How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing

How To Use ClickFunnels For Affiliate Marketing

Sure, you can always just market your affiliate links with articles or videos, but using funnels is one of the best ways to market your affiliate products. In that regard, ClickFunnels is the best tool for creating sales funnels for any business.

But, why exactly is ClickFunnels so good for affiliate marketing? Well…

It helps with follow ups

ClickFunnels takes care of collecting the relevant data from all visitors on your website, including the most important one: email addresses.

It uses an opt-in page for that, and then you’re free to develop a follow-up email strategy to target your visitors in any way and as often as you want.

These emails keep the visitors aware of your offers constantly. The end result is more clients and sales, but most importantly: recurrent ones.

Simple upsells

You can have your visitors opt-in, giving you the precious email address. However, after that, they’re directed to your sales pages. While you can send them right into your product, you can also offer free stuff: eBook, guide, webinar, etc.

Offering free value is a great way to get traffic. Once your visitors takes this gift, you can then upsell them your affiliate product. Even if they choose not to buy it, you now have more emails for your list to which you can promote it anyways.

Seamless transition

The entire purchase process is simplified considerably. First, your visitors go to your page from links on your content, email, or social media pages. After that, they opt-in by leaving their email; now you increased your list.

Then, they’re taken to your sales funnel.

Here, they might find a video, article, or that free gift we talked about. Here, they’ll see a button to purchase or get their gift. If they click on it, they’ll see a final “Thank You” page. If they don’t buy anything, they’ll receive emails periodically selling the product, which ends when they buy it or unsubsribe.

Once you set that up with ClickFunnels, you don’t have to repeat anything. It’s set for good.

Varying funnels

You can create any types of funnels you want, and the more pages you add to the entire process, the more money you can make.

For instance, you can add bonus to your sale from another page. You can offer different bonuses to increase the value of your offer, which goes a long way into convincing your customers. If you offer something you made, like a recipe book or a guide on how to use your affiliate product, you’ll be adding value at no cost to you.

Another option is to get opt-ins from your buyers. That way, you have an email list of poeple who already bought from you, which you can use to turn them into repeating clients.

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Why you should affiliate to ClickFunnels

Not only is ClickFunnels a great tool for affiliate marketers; it’s also a great product for promoting.

The platform runs an affiliate program, and it’s not a difficult sell since it’s a legitimate tool that millions are using. Plus, the commission is above average, and it’s a program that can benefit any online business.

You can join their affiliate bootcamp here. (Learn how to promote Clickfunnels as well as joining their affiliate program)

Here are some reasons why you should affiliate to it.


It’s a 40% commission, and while that’s already among the high paying affiliate programs, there’s more. It’s a continuous income stream for as long as your affiliates remain subscribed to the platform.

If they buy the $97 plan and keep it for a year, that’s $38 monthly from a single customer, and $465 in total by the time they cancel. If you get 30 or more, you’re way past the $1,000 mark, and that’s just assuming they’re using the cheapest plan.

Cookie tracking

ClickFunnels makes use of cookies to keep tracks on the visitors that entered through your affiliate links. THat means that even if they don’t purchase right away, you’ll still get the commission if they come back after a while and purchase. That way, you’re getting even higher chances to earn your commission.

Related purchase commissions

Anything you sell from the platform earns you the 40% commission. If one of your customers decides to upgrade their subscription, you’ll make more money from that upgrade, and then every month from the more expensive plan.

Even if they decide to buy one of the books written by Russell, that’s money for you as well.

Commissions from referred affiliates

You’ll earn 5% from any affiliates you introduced to ClickFunnels.

In other words, let’s say you brought a client to ClickFunnels, and they discover the affiliate program. If they decide to join and sell the platform, you’re keeping 5% of what they generated.

Weekly payments

Finally, ClickFunnels offers you to withdraw your money weekly instead of every month like most affiliatse programs. You only need to set a minimum for your payouts.

That’s a great option if you make thousands monthly, for you can always have your money readily available instead of waiting 4 entire weeks. If you’ve ever had to wait even a few days with zero in your wallet and bank account, you probably understand why this is great from the moment you read the heading.

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