How To Use ClickMagick with Clickfunnels (2021)

Find out How To Use ClickMagick with Clickfunnels Below!

How to use ClickMagick with Clickfunnels

A sales funnel is an excellent marketing tool to increase quality lead generation and boost sales for your business. If your business is failing, or you’re getting minimal to no traffic on your site, you might want to consider implementing it to see some positive changes. More specifically, people have been raving about ClickFunnels, a platform to build and customize effective sales funnels to improve business. It’s also a platform for all your marketing needs. ClickMagick is another useful marketing tool. Coupled with ClickFunnels, you can create successful landing pages that will maximize your profits. Today, we will explore both these software and see how both of them can complement each other effectively.


ClickFunnels have become increasingly popular as it’s so robust, any businesses can use it in any niche. There’s a specific funnel for every niche! This ranges from eCommerce, affiliate marketing, and even physical stores or photography businesses. As long as you have a business and you implement ClickFunnels, you can expect it to run smoothly and let the profits roll in. There are many reasons why people use ClickFunnels. But right off the bat, it’s super simple to begin! To create a new funnel from scratch, all you have to do is follow the instructions that will guide you along the way.

ClickFunnels are also gradually replacing websites and other landing pages. If you have to create a website from scratch, it might take a few months to get the site up and running and start getting traffic.  This saves a lot of time as you have to implement the funnel and start getting sales. What this means is that you can begin profiting even without a website! Not to mention, you will be saving on the cost of hiring a web designer or buying themes to build your website. Online businesses are now merely using “share links” to guide customers to their funnels. All you have to do is open two tabs, one for ClickFunnels, and another for you to paste the “share link.” The official landing page will then be added to your account on ClickFunnels. Alternatively, you can also still choose to create a page from scratch.

Another reason why ClickFunnels is so popular is that it’s entirely customizable. This flexibility gives you the freedom to generate a page that has the look and feel of your brand. You can play around with the layout, toggle between backgrounds, and even link to your autoresponder. At any time, if you get stuck building, there’s a “Help” option at the dashboard where you can get a whole bunch of helpful tutorials. If you prefer to talk to someone, their online chat function is great! Their customer service personnel are also beneficial.

To connect an autoresponder for your email marketing, you need to open the editing menu on the landing page. Click on ‘setting’ and ‘integration.’ You will be redirected to the autoresponder and click ‘add to campaign’ and ‘choose list.’ Once your landing page is connected, you can create a few landing pages to test out, and ClickFunnels will automatically rotate these for you. Split testing this way will be more effective as you can see how each page is doing.


Your marketing efforts will mean nothing if you can’t track your customer’s activity. This is where ClickMagick comes in. It is a software that can help you track the number of clicks your site is getting. Integrating this with your ClickFunnels will let you know the number of clicks and conversions, and whether or not it’s working. This means it makes it possible to ‘split test your split test.’’ You can even run more than one split test on both platforms to get equal exposure.

The user interface is excellent and straightforward, as you can view everything on the dashboard. You have to select the date range from the dropdown menu, and voila, the analytical data will be presented to you.

Besides this, you can also set up a domain via ClickMagick to hide your ClickFunnel links. As we’ve previously explored, setting up a domain is entirely optional, but if you do it via ClickMagick, it’s doesn’t cost much. Having a domain could be great to build your own brand. It also helps if your link is being blocked due to spam, but this only applies if you’re an affiliate marketer.

If you choose to set up a domain, you can add it to ClickMagick via the Domain Manager. From the dashboard, you can see your new domain name is already up and running in the Tracking Link box if you select “create new link.” It usually can be found here or at the dropdown menus. Now, you can effectively monitor your traffic and conversions.

Most effective business owners always have their finger on the pulse to monitor their marketing campaigns to see what works and what doesn’t. ClickMagick makes this possible, and it’s relatively simple to use once you’ve got the hang of it. At the dashboard, you can find step by step video tutorials and a lot of information if you happen to get stuck along the way.

ClickFunnels is not free to sign up, but if you are a smart entrepreneur, you will realize all the other costs and even time that you can save by implementing it. ClickMagick, however, is an inexpensive tool, and it gives you two domains and up to 10,000 clicks per month. If you’re still unsure, both software comes with 2-week free trials, so what are you waiting for!

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