keep making those pesky monthly payments. 

They also offer this payment to be broken down into months so that it is easier to pay than to pay the bulk amount in full at one time:

  • 4 months – This payment plan will cost you a total of $497/month for a period of four months. This will amount to a total of $1988. You don’t need to make the first payment right then and there. You can start paying after a trial period of 14 days.
  • 6 months – This payment plan will cost you $338/month for a period of 6 months. This will amount to a total of $2028.
  • 12 months – This payment plan will cost you $249/month for a period of 6 months. This will amount to a total of $2988.
  • One-time full payment – If you are able to make the payment in full in one go, then you will be able to make the most out of this deal. For the price of $1397, you can get everything that this software has to offer and all that comes in the future as well. Even compared to the 4-month option, you will be saving $591 if you choose this option. This is a crazy deal that is difficult to pass up!

Upgrading your account

Here are the three steps to upgrade your account:

  • Sign up for a GrooveFunnels account or log into your existing one
  • Then head over to your dashboard, locate the ‘upgrade’ button, and click on it
  • Finally, choose the payment plan or pricing package that suits you and complete the payment.

And that is basically it. There is no long or difficult process to complete this, and it can all be done within a couple of minutes.

In Conclusion

Yes, the overall price of the software may be expensive when you look at it objectively, but when you factor into account the money you will be saving by not purchasing other tools and also looking at the value this software provides, you will see that it is actually a steal for the price. 

If you are still unsure about the platform, I would suggest creating a free account and testing the waters for yourself. You can try out some of their tools and see if it is a right fit for you. You can make a more informed decision yourself that way.